Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 31 August 2021


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 31 August 2021

Shahana coming home and calling Prachi. Prachi asks why are you shouting? Shahana says something is going to happen which is bad and asks if she knows Palak? Prachi says yes, she is our friend. Shahana tells that we have to do her betterment and asks her to come with her. Prachi says let me wash my hands and asks her to tell clearly. Shahana says if we don’t go there, then she will die. Jai and Ranbir are in the car. Jai says Palak doesn’t love me, though I love her. Ranbir says I will handle her. They stop the car seeing Palak. Ranbir thanks her for help. Palak says anything for you Ranbir. Jai says hug me too. Palak says I meet you daily, Ranbir meets me sometimes. They sit in the car.

Pandit ji tells that mahurat time is ending. Dadi says she wants it to end forever. Raj asks why are you scolding him. Dadi says my heart is crying. Raj says whatever is destined will happen. Abhi comes for the marriage. Vikram tells Abhi that he is looking handsome. Beeji also says the same. Dadi tells Abhi that she can’t bless him. Purab comes there..Dadi asks if he wants to say something. Abhi says leave it Dadi, you know how he is. Pandit ji calls Meera for the puja before marriage. Tai ji tells that she is not in her room. Aaliya asks Mitali to go and see Meera in her room. Dadi says Meera must have gone as she didn’t want to marry him. She tells that she has scolded Meera so much and recalls scolding her and asking her to run away from there, and says if she doesn’t go then three lives will be ruined, Abhi, Pragya and even hers. She says if you don’t go then I will hate you and will not see your face. Meera is shocked. Fb ends.

Dadi says I have ended all problems at once. Mitali asks why did you do this? Abhi says I talked to her sometime back and she will not go leaving the marriage. Aaliya says Bhai trusts her and she will not go, any relation is based on trust. Abhi hugs Dadi and says Meera will not go anywhere, she will come. He asks where is Ranbir? Pallavi goes to see him. Abhi asks Dadi to come and says he will tell everything.

Ranbir says what will happen if Prachi comes to know that Palak is helping us to get me married. He says I will bear the belan once married. Palak asks him to consider her if Prachi refuses. Ranbir refuses. Jai tells Ranbir that he had told him not to involve Palak. Palak says I have crush on Ranbir, but will not say. Pallavi calls Ranbir and asks where is he? Ranbir says I am going to get married. Pallavi asks what? Ranbir says he is coming to Chief’s marriage with a big gift. Pallavi asks him to come fast. Ranbir says ok and ends the call. He thinks Rhea is good to handle kitchen politics, I will marry Prachi so that nobody can manipulate her. Rhea is locked in the store room still and cries, struggles to go out. She says if I don’t go out then Prachi will break her promise, she will win again and I don’t want to lose Ranbir. Meera worries for Rhea and thinks she shouldn’t have told her all that. She thinks if Rhea is in storeroom as she wanted to be alone. She comes to the storeroom, just then Aaliya comes there and asks what is she doing here? Rhea gets up and don’t see or hear them. Meera tells that she is feeling bad as she refused Rhea. She says she is worried for her. Aaliya tells that she has gone with Ranbir and asks her not to worry. Meera says Rhea don’t want this marriage to happen and she was in tension. Aaliya thinks where is Pragya and calls her, asks where are you? She says Bhai is going to mandap and asks her to come fast, says it seems incomplete without you. Pragya looks upset. Aaliya asks her to start bearing now and face reality and tell her daughter too. Pragya says I will come to face the reality and ends the call.

Abhi tells Dadi that Meera knows everything about Pragya and our love for her. Purab says Meera knows that if she backs off then all the plan will be ruined. Dadi gets happy. Meera comes there. Dadi says sorry for scolding her. Aaliya also comes there. Abhi says Meera is going to be bahu of the house. Meera says I didn’t feel bad about your sayings. Dadi hugs Meera and thanks her for helping Abhi. Purab asks Meera not to smile much else people will doubt. Abhi asks Dadi not to tell anyone.

Meera and Abhi sit in the mandap. Meera thinks she can’t see Mr. Mehra in tension and says come soon Pragya. Aaliya thinks if Purab is waiting impatiently for Disha and then thinks no. Mitali tells that she is very happy today. Tai ji asks her not to make sad face. Sarita behen comes there and says Pragya is not here. Purab reminds Dadi that Abhi has given her promise that she shall not tell anyone. Dadi asks Purab to see that Sarita behen is sad. Sarita behen comes to Dadi and says we tried but…Dadi says destiny is destiny….Pandit ji asks them to get up and make each other wear the garland. Abhi panics and takes the garland in his hand. He thinks he can’t do any rasams. Meera thinks you have to do the rasams until Pragya comes and thinks she has a thought somewhere that this marriage happens.

