Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 19 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 19 May 2021

Prachi asks Ranbir to get the ointment applied on his hand. Prachi applies it on her hand and tells that it is not burning. Ranbir says do you think I am a small kid. Prachi asks him to give his hand. He says he wants to go home. Sarita behen and Pragya look at them. Pragya takes Sarita behen out and tells that love starts like this and tells that this love will go long way. She says my daughter has the love like me. Sarita behen says lets see.

Ranbir tells Prachi that it is burning a lot. Prachi asks him to stop overacting and close his eyes. Ranbir closes his eyes. Prachi applies medicine. Ranbir opens his eyes and asks if it is done. Sarita behen says it is love.

Abhi and Shahana come home. Shahana thanks Abhi for his help. He says I will also come and see Prachi. Shahana rings the bell. Pragya comes to open the door. She opens the door and looks on.

Rhea thinks Ranbir came and says I knew that you will come. Sanju says it is good that you know here. Rhea sees him and asks why he came? Sanju says I came here as Police don’t search thief in his area. Rhea says how can you be so idiot. She asks where to hide you? Sanju says you have a big house. Rhea says there is no space and asks him to go away. She says when I asked you, you didn’t go and had said that when she can’t be of yours then can’t be of anyone. Sanju says you will say this very soon and says Ranbir loves Prachi. Rhea shouts at him.

Pragya hugs Shahana. Shahana asks where is Prachi. She is about to go inside. Pragya asks where is Mr. Mehra? Shahana tells that he wanted to see Prachi, but then said you all must be tired and that’s why went. Pragya comes out and calls him. Abhi sees her in the car’s mirror and stops the car.

Pragya coming out of house calling Mr. Mehra. Abhi sees her in the car’s mirror and stops the car. Pragya goes inside seeing his car going. Abhi gets down from the car. Some other car comes behind his car. Abhi sits again. Sanju asks Rhea how she will stop Ranbir who is getting dragged towards Prachi and tells that he is getting lost in Prachi’s love. Rhea asks him to shut up. Sanju tells that Ranbir haven’t realized it till now, but I have felt that. Rhea asks him to shut up. Sanju says you can control your life, but can’t control others lives. He says I accept that you loves Ranbir, but accept that he don’t love you. Rhea says he just loves me and hates Prachi, because she is so annoying and irritating. She says whatever you have seen is his drama and says whatever you saw was just an acting as I asked him to win and then break Prachi’s heart. She asks him to just leave and pushes him. Sanju says I will give you proof that Ranbir loves Prachi. He says this is your fear and that’s why you pushed me and trying to make me stop from saying anything. Rhea asks him to just leave. Sanju says this is truth. Rhea asks him to shut up and says Ranbir can’t love Prachi, he loves only me. She shouts asking him to go.

Prachi bandages Ranbir’s hand and asks him to keep his mouth shut. Her hairs come on her face. Ranbir moves her hairs, but it comes on her face again. Song plays…kaise hua itna zaroori plays….. He looks at her and smiles. Prachi signs that it is done and signs him to smile. She takes the first aid box. Rhea says he just loves me. Sanju says Ranbir risked his life for Prachi. He says what proof you want, I thought only I loves her, but I understood now that Ranbir loves her more than me. He asks her to do something and make her Ranbir go away from his Prachi. Someone knocks on the door. Rhea asks him to hide behind the door and opens the door. Bahadur kaka tells that the criminal who tried to marry Prachi came to this area and tells that Police came. Inspector asks Rhea if she saw some stranger. She says no. Inspector asks can I search in the room. Rhea says ok. Sanju hides behind the table. He then goes out of window. Inspector is about to check in the window, when Rhea throws something and tells that it fell from her hand. Inspector asks her to get the window closed today.

Sarita behen asks Shahana that the matter is something else, says Prachi is upset and don’t want to meet you as you locked me in the room. Shahana says you are making the sisters fight. Sarita behen says she loves me so much. Shahana says you are teasing me. I will tell how you jumped off from the window and says I will get you scolded. Sarita behen says I am not scared of her. Pragya comes and tells that Mr. Mehra left. Sarita behen asks her to call him. Pragya says he might be having some important work. Shahana tells that Prachi don’t want to meet her. Pragya says I asked you not to disturb her as she is bandaging Ranbir’s hand. She coughs. Sarita behen gives her water, They hear Ranbir and Prachi fighting. Ranbir tells that he can bear antiseptic, but not her. Pragya comes and asks what happened? Prachi tells that he is blaming me telling that I gave him pain and touches his hand. Ranbir says it is painful to talk to him. He says she called me babua (small kid) dabbu (darpok) and then said I am not a man. Sarita behen is shocked. Ranbir says she said that I am not man enough. Sarita behen asks if he is not a man. Ranbir says he is a man and tells that he was getting antiseptic applied to his hand, but she laughed at me and teased me. He says I saved her from goons and not teased her. He says she didn’t bandage me properly. Pragya says it needs to be tied. Prachi asks her to scold him. Ranbir says they all have mind except you and asks Shahana to tell that she is a gudiya who scares them and is afat ki pudiya. Prachi says nobody loves me and didn’t scolded him. Ranbir says you deserves this. He says I will go and leaves. Sarita behen says your daughter got upset. Pragya smiles.

Rhea is angry and waits for Ranbir. Ranbir comes home and asks what happened? Rhea asks him to check his phone. Ranbir checks his phone and says sorry. Rhea says I was worried, why did you go to drop her. She says you should have dropped me and not them. Ranbir says Prachi don’t have car so I went to drop her. Rhea asks him to gift the car and says then you will become her driver. Ranbir says I will give her car and then hire a driver too. She asks if he was acting or developed some feelings for her. Ranbir says he needs to change his clothes and wearing Rishi’s clothes. He goes to his room.

Pragya makes Kheer for Prachi and tells that she will make her eat it and try to know about her feelings for him. Sarita behen says you have decided to know her heart. Pragya says she has to ask her. She says if I am sure then I will talk to Ranbir. Sarita behen asks her to go and talk to Prachi. Sarita behen says she is your daughter, so you shall ask directly without any worries. Rhea follows him to his room and asks him to tell him now. Ranbir tells that he is feeling tired and sleepy. He says he will meet her tomorrow. Rhea says how can you sacrifice your whole night for Prachi and asks him why don’t he tell clearly that he loves Prachi. Ranbir looks at her.

Pragya brings Kheer for Prachi. Prachi tells that you knows what I want. Ranbir says I love you Rhea and want to tell everyone, but you don’t me to tell anyone. He says what is the problem if I rescue her. He says she was in the big problem. He says I am doing this so that I can break her heart and then everyone that I love you. He says I can’t be in your plan and can’t break Prachi’s heart, don’t want to do anything.

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