Twist of Fate Tuesday Update 29 December 2020 Season Finale


Twist of Fate Tuesday Update 29 December 2020 Season Finale

Twist of Fate Tuesday Update 29 December 2020:  Aaliya informing everyone that Abhi just remember the things which happened 2 and a half years ago. He just knows about my exams and his music. Doctor says it is good that you people came to know what he remembers. Aaliya tells Dadi that Abhi wants to meet her. Pragya thinks Abhi don’t remember her or their marriage. She recalls all the good things happened before his accident and gets teary eyes. Dadi and Purab go inside to meet Abhi. Abhi asks them how are you both? He asks why you didn’t come to meet me, and asks if you are upset with me.

He says I should be upset as you went for a meeting on my birthday. Purab says no….Abhi says I was upset with you, but don’t remember why? He asks why I am here. Purab asks him not to stress his mind and get well soon. Abhi sees
Dadi crying and says he is fine. Dadi asks how are you. Abhi says fine. He asks Purab since when I am here? Abhi asks did I miss anyone chautha, barsi and marriage? Purab asks him to get well first.

Abhi says I will perform in the concert and sings a song. Dadi says it is good. Purab says he went to that stage when he sang this song, and thinks he became like before. He thinks if Abhi forgets her then how she will leave. Tanu asks Aaliya if this is truth. Aaliya says yes, and says I am so thankful to God that everything is back. Tanu says now he loves me madly. Aaliya says he don’t remember that her engagement with Purab was broken and that he got married to Pragya? Tanu is very much happy and asks her to pinch her. Aaliya pinches her and says I am feeling very good. She says Pragya is out of Abhi’s life. Tanu asks her to hold her else she will faint with happiness. Aaliya says she will enjoy the life as she got the second chance. Tanu says now I will marry him and get him. Aaliya says we will get everything.

Tanu says I will go and meet him. Aaliya stops her and says you was a super model when he was dating you, but now you are fat because of pregnancy and miscarriage. Tanu says I wanted to hug him and make Pragya jealous. Pragya comes and says you both must be very happy, but he will gain consciousness very soon.

Aaliya says unfortunately it is retrograde amnesia and he will never gain his memory. Pragya says my heart is saying that he will get memory back. Aaliya asks her to search on Internet and says sometimes memory never comes back. She feels pity on her and says you are erased from his memory. Your identify, name, kumkum everything is gone and wiped, and the things will be like I wanted. Now he will be my brother and will love Tanu. She says your destination is clear, but you can’t walk on it. Pragya is in shock.

Pragya asks Doctor to do something as he couldn’t remember her. Purab says how to make him remember that he is married. Dadi asks if there is any way? Doctor says he will live now normally, but can’t recognize you. Pragya says this means that I shall leave the hope that he will recognize me. Doctor asks them to give him sometime and asks not to meet him whoever he doesn’t know in his memory.

Sarla is happy and keeps halwa for the puja. Beeji says I hope Mata Rani makes everything fine. Abhi gets flashes of the accident. Aaliya asks if he is fine. Abhi asks where did the accident happened? Aaliya says it happened in Lonavala. She asks him not to stress his mind to remember, as he remembers his family and fans. Abhi says right.

Pragya stands infront of God, and is about to fill kumkum in her maang, but stops. She says you have saved him, but he is not recognizing me. She says I am feeling very bad, as I can hear him, but can’t talk to him. She says now Aaliya and Tanu will not try to separate us, as I am not in his life now. She asks God to give her strength and says she is ready to wait for him all life. She says when I fought with his enemies, I knew that he loves me, but now he don’t remember me. She cries badly.

Tanu and aliya sarcastically taunt pragya that she has to leave. pragya is distraught and apalled and vehemently asserts about how she needs to be here, and that she may be out of abhi’s memory, but not from his heart and soul. they continue to chide, and keep explaining as to how her leaving here, is the right option, since he doesnt have any recollection, but has memories of the other relations, and suddenly seeing her would be wrong for her health. she says that she shall stay in hiding, but prevent him from evil eyes, and then she can be assured of his safety and well being, without even having to be in front of her. but they tell her thats not possible, and continue to pack her stuff out, to throw it out of abhi’s room. granny comes and is apalled to see her being chided and teased like that. she rushedly takes her from there, while pragya continues complaining about whats happening to her, and how they are plotting yet again. she calms her down, while pragya continues to pour out, that she was the one who got him married to her, to keep his life happy and stable. when she finds granny tensed and apalled, she asks whats the matter, granny begs for forgiveness and then explains how this is the only option, for abhi’s happiness, and asks her to make this ultimate sacrifice, for abhi, and assures that she shall merely be away and not actually separating from him. pragya is apalled, as granny extends her hands for pragya’s help. she is distraught when she gives into her request, and then walks out in a daze. granny collapses on the bed dishevelled and distraught.

