Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 9 March 2021


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 9 March 2021

Prachi and Shahana sat alone. Shahana asks Prachi if she is still upset. Prachi says there is a possibility that her real papa is like Riya’s father. She cries. Shahana tells her to stop crying, and goes to get Taxi. Abhi was in a meeting in office, but lost in Prachi’s thoughts.

Abhi was in a meeting, but lost in deep thoughts about Prachi’s work. He wasn’t attentive to the client, and leaves for something extremely important.
Abhi makes a call to someone to meet at home.
Pahlavi brings tea for Mitali and Dadi. Mitali goes to get some more sweet. Mira brings saree for Pahlavi and asks which friend of hers is getting married. Mitali comes there. Later, Mitali and Pahlavi discuss that Mira can live as the true mother of respect. Mira loves Abhi while Abhi respects her and both of these are important to make a marriage successful. Mira overhears this.
Abhi sat in the CCTV control room. He asks for the videos of kitchen after fire. He finds a clip in which Riya was mixing something in the food.
Prachi and Shahana return home. Pragya was waiting and asks about the day. The girls say college was good. Shahana thinks Prachi had forbidden her to tell Pragya about hospital. Pragya follows Shahana inside and asks about the matter. Shahana tries to avoid, then says they met Mr. Mehra. He spoke to them and the matters went so intense that she called him Papa. She was crying and Mr. Mehra caressed Prachi. Pragya says Prachi must miss her father; though she thought she gave all the love to Prachi. Prachi comes inside and says Pragya has been a great and loving mother. Pragya promises she will take Prachi to her father. The differences are between Prachi’s parents, but she shouldn’t suffer. She can live without Prachi, but can’t see her crying. Prachi hugs her mother and says she doesn’t want to live with her father, she only wish to live with Pragya. Shahana goes to check what’s in the food. The girl cheers watching kheer. Pragya gives bite in their mouths.
Abhi comes to the hall and calls Riya downstairs. Everyone was worried why Abhi was so furious. Riya was busy hearing loud music. Aaliya stops Mira from going to get Riya and goes by herself. She opens the door and pulls the headphones off Riya’s ear. Aaliya asks Riya why Abhi is shouting at the top of his voice, what has Riya done. She only saw Abhi so angry only 20 years ago with her mom, and it had worst consequences.

Downstairs, Abhi questions Riya where she learnt to blame others for someone else’s act. She blamed Prachi and ruined her image in front of everyone. He takes Riya to the center of the hall. Aaliya was defensive of Aaliya and says she can’t see anyone blame Riya. Abhi replies Aaliya would also be angry if she knows what Riya did. He asks Riya why she got Prachi suspended from the college. Aaliya comes in the middle of father-daughter duo. She says she knew about it. Abhi asks Aaliya if she is on Riya’s side, because she didn’t stop her. Aaliya is a bad influence and he doesn’t want her to be around his daughter, thus Aaliya must stay away from Riya for a week. Aaliya argues then Daasi and Bua must also stay away from Riya, they made her cry. Abhi says the elders always think well for their children. Mira defends Riya as she is a child and was being immature. Abhi asks Riya if she got Prachi suspended because she spoilt the party. Riya says Prachi had ruined their food as well. Abhi claims Riya is lying, she ruined the food herself only to defeat Prachi. Riya denies having done so, and claims it was Prachi who tried to kill them all. She shouts “Prachi is a blo*dy damn murderer”. Abhi slaps Riya

Rhea telling Abhi that Prachi ruined the food and wanted to kill them. She says Prachi is a damm murderer. Abhi slaps her. Dadi says you shall not raise your hand on daughter. Abhi says she crossed her limits, so I crossed my limit. He asks her to tell truth. Rhea says I didn’t do anything. Abhi says I have seen the CCTV footage and saw the truth. He asks everyone to see the CCTV footage and make Rhea also see. Rhea goes to her room. Abhi asks Aaliya to stop there. Rhea gets hysterical and angry in her room and cries. Meera tries to pacify her. Rhea shouts and says Dad likes Prachi and slapped me for her. Meera tries to make her calm down and slaps her. Aaliya tells Abhi that he shall not do this, whatever he did. Abhi says Rhea is taking advantage of her love and tells that she told you, but not me. She says you can’t separate me from her. Abhi asks her to go to Singapore else they will lose the deal. He asks her to decide if she will choose deal or family matters.

