Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 13 February 2024


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 13 February 2024

Mehika wakes up in the middle of the night exclaiming she cannot lose Ranbir as he is her life, she has loved him more then herself so cannot lose him, she thinks that Prachi would have to go away, she vows to go and tell Prachi to leave her Ranbir right now.

Akshay is sitting on the bed when her brother asks him to stay here but Akshay says he has to go and warn Prachi to not fall in the trap of Ranbir once again, Abhay says that he is a nice person so any girl would fall in love with him, Akshay hugs Abhay saying he cannot lose Prachi but his brother asks him to try and sleep, Akshay is a bit distressed so lies down but asks his brother to stay with him.

Mehika is standing outside the room while Prachi is sleeping while sitting beside Ranbir, netra tries to wake her up but the nurse requests her to not disturb the patient as he needs to rest, Mehika leaves but is furious , she just waits outside the room thinking she cannot let her love go away from her once more and be alone that too because of someone else, Netra vows to remove Prachi from between her and Ranbir, she thinks this can only happen by one way which is to kill Prachi, she vows to kill her tonight.


Mehika is walking when she sees that Khushi is sleeping in her room, Mehika gets furious thinking how she saw Prachi taking care of Ranbir and also sleeping by his side, Mehika looks around and then walks into the room of Khushi, she sits by her side on the bed saying Khushi is the reason because of which both Prachi and Ranbir are close, she exclaims now Khushi will be the reason that they both get separated and Prachi dies, Mehika thinks of a way then sees the knife placed on the shelf, she goes to pick it up exclaiming this is what is called destiny, mentioning Prachi would die with the same knife with which she tried to kill her Ranbir, netra thinks she has to call Prachi here for it work and so thinks of a plan, Mehika goes to Khushi mentioning she will help her and call Prachi here, Netra takes out her phone and after closing the light turns on her phone, she slowly creeps up to Khushi who is sleeping, Mehika in a weird voice starts calling her name so Khushi starts screaming calling her mother, Prachi suddenly wakes up realizing that Khushi is calling her so gets worried, Mehika keeps scaring Khushi who calls her mother for help, Prachi quickly runs towards the room of Khushi, Mehika comes of hiding from under the stairs and follows Prachi into the hall while she is trying to open the door of Khushi room, Prachi slowly starts walking behind Prachi, she tries to stab her but Prachi manages to protect herself, Prachi is running while Netra is following her with the knife in her hands, Prachi calls Ranbir for help while still running for her life, she stops at the pillar o take some breath as she is not able to run properly, Mehika comes in front of her while still wearing a mask, Prachi calls Ranbir once again who sits up in his bed, he fees his injury but tries to get up from his bed, he slowly reaches the window trying to see what is going on outside. Ranbir then walks out of his room.