Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 27 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 27 April 2021

Rhea is still crying thinking about Abhi’s words. Aaliya comes to her and hugs her. She says I am sorry, don’t cry. I shouldn’t have told you all those things, you are small for those big things. Rhea says truth will be truth always, even if I know later. She says my mum has done so much bad, but my dad still cares for her. Aaliya asks did you tell about me? Rhea says I didn’t tell him anything that you told me. Aaliya says Bhai will be upset with me. Rhea says no and tells that she is best Bu ji in the world. Aaliya says you are mine and you are my blood, I love you. She hugs Rhea.

Ranbir is in the office still and is leaving. Prachi asks if he is going? Ranbir says yes and says I will not give you lift as you have problem with my speed. Prachi says I will come with you till the gate. Ranbir asks why she is working till late. She says when boss is working, it is not good to leave. She then says you believe everything whatever I say.

Pragya calls Rishi and asks him to check who is sleeping and who is awake? Rishi checks and says Shahana is sleeping in Nani’s room. Pragya says she is bringing someone and asks him to help her without asking questions. She then asks Abhi why you do this. Abhi is sleepy and drunk.

Ranbir and Prachi come to the office door. Prachi says it is jammed. They argue. Ranbir says there is a delicateness of girls in you. Prachi says I can lift any heavy stuff. Ranbir asks her to lift him. Prachi says she can lift heavy weight, but not useless things. Ranbir gets upset. Prachi says she tries to like him, but he irritates her. Ranbir says you try to like me. She asks him to check the door. He tries to open the door and says it is locked from outside. Prachi says they want to go home. Ranbir says what to do. Prachi says you are the boss, so think to do something. Ranbir asks her to calm down and take a deep breath and think. He says I feel boss and employee are same. Prachi asks him to call security guy and asks him to open the door. Ranbir says good idea and then says he don’t have his number. He says I will call Papa. Prachi says don’t disturb him. Ranbir says I will call Aryan. He calls Aryan and asks him if he knows the keymaker. Aryan says I will check on net and tell you. Ranbir says road side keymaker. Aryan says ok. Ranbir says I was missing you. Prachi takes the call and tells that they are stuck in the office and asks him to bring key maker there. Ranbir takes the call. Aryan asks Ranbir not to trouble her as she is his favorite. Ranbir says I like her. Prachi asks him not to flirt with her. Ranbir says I was talking about this office. Ranbir teases her taking Rishi’s name, but says he is your brother. Pragya gets irritated.

Pragya brings Abhi to her house. Rishi opens the door and gets surprised. Pragya asks him to help her without questioning her. Rishi and Pragya take Abhi to her room.

Rhea takes out her dress and thinks to go on a long drive with Ranbir. She comes to his room calling him. Ranbir and Prachi are still in the office. Rhea calls Ranbir and tells that she is waiting for him in his room. Ranbir says I am in the office and can get late. Rhea says today is your lucky day and I am waiting for you. She ends the call.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he wants to go. Rhea checks for her pic in his cupboard and gets happy. She thinks to go to his office and surprise him. Aryan comes to the keymaker and asks him to come and open the door as a couple got stuck. Rishi and Pragya take Abhi to room. Abhi recognizes him and gets angry. Pragya asks rishi to go and not to tell anything to anyone. Rishi goes. Abhi says why to get scared for love. Pragya says she needs to think about the society. He asks for a kiss. She kisses on his cheeks and gets emotional.

Pragya covering blanket on Abhi and comes out of room. Allah wariyan plays….She comes out and sees Rishi. Rishi says he is sitting here to send Prachi to her room. Pragya says thank you. She says if he (Abhi) gains consciousness in night then? She locks the door. Rishi says I want to ask something. Pragya asks him not to question her. He says I just want to ask, did you have food? She goes. Rishi searches for his charger. Madhu comes and opens the lock. Ranbir asks Prachi if she informed at home that she will be late. Prachi nods her head. Aryan takes keymaker to the office. Key maker doubts at him and asks if he wants him to unlock the company’s lock. He says you are looking like a thief. Ranbir calls Aryan. Aryan tells that keymaker refused to open the door, thinking him as thief and tells that he is getting bad feeling.

Ranbir asks Aryan to steal keymaker’s bag and runs there. He says when you run then he will also run and come here. Aryan steals the key maker’s bag and runs. He comes there. Ranbir asks if he brought the bag and asks where is the key maker. Aryan says he is coming. Prachi scolds Ranbir. Aryan says he enjoyed stealing. Prachi scolds him for teaching bad thing to his brother. The keymaker comes there. Ranbir tells him that he is locked with his employee and tells that the girl wants to go home. he says I will show you my ID details. Keymaker refuses to open the door until he calls Police. Ranbir asks him to understand and tells that the girl who is stuck with him has a boyfriend who doubts that she is having an affair with him. He says she was praying to Shiv ji and asked him to send his bhakt. He says she has kept Shivji’s fast. The keymaker says I will open the door as she is Shiv Bhakt and has kept fast. Prachi takes Ranbir to side and asks why did he lie? Ranbir says you are not keeping fast and not having crazy boyfriend, but someone is waiting for you at home. He says what matters is the end result. Keymaker opens the door. They come out. Ranbir hugs Aryan and says I will forget your favor. Prachi also thanks Aryan and the keymaker. Keymaker asks if she is fine and tells that she will marry her boyfriend. Aryan pays money to the keymaker. Ranbir tells Prachi that he will drop her home.

Rhea is in the car to go to office and smiles. Ranbir and Prachi are in the car. Prachi says you lied to the key maker to get the door open. Ranbir says his mind worked at the right time and he managed. Prachi asks if he gets praising words for free that he praises himself a lot. Ranbir asks why she doesn’t want to praise him. Prachi asks him to stop the car and says you are hungry. They get down and comes to a local restaurant. Prachi says spicy paratha is good here, but you can’t eat. Ranbir says I will eat and orders spicy paratha for him. The guy/waiter serves them paratha. He asks which is more spicy and takes the paratha. He feels it to be too spicy and says I am done. Prachi makes him eat with her hand. He coughs and gets hiccups. Prachi asks the guy to give him cold water. Waiter asks him to drink milk and gives him milk. Prachi smiles and makes him wash his face and rinse his mouth. Ranbir says you are laughing at me and runs behind her. The waiter asks for money. Ranbir says who makes such spicy paratha and gives him money. He comes to car and says he wants to have chocolate. Prachi and Ranbir leave in car. Rhea sees that from her car and gets worried.

Rishi sees Prachi coming home and tells her that Maasi slept in her room. Prachi says ok and goes inside. Madhu comes back and finds the door bolt closed again, she opens it. Rishi gets busy working on his laptop. Rhea comes to Priyanka and tells that she is ready to do what she said. Priyanka asks when? Rhea says this Diwali. Priyanka says this Diwali will be lights in your life and Ranbir will be with you.

In the morning, Shahana thinks Maasi is sleeping till now and peeps inside to ask her. She sees Abhi sleeping, but don’t see his face. Rishi takes Shahana away from there. Pragya comes there and says who has opened the door, did he leave? She comes inside and finds him sleeping. She thinks to talk to him and ask him many times.

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