Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 30 March 2021


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 30 March 2021

Pragya laughing knowing Sarita behen confessed her feelings to Mr. Mehra. Sarita behen thinks if Pragya and Mr. Mehra meet then they will be happy. Pragya asks her not to think that. Sarita behen says you shall meet him. Pragya says he will think that I want to have any relation with him. She says I am good staying at far. Prachi and Shahana are waiting for Abhi in Mehra Mansion. Shahana says we shall go. Prachi says sir might be coming. Rhea comes there and smiles. Prachi tells her that Nish is caught who was in our college. Rhea thinks how can you give me good news and thinks she is in big problem. Prachi says we came to meet Mehra sir, he helped me to get out of jail. Rhea asks about Pragya and goes. Shahana tells Prachi that Rhea is tensed seeing them. Prachi asks what could be her tension. Shahana says she might be tensed as you came out of lock up. Prachi says she don’t like me, but jail..she can’t be bad. Rhea thinks I thought bad about her and she is thinking I can’t do bad.

Abhi comes there. Shahana says we came to thank you and says Prachi got emotional. Prachi thanks him for bringing her out of lock up. Abhi says your mum brought you out and asks her to ask her mum to tell her next time and says I want her to be safe and take care of you both. Shahana says I was with Maasi. Abhi says that is a tension. He says I will ask driver to drop you home. Prachi says we will go. Abhi calls driver and asks him to drop Prachi and Shahana to their home. Prachi says we will go. She gives him red velvet pastry made by her mum and says my elder sister used to like it. Abhi remembers Kiara and gets emotional. Rhea gets upset and goes.

Nishant calls Rhea and asks her to arrange money for their bail. Pragya writes diary for Kiara and tells that Mr. Mehra helped your sister like your superman helped you. She writes that she has sent her favorite red velvet pastry to him. Abhi opens the container and sees the pastry. He recalls his moments with Kiara and sees her pic with Pragya. He asks her to eat her favorite red velvet cake and asks her to eat it, else he will eat all. He says I miss you a lot. Pragya also says the same. Abhi says I have saved Prachi, but I couldn’t save you and couldn’t become your superman. Vikram comes there. Abhi asks for Anuradha’s number. Vikram gives her number. Abhi saves her number as Anuradha ji. Vikram asks do you like her, as you are messaging her late. Abhi messages and thanks her. Pragya saves his number as Mr. Mehra 2 and thanks him. Vikram says she must be thanking you for Prachi. Ranbir comes to meet Rhea. Rhea gets upset and tells that she don’t care about him. She asks him to jump down and tells that she wanted to see Prachi there, but you saved her. Ranbir says I did this for chief. Rhea says she doesn’t know what she is saying and asks where is Bu ji? Ranbir says in mom and dad’s room.

Pallavi scolds Vikram and teases him for Ranbir’s doings. Rhea comes there. pallavi asks Aaliya to take her side. Vikram says she is honest lady. Pallavi asks her to tell who is right parent? Vikram says if parent shall hide her mistake or shall make them better. Aaliya says it depends on the mistake. Purab comes there and takes Aaliya holding her hand. Rhea tries to talk to her, but Aaliya goes with Purab. Vikram tells Pallavi that she is a good parent and praises her.

Aaliya tells Purab that nobody dare to hold her hand till now and asks where he wants to take her. Purab says hospital. Rhea hears them and thinks what happened to her. Purab says lets not waste time. Rhea thinks she don’t have time until she returns. She tells Dimpy about Nishant blackmailing her. Dimpy says you would have told me before. I would have done that. Rhea tells that it was her idea, she opposed her idea but. Dimpy says sometimes things go out of hand. Rhea says Nishant is already taken 5 lakhs and asked me to give more money and take him out. Dimpy asks her to take it out. Rhea says it is not that easy. Dimpy asks her to get jewellery or money from Suwarni Dasi’s room. Rhea says she had stolen her necklace but Bu ji caught her, and says if she is caught again then she will be dead. Dimpy asks her to steal the money. Rhea says she has to steal and give money to someone.

