Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 25 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 25 May 2021

Roslyn calling Rhea and asks her to check if the girl is same who is following her. Prachi collides with the girl. Rhea sees the other girl and tells Roslyn that the girl is not following her. Roslyn comes to Rhea and asks her to give money. Rhea gives her money. Roslyn checks and says it is less. Rhea says I must have taken some money from it. Roslyn says you should have checked before, I shot MMS for you. Rhea says she will give soon. Just then Roslyn sees Prachi again and tells Rhea. Rhea checks and gets shocked. She takes Roslyn to lift. Roslyn says I want to ask the girl why is she following me. Rhea says she is Prachi, she is following you as you are wearing her clothes. She asks her to take locker keys and wear her clothes and leave Prachi’s clothes there.

Prachi calls Sarita behen and asks if she had designed the similar dupatta for someone else too. Sarita behen says no. Prachi tells that she has seen a girl wearing her pink dress and dupatta and ask her to check in the almari. Sarita behen says she will check and call her. She gets a call from her client and forgets it. Roslyn comes to Rhea and gives Prachi’s dress. She asks her to give her remaining money else she will ruin her image without MMS. Rhea sees Prachi coming there and makes her fall down. Ranbir holds Prachi in his embrace. He asks if she is fine and asks her to tell him whenever she falls, he will hold her. Rhea turns and looks at them. She asks Prachi if she is fine. Prachi tells him about seeing a girl wearing her dress. He tells that there might be many similar clothes. Prachi says the dupatta was different and says she is getting late for the lecture. She goes. Ranbir thinks they will be together after the lecture and gives her flying kiss after she left. Rhea comes to Pragya’s house and tells that she came to get Prachi’s notes. Pragya says Prachi is in college. Rhea says I forgot and tells that if she can use her washroom. Pragya says ok and goes to make coffee for her. Rhea thinks she shouldn’t have met her, thinks she makes me emotional and I want her to love me always. She comes to room, opens the cupboard and keeps Prachi’s clothes, something falls down. Ranbir thinks he shall talk to Rhea. Sarita behen comes home and sees Rhea hiding. She catches Rhea and covers blanket on her, calls her thief. Ranbir and Prachi are going home with Shahana in the car. He asks her to talk. Prachi says she don’t want to talk. Ranbir talks to her politely. Shahana asks Prachi why she is getting irritated.

Pragya tells Sarita behen that Rhea is not a thief. Rhea says she would have beaten me. Pragya says she would have saved her. Rhea asks if she will save her from Prachi if the latter tries to harm her. Pragya says Prachi will not do such thing, but if she does then she will talk to her and will ask not to do anything. Rhea thinks Pragya is so good, doing bad with Prachi, means doing bad with her, thinks if she shall proceed with the MMS scandal or not. She tells that she will leave now. She leaves. Sarita behen asks Pragya what rhea was doing in Prachi’s room. Pragya says she has gone to use the washroom.

Ranbir drops Prachi and Shahana home. Prachi says sorry to him. Ranbir says I have become mature now. Prachi says you are not mature, but that. She is not remembering the word now. Rhea comes out. Ranbir tells Prachi that he wants to say something and bends down on his knees. Prachi asks what happened, why did you sit down. Rhea thinks if he is going to propose her. Ranbir thinks he shall not propose this way, tells that he is tying the shoe lace and asks if there is any cobbler here. Prachi asks him to get up. Rhea gets angry and thinks she will make the video viral, says this is your last meeting.

Ranbir holding Prachi’s hand and looks at her. Rhea gets angry and sad. He then stands up. Prachi asks Ranbir why he was not getting up and asks him to go to shoe shop at the corner for lace. Shahana and Prachi come home. Shahana is happy as Ranbir gave them lift. Prachi asks Sarita if she got her suit. Sarita behen says she didn’t see. Prachi says she will check. Pragya asks Shahana, if she saw Rhea? Shahana says she saw her and it is good that she left. Sarita behen we have same thoughts about Rhea. Pragya says Rhea is not that bad and I am against your thoughts. Prachi comes and says I got my suit/dress. Sarita behen says you made me tired. Pragya asks what is the matter? Sarita behen says she called me and asked to check if her suit is at home. Prachi tells that she saw someone wearing her dress. Pragya says there might be similar suit and the girl might be having nani and dadi like Sarita behen. Sarita behen says no.