Meera says sorry and hugs Rhea. Rhea says you slapped me, but hugged me immediately. She tells that Dad never asked her why she is having problem with Prachi and says he likes her and don’t love me. Meera says you are sweet, cute and loving and says everyone loves you. She says your Dad gets hurt as you did wrong. She says he is upset as your image is getting ruined and not his image. She says you are his lifeline and says I am seeing this since you are small. She says I was your caretaker and tells that he used to come and stand outside the room to see if she slept or not. She says I asked him if he wants to cut my salary, he said that his love seems to be less for her.

Abhi says I have failed as a father, I couldn’t become a good father and couldn’t give a better upbringing to her. He says I couldn’t teach her love, compassion and forgiveness. He says Pragya would have given her good upbringing and taught her everything. Dadi asks Abhi to stop it else she will slap him. Meera says Abhi must be broken after slapping her. Rhea asks why he always hurt me because of her. Meera says he is your daddy and might be thinking how his daughter can do wrong with others’ daughter. She says Abhi might be blaming himself and says I haven’t seen a father like him. She says he did so much and gave you everything. She asks Rhea if she is bad. Rhea says no and tells that she hates Prachi. Meera asks her not to say that.

Dadi tells Abhi that Meera loved her like a mother and gave her values. She says you didn’t marry, but brought a mother for her. Abhi says Rhea is neither like me nor like Pragya, if she would have been with Pragya then she would have been better. Dadi asks if he thinks Pragya shall be with him. Abhi says yes. Pallavi says Vikram and I used to think that we couldn’t give a good upbringing to our kids. She asks him to relax. Tai ji and Dadi ask Abhi to go and bring Pragya back in their house. Abhi recalls Kiara’s death and tells that whenever he thinks of pragya, he recalls Kiara. He says she used to call me superdad, Pragya went with King to give money to Nikhil. He says he can’t forgive Pragya.

Rhea comes to Abhi and continues to badmouth about Prachi. She says nobody likes Prachi in college, but likes her. She says she came to apologize to him. Abhi asks her to stop blaming Prachi and go closing the door.

Abhi recalls and a fb is shown. He tells that he will make the kids fly in air. Pragya says we shall hold the thread and says she will lookout the kids. He says you will be hitler. Abhi says she will give them limited freedom and many values. He asks her to give the love which he gives to her. fb ends.

He thinks you couldn’t give your love to Rhea and that’s why she got spoilt. He thinks she met him once and left. He asks the moon to question her, if she hates him so much then why did she save him and left without seeing him. He asks the moon to tell her something and convey his love. Pragya also talks to moon and says she had called Nurse and comes to know that his family has taken him home. She says everyone must be taking care of him. She thinks of his other daughter and thinks he might have spoilt her, but must have given immense love. Sarita behen calls her. Pragya asks the moon to continue sparkling. Abhi also asks moon to continue to sparkling.

Abhi coming to Rhea’s room and looks at her, thinks I can’t ignore your mistakes and have to make you realize your mistakes. I wish you could have gone with Pragya, I can see you going far from me, but can’t see you getting angry. He says I am angry with you, but love you. He says good night and goes. Sarita behen calls Pragya and shows the clothes for Prachi and Shahana. Pragya says what was the need? Sarita behen says if they will go to picnic in old clothes and says everyone will look at them. Pragya says she is feeling good and came to know that she takes care of them too. Sarita behen says I love them also, Shahana irritates me, but it is ok. She asks her to go and give clothes to them. Pragya asks her to give. Sarita behen says if I give them then they will think that I have changed from a strict woman. Pragya hugs her and says she is missing Maa seeing her. Sarita behen gets emotional too.


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