Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 22 July 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 22 July 2021

The truck driver sends his assistant to park the truck on another side. He calls Rhea who warns the driver not to come here. The driver was stubborn. Rhea reaches Pragya. Pragya tells Rhea someone planned to kill Prachi. It was not an accident. Prachi is not enemies with anyone yet someone tried to kill her. She caresses Rhea as well, and advices her to take good care of herself as well. Rhea was moved. The nurse brings a slip of medicines. Rhea goes to take the medicines. Shahana and Saritha felt curt about Rhea’s bonding with Pragya.

At home, Maasi had decided to unite Abhi and Pragya as a wish of her sister Daljeet. Abhi reached the hospital.

Abhi reaches the hospital. Dadi tell Dasi and Tai ji that Pragya had jumped in the fire to save you. Aaliya says Bhai saved you and not Pragya. Dadi tells that Abhi is her grandson, but Pragya was not related to her by blood, but then also she loved her so much. She says then I felt why Daljeet and Abhi love her so much. Aaliya asks Dasi to take her home. Dadi thinks when Pragya is here, then Aaliya’s name thorn is also here. She prays to God to unite Abhi and Pragya as they are incomplete without each other. Abhi comes to the hospital. Ranbir hugs him and thanks him for coming. Abhi asks how is Prachi? Ranbir says she is critical. Abhi says she will be fine.

He talks to the Inspector about the truck driver. Ranbir says I remember her face. Inspector tells that he will get the sketch made. Abhi says I will meet Prachi and goes inside the hospital. Ranbir tells Inspector that he will come in Rhea’s car.

The truck driver helper, why he is so eager to get the money? The truck driver thinks what to tell him, that I need it for my maa. He tells how to leave my money. Rhea comes there and scolds the truck driver. She tells that Ranbir has seen your face. The truck driver asks for 4 lakhs Rs. Rhea asks him to talk slow and gives him 2 lakhs, she says I will give you remaining later. The truck driver tells that he will come not again else it will be problematic for her. He asks her to give her a diamond ring to him. Rhea gives her a diamond ring and asks them to go. The truck driver asks her not to do any mistake before the Police. Aaliya calls Rhea and asks her to take a taxi and come home. Rhea leaves. Ranbir is coming there.

Pragya tells Sarita behen that the hospital has given a big bill. Sarita behen says this hospital is also big. Pragya says she needs to ask the hospital authorities about the bill, she will not fight. While she walks towards the reception. Abhi comes there and collides with someone. He then calls Ranbir to ask about Prachi’s room. Allah wariyan plays…….

Pragya asks the receptionist to check the bills and asks why the rates are so high. The receptionist tells that all the rates are fine. Pragya says this bill is more, I have checked everywhere. Abhi comes there. Pragya turns towards him, but just then he sits and she doesn’t see him. The truck driver tells his helper that the money must be 2 lakhs. The helper tells that ring must be more than 2 lakhs. Abhi gets up seeing a lady crying. Pragya sees his back, but couldn’t identify him. She asks Receptionist to make her talk to the senior. Abhi sees Shahana and goes to her. Shahana thanks him for coming. He asks where is Prachi? Shahana says in the ICU. Ranbir sees the truck driver and gets down from Rhea’s car. The truck driver asks the helper to see, why the guy is running behind their truck. The helper couldn’t see anyone from another side. The truck driver says don’t know who is he? Ranbir calls Aryan and asks for his help. Abhi comes inside the ICU and looks at Prachi. He feels bad for Prachi and recalls their moments. Doctor identifies him. Abhi asks how is Prachi and tells that she is not fine, but she can be fine. Abhi asks what is the problem? The doctor tells that Prachi’s mother can’t handle the bill and thinks it is too much, just now I got call from the hospital. Abhi asks him not to worry about the bill and tells that he will settle down all the bills. He asks the Doctor to give the best treatment to her. He asks when can I meet her? The doctor says in a few hours. Abhi says ok, I will pay the bill till then.

Pragya tells the Receptionist that she will settle down the bill, but will get the medicines from outside. She asks the receptionist to give the medicine prescription. The receptionist gives it and Pragya leaves. Abhi comes to the reception and asks the receptionist to give the bill. The receptionist gives him a bill and tells about Prachi’s mother’s take on the bill. Abhi says she was right, the bill is much. He pays the money and thinks where is Rhea, she must have informed me. Rhea comes home and hugs Aaliya. Aaliya says I wanted you to be safe and that’s why called you here. She asks how did the truck driver come to the hospital. Rhea says he himself came and asked for the double money. She says I don’t have that much money and that’s why I gave my diamond ring along with money. Aaliya says how dare he and asks for his number? Rhea tells that Truck driver Nilesh must have gone to his hometown by now. She says Ranbir will get his sketch made.