Rhea feels bad to steal in Dasi’s room. She thinks she is sleeping so I will steal and run away. She comes to the room, but Dasi is not there. Rhea opens the cupboard and couldn’t find jewellery or case. She thinks I need money, what to do. She recalls Nishant’s words that if she don’t give money and don’t come to meet him then his dad will come and meet him. Dasi comes to room and sees Rhea. Rhea gets shocked and hides. Dasi looks at her, but she is already hiding. Dasi thinks I thought Rhea is here. She rests on bed. Rhea thinks with whom to ask help now. Doctor checking Purab and telling that Aaliya is fine. Purab asks about disha. Doctor tells him that Disha had come with her husband and he is very caring. Aaliya comes there. Purab is shocked to know about Disha’s husband. Aaliya asks Doctor not to do her blood test again. She asks Purab to take her for long drive.

Nishant asks Ashok to see if Rhea is coming? Ashok says Rhea is not afraid of you and thought you as a mosquito. He says I used to work in Mehra Mansion, now he will not get job anywhere. He says I did a mistake by agreeing to your sayings. Nishant says I gave you much money. He says I will not leave Rhea for not telling me that her dad and Prachi’s mum could catch me and are smart.

Constable asks them to stop their nonsense and threatens them. Nishant asks him to call Inspector and says he wants to talk about Mr. Mehra. Abhi is in the office and tells that audience shall think that they are part of the song. His phone rings. Abhi picks the call and says I am coming. Vikram asks where are you going? Abhi says work is important and asks the staff to excuse them. He tells Vikram that Nishant is ready to confessed that who asked him to keep drugs with Prachi. He hopes Rhea is not involved. Vikram says I will come with you. Abhi asks him to come.

Rhea comes to Aaliya’s room and asks her to get up. Aaliya says she can’t open her eyes early morning. Rhea tells her that Nishant asked her to give money to his friend. Aaliya wakes up and says it is 2:15. Rhea says she has to reach there by 2:30. Aaliya says you are giving me less time. Rhea says she is calling her since night. When she came here, Purab asked her not to disturb her. Rhea asks her to get ready.

Nishant tells Constable that it is good that you shifted my Chacha to other jail. He says he is feeling good now. Constable asks him to be quiet. He thinks to tell Mr. Mehra and asks him to take him out and transfer 10 lakhs to his bank account else he will tell Media and everyone. Aaliya is going out. Purab asks where is she going? Aaliya says I am in a hurry. She tells Rhea that she has to tell truth to Purab. Purab says I think that something is wrong. Aaliya says I feel like a different person and don’t get angry. She says I will not fight with you, will give you answer and go. She says I am going to do something for Rhea. She says she is like my daughter and I can’t see her in any problem. She says she is doing this for her betterment and says a guy is troubling her. Purab says when our children is in trouble then we shall help them. Aaliya thanks him for understanding. she comes to Rhea. Rhea asks did you tell everything? Aaliya tells that she wanted to tell him, but he don;t want to listen. Purab thinks it is good Rhea shared with Aaliya and not with Abhi.

Abhi and Vikram come to meet Nishant. Inspector says he wants to tell you only. He says the person is among your family member. Rhea and Aaliya come there and hide. Rhea gets worried and says Nish will tell everyone. Pragya is in kitchen and thinks to call message Mr. Mehra. She message him telling that she wants to ask him something. Abhi gets her message. Pragya messages that he must be busy so she will message later. Abhi replies that he is free and waiting to see the rain. pragya thinks where is raining. She asks did you keep the handkerchief for the lady who was crying outside. Abhi feels good about her messages. Vikram asks him to keep chatting and keep smiling. He asks who is she? Abhi thinks if I tell her about Anuradha ji then he will pull my feet. Pragya thinks he didn’t reply, he must be busy. Rhea and Aaliya hide from them. Aaliya comes to meet Nishant before Abhi and says so you are Nish. Nishant asks about Rhea’s dad. She kicks him and asks him not to tell anyone about Rhea even by mistake. Nishant says Rhea didn’t listen to me, why should I listen to her.

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