Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 2 June 2021


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 2 June 2021

Ranbir tells Sarita behen that he really doesn’t know that his parents are coming here. Sarita behen asks if he didn’t know? She sings the song isliye mummy ne tumhe mujhe chai pe bulaya hai and says she has forgotten the first line. Pragya says you don’t need to say. Vikram, Pallavi and beeji come there. They see Ranbir there. Pallavi asks if he didn’t go to office. Ranbir says he went. Beeji hugs Prachi for supporting Ranbir. Pallavi thanks Pragya for their support. Vikram says thank you for giving us Prachi like daughter and then thanks her for bringing her in the world. He says Ranbir started going to office after Prachi joined. He says Prachi gave a good lecture to the staff. Prachi says she will bring water. Ranbir says Dad wants warm water and goes behind her to kitchen.

Abhi tells Purab that Sanju might be hiding somewhere here. Abhi says Sanju is scared and must be hiding here. Sanju is hiding and hears them. He says they know that I am scared and hiding here. He asks God to save him. Abhi asks him to come out, says I thought you are dead and asks him to care for his second life. He asks him to come out. Sanju runs and hides behind another car. Sanju thinks if they think that I am mad to get caught by them. Purab says he must be hiding behind the cars. Sanju prays to God and asks for apology and asks to save him. Rhea and Aaliya come in the car. Sanju comes infront of their car again. Rhea asks him to get inside. He sits in car and escapes. Abhi and purab see the car going. Purab says this is Aaliya’s car. Abhi says he thought the same.

Ranbir comes to kitchen and says dad drinks warm water as he is getting old. Prachi says she is bringing normal water for everyone. She says she will take the glasses. Ranbir says I will help you. Prachi says she is at her home and smart from other girls. He says you are praising yourself. Prachi says everyone is praising me so I thought to praise myself. She asks why everyone is praising me? Ranbir says you deserve this. Shahana comes to kitchen and asks Prachi to get water. She asks Ranbir if he knows what to do while she makes tea. Ranbir says he don’t understand her talks. Prachi says even I don’t understand you, but now you are better. Ranbir says I was not that bad. Prachi says you used to talk a lot, but now you are fine. She says now you smile a lot and asks him to smile. Ranbir says I will go out. He slips. Prachi holds him. Ranbir touches his head. Prachi asks him not to take her name. Ranbir asks her to call plumber. He comes out. Prachi tells that Ranbir fell down. Ranbir says Prachi held me, but I again fell down. Prachi asks if he is blaming her.

They argue. Ranbir asks if anyone noticed and says whenever she rolls her eyes, it seems like she is caught. Prachi tells that whenever he stammers, that means he is lying. Pragya takes Ranbir’s side and tells that Prachi gets angry on Ranbir often. She asks her to put ointment on his head. Pragya stamps on his foot and goes. Ranbir asks Pallavi if she saw her doing that. They all smile. Beeji thinks she likes Prachi for Ranbir, but it will be early to speak about the alliance. She says Prachi might have kept tea on gas. Vikram says she forgot to take the bowl down. Pragya says she will see.

Sanju thanks Aaliya and Rhea for saving him. He says I prayed to Mata Rani and didn’t know that she will send you both to help me. He says he will do their jagran if they worn Indian clothes. Aaliya stops the car and asks him to get down. Sanju gets down and says you helped you as you know that Rhea is involved in the scandal. Aaliya gets down and scolds him.

Aaliya asking how dare you to say this. Sanju says you became my savior and now saying this. Aaliya asks how much money he wants? Sanju says his father is very rich and he don’t want any money. Aaliya asks why he walks like a poor guy and says if you go and tell Bhai, then he will never believe you. She asks him to go home and forget for now. Sanju says Prachi has slapped me twice. Aaliya says I will help you to take revenge, but go home for now. Sanju says if I go home, then Prachi will become of Ranbir, as I know he started falling for Prachi.