Ranbir follows the truck driver and recalls Prachi’s accident. The helper tells Nilesh that someone is following him. The truck driver tells that he will check and says if he follows us, then it is confirmed. Ranbir thinks he has to follow him. The truck driver takes the left and right turns. Ranbir gets doubtful and stops. Nilesh gets relieved that he is not following him. Ranbir’s car stops on the signal. Nilesh also stops his truck and gives money to the helper. He asks him to go home. Ranbir sees him getting down and calls Aryan to come there.

Sarita behen comes to Pragya. Pragya asks where did you go? Sarita behen tells that she had gone to bring Gol gappas. Pragya says it seems to be broken. Sarita behen asks her to check. Pragya checks and finds the money in it. She asks how did she get the money? Sarita behen tells that she brought it from the jeweler and promised to give her jewelry tomorrow. She says she knows him. Pragya is shocked and emotional. Sarita behen says I brought this money for our Prachi. She asks if she will give money to the receptionist or cry. Pragya says she will give and hugs her. She cries. She comes to the receptionist and says she came to pay the bill. The receptionist says your husband has paid the bill.

Pragya coming to reception to pay the bills. Receptionist tells Pragya that her husband has paid the bill. Pragya says he can’t be my husband. Sarita behen asks where did he go? Receptionist says may be he went to Prachi’s room. Sarita behen says may be Mr. Mehra. Pragya says may be Mr. Kohli. The truck driver Nilesh finds Ranbir following him and thinks his helper was right. He speeds up the truck. Ranbir also speeds up his car and meets with a small accident. The truck stops on the road. Aryan is behind Ranbir’s car and comes to him. The truck driver starts running. Aryan and Ranbir run behind him. Ranbir hits him with the rod and the truck driver falls down unconscious. Ranbir tells Aryan that he shall take him to Nick’s house whose house is nearby.

He asks Aryan to lift him. Aaliya asks what you are thinking and what is going on in your mind. Rhea tells that she is thinking how lucky Prachi is. Aaliya says middle class people can’t be lucky. Rhea tells that nobody noticed her in college, but now entire town is talking about her, how? Aaliya asks what do you want to say? Rhea says she wants to marry Ranbir and be with him. She says we had thought about us, but that middle class girl snatched Ranbir from me. She says I kept drugs in her purse, but she got saved everytime. Aaliya asks her not to overreact. Rhea tells that this is really strange, that she brought Maya to separate them, but Prachi helped Ranbir. She says don’t know what magnetic feeling they have, which don’t let them separate. She says I have insulted Prachi and character assassinated her. She says I accused her of theft, got her fake affair highlighted with Sanju, and also got fake molestation case on Ranbir, but then also they don’t separate.

She says don’t know what bond is there between them. She says if Dushyant had not known then they would have got married and I have lost Ranbir. She says I don’t have any option and that’s why I got Prachi’s accident done. Aaliya asks Rhea not to say this even in her dreams. Mitali hears her and thinks what Aaliya is asking Rhea to hide. Aaliya asks her not to forget that Mitali Bhabhi is back and her eyes and ears are on the windows. She says you shall not talk on this topic again. Rhea says ok and hugs her. Mitali says there is something wrong for sure and thinks if they were talking about my necklace. She gets doubtful and thinks to find out.

Tai ji comes to Mitali and asks her to give necklace which was with her. Mitali says let the necklace be with her. Tai ji opens the cupboard and takes the box. Her phone rings. Mitali asks Tai ji to return the necklace to her. Tai ji says you might scare me even in my dreams and returns the necklace. Mitali sees Neha’s call on mobile and thinks her daughter is not with her because of Pragya and gets upset.

Shahana hopes Prachi gets up soon and says please get up, I want to fight with you and hear your scolding. She turns and says sir. Pragya and Sarita behen come there. Shahana says Mehra sir came here and went to reception. Sarita behen says if he had will come back here. Shahana says may be. Sarita behen asks Pragya to meet Mr. Mehra this time. Pragya asks if Doctor said something. Shahana says Doctor talked to Mr. Mehra. Mr. Mehra says he will handle the bill. Nurse comes and asks if anyone’s blood is B positive. Doctor says we don’t have much time and asks her to check in the blood bank. Pragya asks what happened to her. Doctor says she has major blood loss, she will be fine if gets the blood otherwise….

Ranbir and Aryan bring Nilesh to Nick’s house. Nick recalls their fight and asks what is this? Ranbir and Aryan get inside forcibly and make unconscious Nilesh sit on the chair. Nick asks who is he? Ranbir tells that he didn’t come here to fight. Nick asks them to go. Ranbir tells that he is handling a big problem and says we will take this truck driver once he gains conscious. Nick asks who is he? Ranbir says this truck driver has done Prachi’s accident and she is in ICU. Nick says he don’t want to be in any problem and tells that his dad is about to come.

Aryan blackmails him to complain to his dad about him. Ranbir says you have done many bad things, but today you are getting a chance to do repentance. Nick agrees and thanks him for thinking so much about him. Ranbir says we will keep Nilesh in any of your rooms.

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