Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 26 August 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 26 August 2021

the robber coming to the room where Prachi is hiding in the cupboard, while Ranbir-Rhea and Dadi-Pallavi behind the sofas. The robber starts the countdown and asks them to come out. Prachi thinks Ranbir and Rhea are in the room and thinks the robber might catch Rhea. She comes out of the cupboard and tells that nobody is here, she was hiding only in the cupboard and asks what nonsense he was talking about. She asks did you see anyone here? No. The robber asks if she is Pragya and Abhi’s daughter, tells that he will punish her for her sister’s mistake. Prachi runs out fooling them. The robbers run behind her. Ranbir looks at Rhea and runs out.

The robber asks Prachi to call her sister and keeps knife on her neck. Prachi says I have no sister. The robber asks her to call her sister. Ranbir comes there and hits the robber. He fights with them and asks Prachi if she is fine? Pallavi, beeji and Rhea come there. The robber shoots in air and holds Prachi’s neck. Ranbir asks him to leave her. The robbers hold Ranbir while the other accuses Prachi and beats Ranbir. Rhea starts blaming Prachi. Prachi hits the robber. Ranbir also hits them. Rhea, Beeji, Pallavi and Prachi start beating the goons. Pallavi and Beeji ask Ranbir not to leave the robbers.

Goga tells everyone that Pragya asked them to leave everyone once they get the necklace, but they agreed to leave everyone except Rhea. He says Pragya didn’t like this deal though. Abhi asks him not to touch Pragya. Goga says yarana and laughs. Pragya says I will break your face if you threaten Abhi. Goga pushes Pragya on Abhi. Abhi holds her and starts beating Goga and his robber. The robber hits Abhi’s hand. Pragya gets angry and beats the robber. Abhi gets impressed with her and smiles. He beats Goga. Goga takes out the gun and is about to shoot Abhi, but Abhi holds his hand and beats him. He falls down again. Police comes there and arrests them. Abhi says fuggi’s anger blasted. Pragya says rockstar also…Aakhiri baar plays…

She then moves backwards….Meera gets upset and goes to her room. Abhi and Pragya come to the hall. Dadi slaps Goga for messing with them. Meera brings first aid box. Pragya takes it and applies ointment on Abhi’s hand. Aaliya takes her to side and asks why didn’t you apply ointment to him. Meera tells that she is Meera and Pragya is his Radha. Aaliya says I am making you Rukmani and asks if she couldn’t digest to be the bahu of the house and asks her to increase her level. Dadi and Sarita behen are happy seeing Abhi and Pragya together. Sarita behen asks don’t they become each other’s world. Just then Meera runs to her room, Abhi says I will go and see her.

The goon is about to hit Prachi, but Ranbir takes the vase on his chest and saves her. The robber asks his robbers to hold Ranbir. Policeman comes there and arrests the robbers. The robber threatens Ranbir and leaves. Policeman talks to Ranbir about something and says everything is under control. Prachi goes. Pallavi asks Rhea to go and attend Abhi-Meera’s engagement. Abhi comes to Meera. Meera says she has seen Pragya and his love. He says everyone sees, but she don’t see. Meera says she was afraid and tells that if anything had happened to him, then she would have lost him. He asks her to stop crying. She keeps her head on him, while he is pacifying her. Pragya goes to bring the necklace and sees them. She comes back and asks about Shahana. Sarita behen says she went home. Pragya and Meera see Rhea coming. Pragya asks if she is fine. Meera also calls Rhea. Rhea thinks of Aaliya’s provocative words and goes to Meera. Pragya gives the necklace to Inspector and tells that Meera was wearing it which they wanted to steal. She tells that Meera alerted everyone at the right time. Rhea takes the necklace in her hand and tells that she feels that her mom shall wear this. She tells that her mom will look rockstar wearing this. She asks Abhi if she shall buy this for Meera. Abhi says sure. Aaliya and Tai ji asks them to come for engagement. Pandit ji asks if they will get engaged. Abhi says yes. Dadi thinks listen to the God’s sign. Abhi tells Inspector that he will talk to Ramnik lal about the necklace.

Doctor checks Beeji and says you both are worried for each other. Ranbir comes there and asks him to give stress buster tablets to his mom. Beeji asks Ranbir why did he risk his life for Prachi? Ranbir says mummy asked me not to marry her, but didn’t ask me not to save her life. He says whenever she is in danger, I will save her. Beeji asks him to bring her medicine from the table. Ranbir goes.

Pandit ji asks Abhi to make Meera wear the ring. Abhi makes Meera wear the ring. Pragya claps while tears in her eyes. Prachi also cries. Meera says it is lose, I will tie thread for now. Dadi says it is not for you, was brought for someone else. Abhi says it went to the person for whom it was bought. Pandit ji reads the mantras. Meera makes him wear the ring. Pragya and Prachi couldn’t bear it. Aaliya says engagement is done…Tai ji goes to bring sweets. Aaliya congratulates Abhi and Meera. Abhi looks at Pragya.

