Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 24 June 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 24 June 2021

Prachi asks receptionist to check Maya’s name with other name. Inspector finds Abhi and Ranbir ran away and runs behind them, but falls down. He asks constables to catch them. Maya thinks to tell bade Papa. She calls him and tells that she wants to know about Ranbir. Bade Papa says Ranbir will be freed and Prachi will be in jail. He asks her to be there. Maya says she is in the hotel only. Bade Papa says he will do something. Maya thinks Prachi must be thinking that Ranbir saved her, but it is destiny actually. She says very soon you will be jailed and hanged. She says I will take new birth after your death, both Rhea and Aaliya must be in shock. She says she is planning her new life.

Prachi, Sarita behen, Shahana and Pragya are standing outside Maya’s hotel room. Sarita behen plans to make Maya open the door, by shouting snake is here.

Beeji calls Pallavi and Ranbir and wonders where are they? Pallavi cries and tells that Ranbir is arrested by the Police for Maya’s murder. Beeji is shocked. Pallavi says this is not true, they must be mistaken or would have trapped Ranbir with false charges. Vikram comes there and gets shocked as well. He says you must be mistaken, my son is innocent. He calls Abhi and tells that his flight was late and asks about Ranbir. Abhi says Ranbir is with him. They come home. Pallavi gets emotional seeing Ranbir. Aryan and Aaliya come there. Aaliya says Police has freed him. Meera says I said that Mr. Mehra will bring him back. She says they were scared. She says thank God, you brought him here. Pallavi also thanks him. Vikram and Beeji also thank him. Aaliya says Ranbir is not a murderer and Police should have freed him long back. Ranbir says I have escaped from there.

Prachi tells Pragya and others that she will call Maya as hotel staff. Shahana says I can change my voice and will call her. Shahana knocks on the door and tells Maya that fire broke out in the hotel. She asks her to come out. Maya panics, but is still inside. Pragya says she must be inside and wants to hide her face. Maya thinks what to do? She covers herself and tries to escape from the window.

She then opens the door and runs out. Prachi and others see her. Maya gets shocked seeing them sitting out. She runs inside the room. Prachi, Pragya, Sarita behen and Shahana come inside her room. Abhi tells that he has promised a mother and that’s why brought Ranbir home anyhow. Beeji says how he will be saved now. Vikram says Ranbir will not get bail also. Pallavi says we will hide him. Vikram says even Abhi will be jailed, police will bring warrant. Pallavi says she will fight with the Police. Aryan says we shall send him out of country and shall hire a private jet.

Prachi and others surround Maya. Prachi says she wants to slap her. Maya asks what did I do? Pragya says we shall give her some shock. Sarita behen says nobody shall know outside. She asks Maya to sit. Pragya makes her sit forcibly and tells that she don’t leave the ones who troubles her daughter. She says this is your mistake and you shall rectify it. Abhi tells that Ranbir is not a criminal and will not elope. He says Ranbir was pressurized to sign confession letter, but I made him escape to save him. He says I will talk to lawyer. Aaaliya asks him to call lawyer rastogi. Abhi says he has called senior lawyer. Lawyer calls Abhi and sees Ranbir on video call. Abhi says he made him escape as he couldn’t see. He asks Ranbir to get their bail papers ready. Lawyer says ranbir and you, both are criminals in Police view now. He asks them to surrender else he can’t do anything. He says I will bring bail papers, till then be saved with Police.

Pragya says you are here, as you wanted to trap both Ranbir and me. Sarita behen says we have ruined her plan. Pragya sees bade papa’s call on her mobile and asks who is he? Sarita behen says may be her tauji. Maya says you don’t know him, he will not leave you all. Pragya says you have arranged a dead body and trapped Ranbir. She asks why did you trap them? Maya blames Prachi for separating ranbir from her. Pragya says Ranbir doesn’t love you and took Prachi’s help to break his alliance with you. Maya says you are lying. She says Prachi separated us and Ranbir rejected me. Pragya says it will be risky to call Police as they will be with them. She says we shall take her to Ranbir’s house. Shahana says yes. Pragya asks Maya not to try to be smart, else the murder news will become true.

Ranbir tries to talk to Abhi. Abhi says whatever he did ….Ranbir says I am so lucky to have you in my life, else I would have been in jail. Vikram says even I couldn’t do this for him. Abhi says if I had not broken the law, then a mother’s heart would have broken. Aryan says what we will do now. Vikram says if Police comes before lawyer then? Door bell rings. Pallavi asks Ranbir and Abhi to hide. Aaliya checks and tells that Police came.

She asks Abhi to go and hide somewhere until lawyer comes. Ranbir asks Abhi to come. Malhar comes there and asks where is Ranbir. Pallavi says he is in your custody. Malhar says he is escaped from our custody. Aryan asks for the warrant. Malhar asks Aaliya to make him understand not to interfere in their work. Aaliya says we will co-operate when you follow legal way. Malhar shows them arrest warrant and searches in the house. Meera tries to distract him so that he don’t catch Abhi. Abhi comes to Ranbir and asks him to hide. Ranbir says it is not possible to hide in the cupboard. Ranbir says he will hide in his room. Malhar still searches him and comes to a room. He finds Abhi in the cupboard and says wow. Abhi says sorry and tells that Ranbir is innocent. Constable comes there. Malhar asks him to check somewhere else and asks Abhi to make sure that Ranbir doesn’t get arrested. He says if my team searches him then he won’t be spared. Abhi says he is in other room. Malhar smiles and tells that his wife is his fan. Abhi says I have become your fan now. Malhar says if you had to make him escape then you would have taken him to airport. Abhi gets a call and comes to know that lawyer met with an accident. Malhar says he will make sure that Ranbir don’t get arrested. Malhar comes to Ranbir’s room. Constable is about to search in the almira where Ranbir is hiding, but Abhi tries to distract them and talks loudly. He pretends that Ranbir is in office. Malhar asks him to stop and says you have saved Ranbir. Abhi thanks him. Malhar says sorry, but I have to arrest you. He arrests Abhi. Abhi says don’t arrest me as Corona is outside, I will come with you. He asks Vikram to talk to lawyer’s assistant. Ranbir sees Abhi taken away by the Police.

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