Twist of Fate Thursday Update 4 June 2020


Twist of Fate Thursday Update 4 June 2020

Abhi thinking Pragya has taken Dadi on her side and now Dasi, He thinks she wants to ruin Tanu’s image using Dasi and thinks to cut her wings. Pragya comes. Abhi holds her hand and asks what do you think of yourself. Pragya asks what did I do? Abhi says, you are provoking Dasi against Tanu to get her away from your way. Pragya says, I didn’t do anything like that. Think whatever you wants to. Abhi says, every thief says the same thing. Abhi asks her to tell what she was talking to? Pragya says I didn’t say anything. Abhi says you are jealous. Pragya says, I felt bad for few days but don’t bother now. I have other issues too. Abhi asks her what are the issues? You lives in this house and wears jewellery. He asks what is your problem?

Pragya says, that marriage hall have become problematic for us. BMC have sent notice to us to vacate it. If they break it then how will we run our house? Abhi hears carefully. Pragya says why I am saying this to you. Abhi asks her to tell. Pragya says, BMC’s case is very strong against us. If any influential guy helps us then can save the marriage hall. She asks him to save it and help them. She tells that it is her mother’s life. She folds her hands and asks his help. Abhi lie down on the bed and says he is feeling peace to see her crying. He says, he won’t melt seeing her tears and says I won’t forgive you and your sister. Abhi asks her to save her tears for future. He says, he wants to tell this good news to Aaliya and asks Pragya to sit and cry. He tells her best of luck and goes. Pragya looks on.

Akash helps Rachna crossed the road. He asks Rachna to give him a chance. Rachna says, she doesn’t matter with whom he lives. Akash tells her that he loves her so much and says how to make you believe. Rachna says, you won’t love anyone. Akash says, I will do anything for you. Rachna asks him to leave her hand and tells him not to talk to her again. She leaves. Akash looks on sadly.

Pragya takes her blanket to go out. She gets hit on her leg. Abhi says, I did it again. Abhi calls someone and asks him to cancel his meeting as he is going to see Kumkum Bhagya Marriage hall down fall. Pragya looks shocked and comes to Abhi. Abhi tells that you are saving your voice too. It is a miracle, you kept quiet. Pragya says, still some hours are left. Pragya tells that she will fight for her family. Abhi asks how will you fight and makes fun of her. Pragya says, she will die but won’t accept defeat. Abhi thinks that’s spirit.

Abhi asks his guards to take leave for today. He tells Pragya that today is the happiest day of his life. He wants to take shirdi and enjoy her bad times. He says, it is my good luck and your bad time. Pragya looks annoyed. Dadi comes out and tells Abhi and Pragya that she will leave. Abhi asks her to stay there until she wishes. Dadi asks him to take care of her bahu.

Abhi holds her closer. Pragya hugs him. Dadi asks them to stay like this. Dadi and her friend leave in the car. Pragya tries to move far from Abhi. Abhi’s chain gets stuck with her mangalsutra. They have an eyelock while the song plays……………Abhi leaves.

Sarla gives instructions to everyone. She asks Purvi to go to market after keeping the flowers. Sarla says, she wants this marriage to be best as it might be last marriage of the marriage hall. She gets emotional and goes to the marriage hall.

Abhi dances and says scooby dooby do………..Pragya tells him that she is going her home. Abhi says, I am not coming with you as I can’t see your dreams shattered. Say good bye to marriage hall on my behalf. Pragya is leaving. Abhi gets hiccups. Pragya brings water for him. Abhi drinks it and feels relieved. Oh Rabba Ki Karra plays………Pragya says, I will go now as you are fine. Abhi asks her shall I call Tanu for a night. Pragya is shocked and feels bad. She leaves the room. She bumps into Aaliya who says she is very happy to see this day.

Pragya says, you won’t get this happiness and I am going to stop marriage hall from breaking. Aaliya says, I will pray that nobody supports you. You will understand now that how it feels to be pained. Pragya tells her that they don’t want to give her pain, even Bulbul was unaware about her feelings. She says, we are one family. Aaliya asks her to shut up. She says, I cried whole night because of you all. You all will not have a place to go now.

Abhi comes and asks Aaliya to calm down. He asks Pragya to go. Aaliya asks her to go and see the marriage hall breaking. She says, you will be all alone. You deserves that. Abhi tries to calm Aaliya. Pragya leaves. Aaliya thanks Abhi and says we will throw a party. She hugs him. Abhi looks on tensedly.

Pragya coming to Sarla’s marriage hall and seeing Sarla decorating it. She asks Sarla she is not understanding the problem they are facing by the corporator and BMC and says they should save it. Purvi informs them that baaraat/groom’s people have come. Pragya is shocked to see a lady and her son whom she insulted for asking dowry and rejecting their marriage proposal. Lady starts taunting Pragya and says it is good she did not marry her son as he is marrying a rich girl and says her son’s in-laws wanted marriage in a five star hotel, but she insisted for this hall, asks Pragya to take care of guests well, else she will cut hall rent.

Pragya sadly serves guests and hopes it would have been someone else than these people. Bulbul asks her if she spoke to Abhi about marriage hall. Pragya says yes, but he does not want to help us. A guest comes and taunts them to take care of guests as celebrities are attending marriage, taunts that Pragya will look pretty if she removes her specks. Bulbul tries to hit guest, but Pragya stops her saying it would be last function in their marriage hall if this function stops. They both see people thronging a man and are surprised to see it is Abhi. Abhi sees Pragya without specs and holding flower and asks if her new look is for him. She says she is greeting guest and he is one of them. Abhi taunts her that if she thinks he will help her, she is wrong and continues taunting her. She asks him to go from there. Bride’s father comes and takes him in.

Daadi sees Abhi and asks Sarla why are people welcoming him. Purvi says he has come from bride’s side to sign a song. Groom’s dad sees his both daughters clicking pics with Abhi and asks his wife to stop them, else people will bad mouth about them. Lady goes and takes pics with Abhi instead. Abhi sees Purvi, meets her and asks about Sarla and family. Purvi says she is tensed and needs rest, but is working hard thinking she can be busy. She says it is last day of our marriage hall and tomorrow it will be broken by BMC. Abhi then sees Daadi. Daadi says she knows he is a guest but is happy that he came to help them. Abhi says he cannot help them and leaves from there.

Akash sees Rachna walking with difficulty on the road and is about fall. He holds her and asks her to be careful. She asks him not to show fake concern. He says he came to Pragya’s marriage hall and not to meet her and asks if he is wrong all the time. Rachna leaves without answering.

Sarla looks at Kumkum bhagya from her house and gets sad. Bulbul sees her and asks her to relax. Sarla asks her why did she inform Pragya about their problem. Bulbul says she loves and cares Pragya as she cares and did not inform her, if she does not believe her, then it is her wish.

Panditji asks bride and groom to perform saath pheras and complete marriage. An old lady tells them about the importance of saath pheras and asks them to finish saath pheras. They start saath pheras. Abhi sees Pragya throwing flowers on her and starts fighting with her. Purvi sees their fight and think this marriage hall witnessed many marriages, but Abhi and Pragya’s marriage is unique.

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