Aaliya inviting all the guests for Abhi and Meera’s haldi. Rhea tells that she is super happy. She is about to fall in excitement, but Prachi holds her at the right time. Aaliya goes to Pragya and congratulates her. She says you needs to be praised for being happy with Abhi’s and Meera’s engagement. She tells that Meera loves Abhi and Rhea and Meera’s relation is as strong as your relation with Prachi. Sarita behen tells Pragya that she will come in sometime. Abhi comes to Pragya and asks what is she thinking? Pragya says whatever she thought haven’t happened. Abhi asks did you think that I will make you wear ring? Pragya says I will not get affected and wanted you to get engaged to Meera. She says she is happy to see his destiny getting connected to Meera, and tells that she wants to see if his work will work with Meera. She says she is happy and that’s why eating the sweets. She tastes it. Abhi tastes it holding her hand and says it is his favorite too. Prachi comes to Sarita behen and tells that Aaliya Buji is there. Sarita behen says if she came to stop her. Prachi says no and tells that she can’t see anyone hurting her mother. Sarita behen goes to Aaliya and calls her enemy of Pragya. She asks her to handle herself and says if I curse you then it will be Brahmastra which won’t return. She tells that she will ruin her plan. Aaliya smiles and says my plan. Sarita behen says I didn’t grey my hairs in sunlight. Pragya says congrats and goodbye. Abhi tells Pragya that the sweet is sour. Pragya calls Prachi. Prachi calls Sarita behen. Sarita behen goes to Dadi and seeks her help. Dadi agrees. Pragya looks at Abhi and leaves with Prachi and Sarita behen.

Pallavi asks Doctor not to tell anyone. Doctor tells that everyone shall know that you are fine now. Pallavi says don’t tell them until Ranbir gets married to Rhea. Doctor says atleast Vikram shall know and tells that he is feeling bad not to tell him. He says last time, I told them that you can’t bear any stress after the heart attack, but now you are fine. He asks her to tell Ranbir as he will be happy to know that his mother is fine now. Pallavi says she don’t want Ranbir to go to Prachi as her son left home for her. She says she hates Prachi. She tells that she wouldn’t have asked for his help, but…she asks him to be silent until Ranbir marries Rhea. Ranbir overhears them and gets upset. He recalls Pallavi blackmailing him. Inteha song plays…

Rhea gets flashes of Ranbir saving Prachi and gets up angrily. She thinks Ranbir can’t take a U turn and will marry just me. Ranbir sits on the balcony railing, when Aryan comes there and thinks he is attempting suicide and tells that it is not a solution. Ranbir says he was not committing suicide. Aryan asks him to talk to him. Ranbir asks how can anyone lie to the family members. Aryan thinks Ranbir is feeling guilty to lie to Prachi. Ranbir tells him that his mom is hiding from him about her health. He says he heard doctor telling that she is fine now and she is hiding this from me. He says if I give her stress then also nothing will happen to her.

Sarita behen thinks of Abhi and Pragya’s love and tells Prachi that she knows the reason of Pragya’s tension and asks where your eyes spark went. Prachi thinks of Rhea’s words. Sarita behen tells Prachi that she saw Abhi and Pragya’s love. She tells that they saved each other and now she is sure that they are suffering because of Rhea and her. She tells that they love truly, says Pragya loves your papa so much and she can’t stop this marriage and your Papa can’t turn away his face off from Meera. Pragya goes to room and closes the door. Song plays…..ya rabba plays…..She cries. Prachi looks at her through the window and sees her crying. She thinks her fear is coming true and she is in pain. She hopes someone stops this marriage, thinks my maa is in pain. Abhi comes to the room and sits on the bed. Purab knocks on the door. Abhi opens the door and says you. Purab searches for something in his room. He tears the wedding card of Abhi-Meera. Abhi asks what happened to you? Purab says just as I came to know then I took the first flight and came here. He tells that he can’t see him doing wrong with Pragya. Abhi asks him to go and ask Pragya. Purab says you might have done some mistake and says I can give life for you, but can’t see her dying because of you. Abhi says you don’t know about this matter. Purab says everyone know about this now and tells that he won’t let this marriage happen. Abhi asks him to go and talk to Pragya. He says even I can give my life for you, you are not my friend, but a brother. He says my relation is over with Pragya. Purab says I won’t let this marriage happen. Abhi asks what will you do? Purab says I will light fire to the mandap. Abhi hugs him and says I will do whatever I think is right, says your di don’t want to stay with me and wants freedom, so I am giving her. He pushes him out and closes the door. Purab is about to knock on the door, but Abhi asks him to go and sleep. Abhi gets sad.

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