Abhi and Meera’s vermala. Abhi looks towards the door as if waiting for someone. Everyone hurries Abhi. Purab hits Abhi to delay the ritual. Alia comes and hands vermala to Abhi.. Mitali objects that Abhi did not touch the vermala. Abhi touches the vermala in Meera’s neck with a finger and get seated. Dadi was not ready to do the Gath Bandhan, as she knows Abhi and Pragya can still be one. Alia asks Tai Ji to do it.

There, Ranbir was looking for Pandit ji in the temple. Jai and Palak were along, waiting for Prachi to arrive. They get a man and convince him for his marriage. The man says he is only a cleaner, and not a Pandit. Jai inquires about Pandit ji. The cleaner says he has left. Jai and Palak extend condolences. The cleaner was angry that he is alive, but left temple only. Ranbir hugs the friends. The cleaner tells them it is a good Mohrat today, that is why every Pandit is booked today. Whoever marries today will be tied in a strong bond. They wait for Aaryan, who also arrives empty handed. Aaryan narrates them the story of his Pandit search, but none is available. Ranbir was eager to marry on the same day. Prachi and Shahana arrive at the temple. Ranbir was chasing Aaryan and hits Prachi. She was about to slip when he holds her in his arms. They share an eye-lock. Shahana and Aaryan were happy. Prachi thinks about Rhea’s demand, to return her love and she will return her mother’s love to her. Prachi was angry at Shahana as she said only Jai and Palak are here.

Tai Ji comes forward for Gath Bandhan. Abhi tries to stop the process. Abhi silently wishes if their love is real, then Pragya must come and stop the wedding. Pragya reaches the wedding venue and calls them to stop! Meera looks towards Abhi.

Ranbir silently calms himself and thinks he must show aggression so that Prachi does not know about their plan. He shouts at Aaryan for not informing about Prachi. He also dislikes the people who hates him. Aaryan shows a fake anger. Shahana counters them with an argument. Ranbir tells them to go away if they have a problem to stay. Jai and Palak come there and thank them for their support. She wishes they get their love and live a happy life. Aaryan offers them to sit and talk, while he searches for Pandit. Shahana shouts at Aaryan for not booking a Pandit already. She realizes her mistake later on. Prachi takes Shahana’s hand and leaves. Aaryan spots a Pandit.

Pragya walks towards the Mandap and takes Abhi’s Vermala off, throwing it on the fire to put it off. Abhi silently thinks he knew Pragya cannot see him with anyone else. She must do anything but stop this marriage. Aaliya shouts at Pragya how dare she, Abhi and Meera are half married. Pragya must apologize Meera right now. She asserts that Meera is their next daughter in law, she selected her as Abhi’s wife. Pragya claims she is Abhi’s wife. Meera counters that it is also Abhi’s wish, as he proposed her. She also wants to marry Mr. Mehra. Pragya had no problem earlier. Pragya says this marriage will be illegal because she is his wife. They might be jailed for this act. Alia calls the security and tries to pull Pragya outside. Sarita comes to Pragya’s defense and scolds Alia for misbehavior. Dadi asks Abhi to stop them. Abhi whispers to Dadi that he will make Pragya confess her love herself. If situation gets worse, Purab is here to handle. Pragya reminds Alia whenever she tried to throw her out, Alia herself had to leave the house. This is her family, her house and in-laws. She left the house but did not break any relation. Alia wasn’t deterred by Pragya and tries to throw her out. Pragya calls the police inside. The family was now taken aback. Pragya complains to police against Alia, Dadi also sides Pragya. Pragya calls for Meera’s arrest as well.

Abhi tries to defend Meera, as Meera is innocent. Pragya questions Abhi how he can marry her? Abhi says she cannot speak to him like this. Pragya cries and questions Abhi how he can be so shameless, he is marrying Meera and brought the invitation to her? She shouts that she has a problem with every person here, they are on the wrong side of stance. She questions Tai Ji how she can do Gath Bandhan of Meera and Abhi. She also questions Raj Bhai for being with his younger brother. She asks Mitali why she is hiding, it is pointless to expect anything from her but she could have thought as a wife. She blames Purab for not being able to do anything to stop the marriage. Pragya addresses all the guests for only gossiping but not raising true voice against the wrong. Dadi tells Pragya she was against the wedding. She and Sarita Ji are with Pragya. Abhi asks Pragya if her lecture is done? If she came here as a teacher, or a wife? Pragya asks whom he is expecting. She came to stop this marriage. Abhi asks Pragya what is going on in her mind? Pragya says she will never let him do his own this time. Abhi asks why she leaves him always? Pragya reminds him the reasons. She says she will not let Abhi get arrested. She tells the inspector to arrest Alia and Meera. They both knew she is Abhishek Mehra’s wife, Pragya Abhishek Mehra and they borne two daughters as well.

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