Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 11 August 2021


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 11 August 2021

Abhi comes inside. Dadi asks him to sit with Pragya and don’t let her get bored. Abhi thinks why am I getting nervous, she is my wife. Pragya thinks why am I getting nervous, he is my husband. They recalls each other’s words and try to talk to each other. Abhi says I will tell first and says very nice…seeing her. He says you are looking good. Pragya says thank you. Abhi says if I say that I am feeling good seeing you then what you will say? Pragya says I will say the same. Abhi says we don’t talk such things and just fights.

Pragya says even I want to talk to you…Abhi says I know…Pragya asks what? Abhi says that I am looking very handsome. Pragya says I was not saying that. Abhi asks if he is not looking handsome and tells that Meera was mad seeing him and said that he is looking handsome. Pragya gets jealous and upset, says you might be handsome if she said. She says I don’t have any time and is about to go. Abhi says I don’t care about anyone’s compliments, but wants to know about her feelings.

Ranbir takes Prachi to room. He asks her not to open her eyes and lights the diyas. Prachi opens her eyes and reads Happy Diwali Ranbir….Ranbir asks her to read it carefully. Prachi reads Happy Diwali Pranbir. She asks who is Pranbir. Ranbir says what becomes if Prachi and Ranbir is mixed. Prachi says Pranbir. Ranbir says we are one now and wishes her happy Diwali. Prachi runs away.

Pragya asks really? Abhi asks why do you fight with me? He says I asked you to leave me and Rhea and you took those words seriously. She says I want to say something and says sorry. He says its ok. She says you didn’t hear what I want to say. Abhi says though I am impulsive, but I don’t keep those words in heart and forgets it. She says listen to me, else I can’t forgive myself. She says I want everything to be fine between Prachi and Rhea and until then they shall not know. She says you are the best father for our daughters and I feel proud that you are their father. Abhi says he has load about this thing and feeling light. He says he was yearning to hear this from her mouth. A fb is shown,

 Pragya said that Kiara is the reason for their separation, as she can’t stay with her murderer. Abhi says he wanted to become the best father and best version of Abhishek Mehra. He says he couldn’t become a good father for Kiara, Rhea stayed with him, but she was not happy with him and I scolded Prachi. Pragya says I gave them birth, but you gave them life. She says whenever Prachi needed you, you was with her. Abhi says I will become superman for both of them. Pragya hugs him happily. Dadi smiles looking at her.

Pallavi asks Beeji if she took medicines. Beeji says I have taken and swears on her. She says I get unwell whenever I am in tension. Pallavi says you got tensed due to Ranbir, as he said that he will marry Prachi. Beeji says she was having tension due to her as she insisted to keep their engagement on Dussera day. She says I know that you didn’t feel good and got tensed scolding Prachi. Pallavi says you said right, but neither that engagement happened nor that ring is found, I kept it somewhere and forgotten. She says neither Prachi nor her mother is here, everything will be fine now. Sarita behen comes there and goes seeing Shahana. She asks where is Pragya? Shahana asks where is Prachi? Sarita behen says Prachi and Ranbir might be together. Prachi tells Ranbir that she don’t wear ring for long, as if someone sees it then what they will say. Ranbir says we will not hide it for long and says when he tells everyone then they will appreciate his choice. He kisses on her hand. She closes her eyes and goes to side. Ranbir comes to her. Rhea comes there. Ranbir hides with Prachi. Rhea gets a call and goes. Prachi asks Ranbir why are they hiding? Ranbir says he don’t want anyone to see them together and misunderstand and promises to fix everything. He says my family don’t like you now, but I promise that they will love you like I love you. Prachi asks why you are doing this for me. Ranbir says I love you and this love is very peaceful. Prachi asks him to say why he loves her so much. Ranbir says I will tell you today.

Dadi says when she is very happy to see them together, then they must also be very happy. She turns and the vase falls down. Abhi says I am coming Dadi and comes out running. Pragya also comes there. Abhi asks if she is fine. Dadi tells that she has done a big loss. Pragya asks Abhi to take her inside for rest. Dadi tells that she is fit and fine, shows ring for Pragya. He asks Abhi if he remembers and tells that this is Dallu’s ring, which she wanted to give to Pragya, but forgotten it in my house. Pragya says time has changed, but the ring reached me with Dadi’s love. Dadi says you and your love is with us, what else do we need? Rhea comes there.

