Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 18 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 18 May 2021

Sanju comes to Ranbir and hits on his face. Sanju holds Prachi’s hand and is taking her, but Ranbir holds her other hand and looks at Sanju angrily. He hits on Sanju’s hand holding Prachi’s hand. Sanju beats him while the goons hold Ranbir. Prachi tries to stop them, but in vain. Ranbir hits Sanju whenever he could. Sanju hits rod on Ranbir’s head. Ranbir falls down and faints. Prachi is shocked. Pragya calls at the Police station and asks Constable to give call to Inspector, says she is Prachi’s mum. Constable informs Inspector. Abhi looks on worried. Inspector takes the call. Pragya tells him that Prachi and Ranbir are kept in the godown near Yamuna park. Inspector informs the same to others. He says we will reach there.

The driver tells Pragya that he will not come with them. Pragya asks him to drop them near there. Sarita behen says you shall wait and see our bravery. Pragya says she will not leave the person kidnapping her daughter.

Sanju and Prachi are seated for the marriage while Pandit ji is about to begin the mantras. Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir gains consciousness, frees his hands and comes to Prachi beating the goons. The goons catch him again. Ria comes and hits the goons, asking them to leave Ranbir. Sanju asks the goons to hold her too. Pallavi gets worried about Ranbir. Vikram asks about him. Pallavi calls Abhi. Vikram tells that he is worried about Ranbir. Abhi tells that he is also worried and tells that Ranbir and Prachi are kidnapped and kept captive in the godown near Yamuna river. Vikram says he will come there.

Pragya asks the driver to stop the car and gets down with Sarita behen, near the godown. Ria asks Ranbir what is he doing here? she starts blaming Prachi. Prachi tells that Ranbir came to rescue her. Ranbir tells that it is not Prachi’s mistake, if he had not taken the U turn then they wouldn’t have been here. He says you also didn’t think of yourself and came here.

Sanju asks Ria to be quiet. Ria says I want to talk to you and asks him to come. Sanju says I don’t want to talk. Ria orders him to come. Sanju asks the goons to take care of Prachi and tells Ranbir that he will die. He goes to talk to Ria. Prachi asks how does Ria knows the boss? Ranbir says it is good that she left, my ears were paining much hearing her shout.

Sanju and Riya go to side. Riya asks him to leave Ranbir. Sanju says this is not your Diwali party, I will do whatever I want, I will marry Prachi and came here for her. Ria says I will throw money on your face, leave both Ranbir and Prachi. Sanju asks did I ask you money and tells that he is not marrying Prachi for money, but I love her. He says marriage can bend, but can’t be sold. He says my love is not saleable and I can do anything for her. I can kick the wealth of the world. He says if you trouble me then I will send the goons behind you, they will not hesitate to shoot you. He asks her to let him marry Prachi and says I will let you and your Ranbir go.

Shahana asks Abhi to drive slow and says I will not ask you to drive slow, but seems like I will go up directly. Abhi asks where I will reach there. he says don’t worry, I care for you. He hits a car coming from the opposite direction. He gets down and says sorry to the people in the other car. He says I have your registration number and will get in touch with you soon.

The girl gets down the car and stands infront of Abhi’s car. Abhi says how to handle her. Shahana asks her to move and tells that they are in a hurry. The girl tells that their car is damaged. Abhi says I will give the money and asks her to let them go. The girl’s father tells that he knows him and says you are a big businessman. He says my hand is injured, this is a police case.

Ria asks Sanju if he thinks Prachi will marry him. Sanju says yes and asks why I shall think that she will not marry me, I have money, house etc. he says he will convince Prachi and asks her to convince her hero not to go to Police. He says he will go to Europe and have honeymoon. He says I will do as I planned and asks her to go. Ria says you just can’t marry her. Sanju asks who will stop me. Ria looks at him angrily. Sanju tells that this is not Diwali party, here I have my goons who will shoot wherever I want. He asks her to decide what she wants to eat, either the sweets of his marriage or the bullets of goon’s gun. Ria says you are threatening me. sanju says I am telling this as I know you and asks her not to plan or do anything against them. the old man telling Abhi that they have to call the police. Shahana asks him to understand that they are in trouble. Abhi says we need to go now. The old man’s daughter tells that her father needs to be taken to hospital else she will call Police. Abhi says it is a small injury, I will tie the handkerchief. He asks Shahana to take him. Shahana says she don’t know driving. The old man tells that even his daughter don’t know driving and asks Abhi to take him to hospital. Abhi is tensed. Police jeep gets punctured and stops on the way. They get down and start walking. Sanju comes to the mandap and sits. Pragya and Sarita behen come inside. She says we have to save them. Sarita behen asks how, by wearing Mr. India cap. Pragya looks at Prachi through the cartoon hole. She sees Prachi sitting with the masked Sehra man and comes near them. She snatches goon’s pistol and pushes him. She aims gun at Sanju and asks him to get up. She asks the goons to throw their pistol down. Sarita behen also takes gun and asks everyone to throw their guns. She says Police will come here in sometime. She asks Ranbir to take all the pistols. Pragya asks Rhea what is she doing this? Rhea tells that she was searching them and going from here, when she heard their voice and came here.