Prachi applies warm cloth therapy on Ranbir’s injury and asks him to be serious. He says I wish I could tell you about which thing I am serious. Prachi asks him to see how many fingers she has. Ranbir asks her to apply the warm cloth on his forehead. Prachi massages him with the warm cloth. Song plays…..He says I have your bracelet. Prachi asks him to return. He says it is not with me now. He says you can be a good doctor as Doctor makes an issue out of small things. He falls down on the bed. Prachi asks him to get up. He gets up. Prachi throws thing at him.

Ranbir tells Pragya that Prachi is trying to hit him. beeji says Prachi don’t treat him like boss, but as a friend. Pragya says Prachi troubles him a lot. Pallavi asks her to give Prachi and take Ranbir as she likes him. Shahana says both guy and girl’s sides are here. She takes Prachi from here. Pragya says we shall go on a coffee date. Beeji says you should have informed me that you are changing your girlfriend. Ranbir praises Beeji. Sarita behen says Pragya was about to go somewhere before your call came.

Abhi and Purab wait at the café for Pragya. The manager comes and apologizes to him regarding the guy. Abhi says I can’t tell you why I got angry. Pragya and Ranbir come there. Ranbir asks if this is your choice. Pragya says she saw it’s reviews good. Ranbir says mom and dad must be in the parking lot and beeji must be scolding dad. He says what Sarita dadi is doing? Pallavi comes there and asks Ranbir to go and park the car, as Beeji is scolding Vikram. She says Beeji shouldn’t have done this. Ranbir says you must be laughing holding your stomach. Pallavi says this was too much.

Purab gets a call from client and goes. Prachi and Shahana see Abhi and start talking. Shahana asks waiter to tell their family that they met mehra sir. Waiter says ok. Prachi tells that they came with Kohli family. Abhi apologizes to them for not catching Sanju. Prachi invites him to have coffee with them. Abhi thinks he will drink coffee and then will meet Pragya. Waiter informs Ranbir that Prachi and Shahana met Mehra sir. Ranbir says what chief is doing here? Pallavi says he has a meeting to attend here. Pragya sits down and searches for Abhi. Pallavi asks whom you are searching. Pragya says nobody. Abhi looks at the flowers and says it is found only in the bypass road. He goes out to buy it. Shahana comes back and says I was seated in the other table. Sarita behen says ok.

Rhea comes down the car and hits Sanju. Sanju says I am not afraid of anyone, and tells that her father is dangerous type. Aaliya asks him to shut up. Sanju continues talking. Rhea asks why did you come to college and ruined my hardwork. She says when dad saw him in college, all my plan failed. She says I thought you was dead and I was very happy. She says what you said that Ranbir loves Prachi. She says Prachi loves how to play games and she loves seeing the money. Sanju asks why are you saying this and tells that Ranbir is lucky to get Prachi. Aaliya says Sanju’s condition is worsed than you and says if Bhai comes back. She asks him to hold the pen as holding knife and keep on Rhea’s neck, seeing Abhi coming in car. They sit in the car. Abhi stops his car and then sits again to follow Aaliya’s car.

Vikram comes and sits beside Beeji. Beeji says you was parking as if he drove for the first time. She says what people will say that I didn’t give any values to my son. Sarita behen says your grand son is having sanskar. Beeji says my grand son can park anywhere, but my son shall ride only cycle. Pallavi laughs. Vikram says what she will think hearing this and finds Pragya lost in thinking. Pragya excuses herself. Purab comes after meeting and calls Abhi, but he doesn’t pick the call. He calls Pragya. Pragya tells that she is going to the table. Prachi gets up to get sugar.

Ranbir comes to help Prachi and asks where is sugar? Prachi says sugar is in small sachets and says she doesn’t need his help. She slips and he holds her. tu pehla pehla pyaar hai mera plays…..Prachi makes a sound as if she got hurt. Ranbir says sorry. Prachi says she enjoyed fooling him. Pragya comes to table no 9 and thinks where is abhi? She thinks he should have called her if busy.

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