Abhi making Pragya wear the ring. Allah Waariyan….plays…. Abhi cries and says Dadi used to say that she likes Pragya more than me, but its proved today, she gave her sign to Pragya while leaving. Abhi and Pragya hug. Rhea comes upstairs. Pragya sees Rhea and says I have to talk to Rhea. Abhi says thanks Dadi, you are the best. Prachi asks why do you do this. Ranbir says its not the right time to say, don’t you believe me. Ek din….plays… Prachi says I do, sometimes love confession looks better than love, when someone says I love you, and mostly the person who…. Ranbir says the day we get married, I will tell you why I love you. She says I will wait. He asks for our marriage or for my words? He holds her hand. Sarita and Sahana/Shahana come.

Pragya thinks was Bittu lying, I have to talk to Rhea. She sees Rhea in the party. She smiles and thinks her anger is always on her nose, her anger can go with love. Rhea talks to Sanju on call. Sarita says you held Prachi’s hand, how dare you, don’t lie, I have seen you. She scolds Ranbir. Shahana interrupts. Sarita says learn from Ranbir. Ranbir asks are you scaring me or supporting me. Sarita laughs and says I scolded you, you were listening, it was fun, you could have told something, Pragya gave you a green flag and blessing, you could have said you can’t scold me, I m also okay, forget holding hands and hug now. Ranbir says I will hug you first, you scared me, I would have cried like kids. Sarita says it was just a joke. He goes on a call. Sarita says I will call Pragya and ask her to keep marriage today.

Sarita says I will call her and ask where is she, where will we find her. Pragya gets Sarita’s call. She says good you called me, is Prachi with you. Sarita asks why are you worried, I m like your mum. Pragya says I had to ask Prachi, what she thinks about Rhea, I was coming here, auto rickshaw met with an accident. Prachi asks are you fine. Pragya says I m fine, Bittu was on that bike, I asked him about Dussehra event, he said Rhea gave money to Sanju to do that. Prachi says Bittu is lying, Rhea can’t plan to kill me, she has some level. Sarita says yes, maybe Rhea didn’t do it, this time… Prachi says when she got my accident done, she would have realized her mistake, she didn’t talk to me badly. Pragya says I have reached Mehra house, I will call later. She thinks I will hug Rhea and wish her. Rhea says take the money and go away from Prachi’s sight. Sanju asks what happened to you. FB shows Rhea beating Sanju. Sanju asks did you go mad. She asks how dare you try to kill Prachi, I just told you to take her away, how did you decide to kill her. He says sorry, I know your dad could have died while saving Prachi, I love Prachi, I can’t see hatred in her eyes for me. She says you will not do anything that I don’t say. He says I helped you to get Prachi close to me, I regret for my mistake. She says it will be better you don’t come back. He argues. He says I have to go now, police is after me. FB ends.

Pragya comes. Rhea says no one should know that I have got that done. Sanju takes the money. They see Pragya at the door. She says it means Bittu was saying truth. Abhi recalls his daughters’ birth. He recalls Prachi’s words. Shahana says Mehra Sir’s looks teary eyed. Abhi says I wanted to wish face to face. Prachi and Abhi wish each other. Prachi asks why did you say you don’t want to lose me again. He says you are like my daughter, you are my daughter, I regret that I wasn’t with you when you needed me, Sanju had hurt you. She says you have always helped, supported, protected me, gave me a job. He says your mum raised you well, I m really proud of you, Sanju can’t do anything, very soon police will catch him, don’t worry, a daughter is dad’s responsibility, just enjoy the party. He goes. Shahana collides with a girl.

She looks for Prachi. Sarita goes on a call. Aryan says you missed the event. Ranbir says I was busy with Prachi. He asks her to see Shahana. Aryan says what, you will destroy my life, let it be. He goes. Ranbir turns and bumps into Prachi. He blows air on her forehead. She laughs. He asks what happened, I m caring for you. She asks will you care like this after marriage. Ranbir says I have learnt to love, I will learn caring you also. She holds his face and strikes head again. She says black dog will bite if we don’t strike head twice. He says I thought… nothing, I m very stupid. Aaliya looks on and thinks Prachi doesn’t look good with Ranbir, Rhea should be with Ranbir.

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