Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 12 January 2022


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 12 January 2022

Tanu comes downstairs wearing clothes like Gayatri. She sends Mandy and asks Aaliya if she is looking good. Aaliya says good job. Tanu says Abhi will listen to me. Abhi comes downstairs and hides behind Tanu, thinking her to be Gayatri. Tanu shows her face to Mitali. Mitali thinks she is fooling a mad person. Tanu tells Abhi that she will take her measurement. She takes his measurement and calls him Abhi. Abhi realizes she is not Gayatri and runs behind her holding the floor wiping stick. Raj comes and takes it from his hand. He is about to beat him, when Abhi runs to his room. Aaliya asks Mitali to call Gayatri.

The designer comes to Kohli’s house and meets Dadi and Pallavi. Ranbir comes there. Dadi asks what happened to your hand. Ranbir says slight hurt. Pallavi says your Dadi has searches designer reference for your engagement and asks him to choose. Dadi shows Ranbir. Ranbir says its ok, if you have no problem with the girl and engagement then I have no objection with dress. Dadi asks if he is engaging for his mum’s happiness. Ranbir says Rhea is ready, so he will get engaged to her, now everyone has someone and even Prachi has Parth. Dadi looks on. Aaliya tells Tanu that she is worried and wonders if Gayatri will return or not. Tanu asks what is the need to call her back. Pragya comes back with Mitali. Aaliya apologizes to her. Mitali says Gayatri has a condition. Pragya says she has problem with Mitali. Aaliya asks Mitali not to listen to Gayatri. Pragya then asks Tanu to call her back. Tanu refuses. Just then Abhi comes out and is about to slide on the railing. Pragya rushes to him and asks him to come to show her painting. Abhi asks her to scold them. Pragya says later.

Aryan asks Ranbir to talk to him, as he comes to now everything. Ranbir refuses to talk to him. Aryan gets upset and goes. Prachi shows the friendship band and cries, tells Shahana that Ranbir had made her wear it, she can’t live without him. Ranbir takes out his anger on the boxing bag and cries. Prachi also thinks of him and cries. He cries.

Pragya asking Abhi to have food. Abhi tries and asks her to make him eat with her hand. Pragya tries to make him eat. He asks her to eat and says it is spicy. Pragya feeds him. Abhi says he will come to the party. Pragya says it is for kids. Abhi says I am also a kid, and will go. He asks if I can’t go. Pragya says you can go. Mitali knocks on the door and asks can I come inside. Abhi says not now. Mitali says there is good news for Gayatri and says bye tata time came for her. She says whatever you had done with me was wrong, you shouldn’t have forgotten who am I ? Abhi asks her to go. Mitali goes. Abhi says something good will happen in the party. Rhea comes to Aaliya and tells her that Ranbir asked Prachi not to come to the engagement party. She tells everything whatever she has done. Tanu says you are just like me, if you love someone then shall snatch him even if someone’s life is in darkness. Rhea smiles.

Sarita behen tells that they shall get satyanarayan puja done at home, neither Pragya nor Prachi is happy. Pragya comes home and calls Prachi. Prachi comes out, wiping her tears. Pragya asks did Shahana and you have a fight? Prachi says no and hugs Pragya. Pragya asks if she is unhappy as Ranbir is getting engaged. Shahana tells that it was not Ranbir’s mistake and Prachi has broke up with him. Prachi says she had broken up with him long back, seeing his possessiveness and attitude. She tells that Ranbir likes Rhea and that’s why I decided to back off. Pragya says he had proposed you. Prachi says you accepted the proposal and not me. She says I stayed quiet seeing you all happy. She asks Shahana, did I tell anything to you. Shahana nods no. Prachi asks Sarita behen if she ever told her about her feelings. Sarita behen says no. Pragya says I don’t want you to do compromise. She says Abhi had said that Rhea loves Ranbir. Prachi says Papa knew it. She says she is happy with her sister’s engagement with her friend Ranbir. She goes to sleep. Shahana goes behind her. she says you have hidden everything from Maa. Prachi says she can’t see Maa sad and have just sacrificed her love, if needed then she will give her life.

Ranbir is upset in his room and recalls Prachi’s words. Manmurade song plays…He hears Prachi’s voice and keeps his hand on his ears. Shahana asks Prachi what did she get by this deal, as Maasi is still not with her husband. Ranbir says Prachi has done a big mistake of her life, by dumping me and she will regret this. Later Pragya comes to Prachi and thinks may be Rhea’s destiny has Ranbir in her destiny.

Pragya comes to Mehra Mansion next day. Mitali asks her why did she come early and tells that Aaliya rules here. She asks her to make sure that Abhi shall not come out of his room to the party hall. Pragya recalls Abhi saying he will come to the party. Mitali asks did you understand. Pragya nods yes. Mitali asks her to get back to work.

Aaliya asks Tanu to make Rhea as her daughter. She says if you get Rhea’s support then you can stay back, else Bhai will kick you out. Tanu says I am confident that Abhi will forgive me. Aaliya says Rhea is the only one, because of whom he can forgive you. Pragya hears her.

Aaliya telling Tanu that if she manages to get Rhea’s support then Abhi will forgive her. Tanu says I know everything whatever you said and tells that she was searching the temple on her mobile, so that Abhi gets fine. Aaliya says you. Tanu says yes. She sees Gayatri-Pragya out and asks if she was listening to them. Pragya says you were so loud that even neighbors can hear you. Raj meets Digvijay in his office. Digvijay asks about Abhi. Raj says he is all well, busy in his daughter’s engagement today. Digvijay plans to get him shot today during the engagement celebration. Pragya comes to Abhi’s room. He comes out of the cupboard. She asks why you was there? He says he don’t know who will beat him and that’s why he hid inside. Pragya asks him not to do the things which his family don’t like. She gives him chocolate and goes to get food for him. Abhi tells Fuggi doll that he will not share his chocolate or food with it. He thinks where is Gayu?

Aaliya comes to Mitali and asks if the decoration is done. Mitali says she is very busy and tells that Tanu said that she will make the engagement as the event, and she is gone. Aaliya says Tanu has gone to temple to pray for Bhai, as she is a changed person now. Mitali says Tanu must have gone to the parlour, and had lied to you. Tanu comes there ready with make up, hair do and nice dress. Aaliya says you had gone to temple. Tanu says she had gone, but didn’t go inside and prayed outside. She tells that she had gone to the nearby Eva Spa and they praised my looks of a model and asked me to give them a chance to do my make up. Abhi comes to the balcony and looks at her hair. He looks at her hair style and comes to her. He asks can I play with you.Tanu says yes. Aaliya says it is good that Tanu went to salon. Abhi takes Tanu to his room and says he knows that she had come to his room and he had beaten her with broom. He then asks her to play with him and touches her cheek, says it is soft. Tanu closes her eyes.

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