Twist of Fate Wednesday Update 23 December 2020


Twist of Fate Wednesday Update 23 December 2020

Abhi coming to Police station and talks to the Inspector. He says Pragya is missing since last night. Inspector says 24 hours are not over yet and asks him to go home. He says Pragya might return home. Abhi thinks Pragya will come home. Dadi greets Beeji and asks if she would like to have anything. Beeji says no and says she wants to talk to Abhi. Abhi comes and asks Beeji not to worry as he will search her. Beeji says she is not worried as she knows where is Pragya.

Abhi asks where is she? Beeji refuses to tell and asks Abhi to read the papers and sign. Tanu asks what are these papers? Beeji says divorce papers. Pragya wants divorce from him. Abhi is shocked. Nikhil thinks to book tickets for grand masti film, before it gets house full. He sees someone coming and checks.

comes inside. Nikhil gets tensed. Aaliya says she has taken all measures to ensure that nobody is following her. She asks if the work is done. Nikhil says infact Abhi must be going through the papers and Tanu might call us now to give good news. Aaliya says I know…and says Abhi will go in shock. He will think why did Pragya haven’t come infront of him, and will get angry and sign on it. He says it is your USP to send those papers with her family. Nikhil says Beeji will not leave any chance to convince Abhi to sign. Aaliya says when this will happen, then I will return home. She says I will trap Abhi slowly in my trap for my advantage. Nikhil says who has executed this plan. He tries to take credit. Aaliya asks why didn’t get you idea before. Nikhil says who can kidnap Pragya, then can’t he get her signatures on the papers. Aaliya says I want to see end result, and want to see Pragya out of Mehra Mansion. She says I want to meet Pragya and see her marriage breaking. Nikhil says I wants to enjoy too.

Abhi asks Beeji to say that it is a lie. Beeji says it is not a joke and asks him to sign so that she can take it. Abhi asks why she wants divorce. Beeji says as she wants to separate from you. Abhi says you are lying. He says Pragya don’t want to go away from me.

Tanu gets happy. He says I accept that I didn’t trust her, but it doesn’t mean that she will send divorce papers. Tanu asks Abhi to sign on the papers and return it. Abhi refuses to sign on the papers and says this is wrong way. Why I shall sign? May be these papers and her signatures are also fake. Tanu says this papers and signs are original. She says these papers are brought by her dadi. She says we both want to marry and says it is a freedom from her. She tries to emotionally blackmail her and asks him to think about his family and sign. Dasi says this is not just between them, it is between their families too. She says Abhi will talk to Pragya and asks about her move.

Taya ji says Pragya have to take elders consent to get divorce. Purab says Abhi will not sign as these papers are fake. Tanu says Pragya never respected you or thought about his family. She says if she cared for him then she would have come here and talked to everyone. Abhi says he will sign on the papers only after talking to her. Tanu says Pragya tried to kill my baby and when she couldn’t be successful, she played this conspiracy. She says Pragya’s family also wants this divorce. She says why you people can’t decide between Pragya and me. Did you want heir or enemy of the house. Dadi asks Beeji to tell clearly and asks where is Pragya and what did she tell? She says I know well that she can’t do this. She says she is not my daughter in law, but a daughter. She says you are definitely hiding something. Beeji says Pragya don’t want to meet anyone and that’s why she has sent me. She couldn’t bear anymore now and asks to give freedom. Tanu smirks. Beeji says Abhi has decided to marry Tanu, then give freedom to Pragya and sign on the papers. She says Pragya has suffered a lot. Abhi says we have suffered and bear her tortured. I won’t sign on these divorce papers. Tanu gets tensed.

Beeji telling that Pragya needs freedom from all relations. She asks Abhi to sign on the papers and says if you don’t sign on it, then Pragya couldn’t live. Purab asks what do you mean and asks where is she? Beeji says she is at home. Abhi says you are saying this? He says he will divorce Pragya and sign on the papers only after talking to her. Beeji says she don’t want to meet you, and I won’t let you meet her. Abhi says I will meet her even if she don’t want to meet me. Beeji tries to stop her. Abhi says you can take Pragya’s decisions, but not mine. He walks off, although Tanu tries to stop him. Abhi is in car and thinks about Beeji’s words. He thinks Pragya wants to end all relations with me. He thinks about the time spent with her and their emotional, sad and happy moments. He thinks she can’t do this, she can’t do this with our love. Tanu gets tensed and thinks what will happen now.

Aaliya and Nikhil are having drink and says cheers. Aaliya says she got peace seeing Pragya’s face in kidnapper’s place. Nikhil says Tanu will call us now. Tanu thinks to call them. She calls them and says I called to give bad news. She says Abhi refused to sign on the papers and insisted to meet Pragya. Nikhil asks how can you let him go? Tanu says I tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen and went. Nikhil gets angry. Aaliya asks what is wrong with you. You couldn’t do a little work.

She asks her to get her signatures anyhow. Tanu says Abhi went already. She cuts the call seeing Dadi coming there. Dadi says you were talking to Nikhil naa. Tanu is relieved. Dadi asks if you are behind the divorce papers. Tanu says no, and says divorce papers are brought by Pragya’s dadi. Tanu says Abhi and Pragya’s relation have no future and life, I don’t need to do anything. She says just a wind is enough to end their relation. Dadi goes.

Abhi comes to Sarla’s house and asks where is Pragya? Beeji also comes there. She thinks he will not sign until he meets Pragya. She worries for Pragya. Pragya cries. Pari asks why you are crying? Pragya says if our dear ones are separated then it hurts. Pari asks are you talking about Abhi. Pragya recalls signing on the papers, when Nikhil threatened to kill Pari and kept knife on her neck. A fb is shown. Nikhil asks Pragya to sign on the papers fast and do not forget that knife is on her neck. Fb ends. Pari says Abhi must also be crying there. Pragya thinks if he loves me then he will not sign on the papers. Tu Meri jaan hain plays…………….She is relieved and thinks Abhi will not sign as he is not helpless. She thanks Pari and says she will not cry now. Pari says you are looking like rockstar rocking wife. Pragya thinks Abhi will be sad though. She thinks to inform him somehow that she is kidnapped. She gets an idea.

Abhi asks them to call Pragya. Janki says Pragya went for shopping with Sarla. Abhi says you are lying and says Pragya might be crying somewhere sitting at a corner. He asks them to call Pragya and says he won’t go until she comes back. Abhi sees Pragya’s signature on Pragya and Bulbul’s pic. He says I thought this paper is not of Pragya, but it is hers only. He says if it was easy for her. She forgot love, and asks how can she forget that I love her so much. He cries. Pragya thinks God please show me way. Pari tells Pragya that she wants to go to washroom. Pragya calls goon and tells him that Pari wants to go to washroom. Goon refuses. Pragya says she can’t control and asks him to take her to washroom. Goon agrees. Pragya asks Pari not to get scared and go with goon.

Beeji tells Janki that she can’t see Abhi in this condition, and says she can’t let Pragya in danger. Abhi thinks this is Pragya’s sign, but why did she sign? He thinks she don’t care about my feelings…and went for shopping. Pragya calls Abhi from goon phone. Abhi sees unknown number and disconnects the call. Abhi thinks she has done wrong and don’t care about me. He says if she don’t care about me then I will also not care. If she wants my signs then she have to come to me.

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