Meanwhile, pragya goes to her room, and starts packing up, encapsulaing every memory and experience of her with abhi from this room. she stands tensedly, as a wave of memories passes in front of her eyes. she gets emotionasl and nostalgic remembering those moments.

Abhi lifting Pragya in his arms and dancing with her..Hua Hai Aaj Pehlibaar song plays…………They have an eye lock. Pragya sees him gone and sits down cryingly. Sarla asks Janki to serve the food. Door bell rings. Janki opens the door and sees Pragya. Sarla is surprised to see her and asks her to come inside. They ask her to drink water and ask her to tell. Pragya tells them that Abhi is fine, had severe injury to his head and that’s why he got retrograde amnesia. She says he didn’t know that we are married. Doctor said that if we try to make him remember anything then he can slip into coma. She says Dadi asked me to leave the house for his sake, so I left…our relation is over now. She cries and goes to her room. Sarla feels her pain. When being at room, Pragya
looks at their pic and cries. She looks at fuggi toy and smiles cryingly. Hamari Adhuri plays……..She looks at their marriage pics etc and cries miserably.

Beeji says whatever happened is wrong. She says it was okay when Abhi and Pragya had a fight because of Tanu, but they were together. Sarla tells her that nothing can happen to Abhi and he will not go far from her, until she applies sindoor of his name and wears mangalsultra. She says they will pass this test too and unite. Beeji prays for them.

Abhi plays music on his instruments. Aaliya comes there and claps…She says it is superb and asks how can he do this? Abhi says hello sister from semester…He says I do this because I like doing it. Aaliya says there is nobody better than him in this whole universe. Abhi says even there is nobody like my sister. She tells that she got a contract for him and says it is signed for 2 crores rupees. Abhi says your studies are beneficial to me than you. Aaliya says I will also gets it benefit and says I will have 50 percent of your earnings. Abhi says whatever I earn is for you and Dadi…Aaliya says you mean everything. Abhi says nothing and laughs. Aaliya hugs him.

Beeji checks grocery list and also Sarla’s medicine list. She asks why didn’t you write your medicines and olive oil. Sarla says I will not die if I don’t take medicines for 2-3 months. She says my Pragya is bearing more pain than me. Beeji says yes, you said right, she has seen many things since a month. She says even things are getting costlier. Pragya hears them. Sarla asks her not to tell that their Kumkum Bhagya Marriage hall is sold now, as the builder’s plan is passed by BMC. She says we can’t tell our problems to her. Pragya thinks I couldn’t see their pain. She thinks our marriage hall is sold, and maa is stopping her medicines. She thinks she has become burden on family, and thinks to do some job and earn money. She thinks I have to do something so that they let me do work without knowing that I am working for money.

Purab asks Dadi, until when we will bear this. He says guilty people are ruling in this house and Pragya is outside and suffering. He says we know everything and have to do something. Dadi says our hands are cuffed, Doctor asked us not to tell him anything, if anything happens to him then I will not live, even this house. Purab says Aaliya is ruling in this house and taking advantage of Abhi. Dadi says that’s why I sent Akash and Rachna from here. I didn’t know until when to stop them. Purab says we have to think something to expose them and bring Pragya home. Dadi says we can’t do anything. Purab says we have to do something to bring his memory back. Dadi says never, as it is risky for his life. Purab agrees and goes. Dadi prays to God and tells him that she is becoming selfish in her family member’s eyes. She asks him to do something and make Abhi fine.

Purab collides with Aaliya and says sorry. He is about to go. Aaliya stops him and says I know you are angry with me. She says Abhi has forgiven me and asks him to forget the past and start refresh. Purab asks her to forget him and says he will never marry her. He says if you have ego and want to marry me, then even I have ego and I will never forgive you. Aaliya thinks he is showing ego even now and thinks he will bend down. She goes to meet Tanu.

Tanu asks if Abhi asked about her. She says she is excited to meet Abhi, the rockstar who was running behind the money. Aaliya says yes, he is just same to same like before. Tanu says I didn’t meet him for a month, and worries that Pragya will meet him. Aaliya says she will not come back for his well being and promises Tanu that she will be only there in his life.