Sarita behen slaps Sanju for trying to marry Prachi forcibly. She asks her to take off her sehra. Ranbir asks him to stand silently. Vikram reaches there with Pallavi and Sarita behen. Ranbir tells that the man kidnapped Prachi and tried to marry her. He says Prachi told me a story, but I don’t think it is truth. Prachi says it is truth and tells that when she was going home, she saw them murdering a waiter. She tells that she wanted to ask waiter who asked him to spiked her drink, but before that they murdered him and saw her. They then hit her on her head and took her here. Everyone is shocked. Ranbir asks Sanju to take off his sehra and removes the turban and sehra, but Sanju is wearing black mask on his face. Beeji asks Ranbir to pull off the mask. Ranbir asks him to stand straight and tries to pull the mask. Ria gets scared and holds Mahender’s hand, keeps on her neck as if he held her neck. Ranbir leaves Sanju and beats Mahender. They all beat the goons. Beeji, Vikram, Pragya and others also beat the goons. Sanju picks the gun and asks them to stop.

Pragya asks him not to do anything to Prachi. Sanju says I don’t want to do this, I was helpless, I love you and want to spend my life with you. He says if you can’t be mine then you can’t be of someone else. He says I can’t see with someone else when I am alive. Mahender is holding Pragya, while Guddu and others are holding Ranbir and others. Sanju apologizes to Prachi and shoots at her. Ranbir pushes the goon and runs to rescue Prachi. He gets injuring on his hand and beats up Sanju for shooting Prachi. Inspector comes and asks his team to arrest them. Sanju runs while Police runs behind him. Prachi comes to Pragya. Pragya thanks Ranbir. Beeji says he is bleeding. Vikram says he is tiger’s son, nothing will happen. Sarita behen says he didn’t care for himself, and saved Prachi. Ranbir asks Vikram to take Pallavi, beeji and Ria home, tells that he will drop Prachi and aunty. Inspector comes back and tells that he fled.

Abhi reaches the godown and asks Shahana to sit in the car for his safety. He goes inside. Shahana gets down from the car and thinks she never listened to her Dadi. She follows Abhi. Abhi asks what you are doing here? Shahana says someone is there? Abhi asks whom? Sanju is there. Abhi asks what are you doing here? Sanju says I came to rescue someone, but don’t know if anyone is here. Abhi asks Shahana to come. They leave. Sanju thinks he is saved, but where he will hide. He thinks he will hide in Abhishek Mehra’s house.

Ria thinks it is 5:45 am, Ranbir must have come home by now, why did he go to drop Prachi and thinks he shouldn’t have gone, she don’t deserve this. She thinks Ranbir wouldn’t have gone there. She thinks to call him.

Pragya, Ranbir, Sarita behen and Prachi come home. Sarita behen slips due to the door mat while Ranbir holds her. She blames Madhu. Pragya asks Ranbir to sit and calls Doctor, asking him to come. Ranbir says trust me, I am fine. Prachi asks if you are fine, then are we superfine. Pragya asks Prachi to bring warm water. Prachi goes to bring it. Pallavi calls Ranbir and asks if he got his bandage done. She asks what did Doctor say etc? Beeji asks did he give medicine. Ranbir says I will call elder brother and will tell him that you are showering all your love on me. He tells that Pragya and others are praising him a lot as if he has done a big, heroic thing. He says I will listened to all praises and will come home for breakfast. Pallavi says she will make aloo ka paratha. Beeji says she will bring kheer. Ria calls Ranbir and thinks why his call is busy. Pallavi asks Ranbir to give call to Prachi. Prachi takes the call. Pallavi says I have never seen such a brave girl till now. Beeji says I have seen beautiful girls, but haven’t seen beautiful and brave girl like her. Prachi says you makes stranger as your love ones. Pallavi says credit goes to you for making everyone yours. Pragya asks Prachi to bandage Ranbir’s wound and takes Sarita behen to make her rest.

Beeji asks Pallavi if she is happy? Pallavi says she is very happy, she never knew that her son is so brave. Beeji says don’t know who was that guy? Pallavi says he wanted to marry Prachi forcibly. Abhi calls Pragya. Prachi gives the call to Pragya, but it disconnects. Abhi tells Shahana that she might be in the Police station. Pragya calls Abhi. He says hello…Pragya looks on.

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