Dimpy watches the MMS of Prachi and says she can’t believe this. Rhea says the girl might not be Prachi and the video might be morphed. Dimpy says no, she is Prachi. She gets a call and talks about Prachi. Sanju calls Rhea and asks why did you do this? Rhea says don’t worry, the video will be viral, but not from my phone. The video is posted in group where neither Prachi nor Ranbir are in it. Sanju says I will be Prachi’s support. Rhea says I am waiting for you to take Prachi to Hoshiarpur and will not come in your wedding. She says as he has done so much for her, she will send them to Europe for their honeymoon. Sanju hopes to get Prachi. Dimpy comes back to Rhea and tells about MMS. Rhea says I don’t know why you are after prachi and tells that she has told before about her. She says now people will understand that they shall not see the face. She hugs Dimpy and thinks she wanted to see how much Ranbir dislikes Prachi.

Shahana asks Prachi to wait and says we will go to college together. Prachi is in hurry. Sarita behen sneezes. Pragya asks them to wait for sometime, citing it is inauspicious to go when someone sneezes. Shahana gets a call and attends it. Prachi is about to go, but Pragya stops her. Sarita behen asks Pragya to let her go and says no college today. She says she has experienced inauspicious things in such situation. Prachi says she has to take notes. Shahana says I will handle everything. Pragya smiles. Prachi says now everything will be good. They leave.

Prachi and Shahana come to college and see everyone staring at them. Prachi says they are strange and everyone is staring at her. Rhea asks Dimpy and Shaina to make a loud sound when Prachi comes. Dimpy asks if she will shout louder. Rhea says she don’t want anyone’s attention to come on her and don’t want anyone to doubt her. She sees Sanju hiding there and comes to him. Sanju says he will hide his face and just watch. Rhea says we don’t have to do anything, students will do and make the scandal. Rhea asks him to look back and says my friends dimpy and shaina will make others shout at Prachi. Sanju says they? He sees Prachi and Shahana come there. Prachi asks Dimpy and asks what is happening? Dimpy says you are asking us? Shaina says you have crossed all your limits and says guys has some desires….Prachi asks what is it? They show the video in which the girl wearing Prachi’s dress is kissing the guy. She throws the mobile. The guys remark on Prachi’s character. She walks away and sees the girl putting Prachi’s pics on the walls of the college. She asks the girl to remove the pic from the wall. Shahana takes it off. They walk away. Ranbir’s friend asks him if they are a couple. Ranbir tells that he loves her, but didn’t tell her till now. He sees Prachi running away and asks Shahana what happened? Shahana says everyone in college is talking bad about Prachi. She also goes. Ranbir’s friend gets MMS and shows to Ranbir. Ranbir is shocked.

Vikram and Abhi talk about the event. Abhi says you does everything for money. He says I am focusing on 26th January event. Vikram says it cannot be cancelled. Juhi comes there and reminds Abhi that he has to go to college for meeting. Abhi asks Vikram to come with himn for committee members meeting. Vikram agrees. Prachi goes to the college washroom and cries there. Shahana tells Ranbir that Prachi is nowhere seen. Ranbir asks her to stop crying and says he will search Prachi. He finds her crying sound coming from bathroom. He comes inside and says I know you are inside and crying. He asks her to come out. Prachi asks him to go. She says you didn’t know what happened with me and tells that she was not in that MMS. Ranbir says you know that it is fake, then why you are getting affected. He says even if it is yours, then you shall not care. He then says sorry for his choice of words and says if you hide then everything will think you as guilty. He says we will hold each other hands and will face them. Prachi says my image is ruined, even if the video is fake. Ranbir asks her not to get affected. Prachi says these things matter a lot where I belong to, in what society I belong. She says she will be judged by her character. Ranbir says your family knows well, how are you. He asks her not to worry about the teachers and students. Prachi asks him to go. Ranbir says I can’t wipe you tears as you are in ladies washroom. He says I will stand here and will not go. He waits outside.

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