Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 20 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 20 May 2021

Ranbir asking Prachi to sit quietly and wait for him. Prachi says I am so different. He says I don’t get any feelings when I come near you. Prachi asks him not to come near her. They see the robber coming there and hide. Ranbir looks at Prachi while the song Kaise hua plays…..The robber check for anyone there, but doesn’t see them. He leaves. Prachi and Ranbir come out of the table. She asks him to come as the robber left. All the captive hostage are asked to keep their phones. The main robber asks his men to remove their masks and asks Manager to ask his staff to co-operate with them. He says I am telling for the first time and will not repeat. He tells that he will start shooting and holds an employee on gun point. Rhea is about to call someone, but the phone is snatched by the robber. Rhea tells that she doesn’t care if they loot one bank or 1000’s banks. The robber asks if she is any VIP’s daughter and asks with whom she came?

Rhea says they have left. Prachi and Ranbir couldn’t see Rhea as she is taken by the goons. Ranbir says our phones are in the Manager’s cabin. He says we will bring. They see Rhea taken by the robbers. Prachi says we can save Rhea without the phone. Ranbir says I worry for all. He goes to Manager’s room and takes his phone. Robber comes and aims gun at him. Prachi comes and hits him. Ranbir and Prachi come out and lock the door. Robbers tie Rhea to the chair in a room. Rhea asks them to call the ring master and tells them that Commissioner is her uncle, and her father performed in the marriage function. She tells that Commissioner will send the police force here to rescue her. Ranbir gives phone to Prachi. Prachi calls Inspector and tells that robbery started and asks him to take the matter seriously. Ranbir takes the call and asks them to come and save them. Inspector gets doubtful and calls Constable Vishnu, but the mobile is off. He asks his constable to arrange the team.

Prachi and Ranbir manage to hide. He says you are so irritating and asks why did you come when you know about robbery. Prachi tells that she came for him as he didn’t pick her call and haven’t behaved maturely. She says we are trapped because of you. Ranbir says what to do, we have to save Rhea. The robber tells another that if the girl is a daughter of a rich father then they will win the lottery. Ranbir and Prachi argue. He asks about her Rashi and asks what is in the file. Prachi says I came to give this file to you. Ranbir asks her to go and tell Manager to talk to him. Prachi says take money from Manager and then it will be looted too. They see the robbers behind them and run.

Manager tells that they don’t have keys to the lockers. Robber tells that if he doesn’t give the keys then will be killed. He says last time 5 people got killed. He asks Manager if they want them to kill people. Manager says one key is with the customer. Robber asks them to use the master key to open the locker. Manager asks them to earn with hardwork. The robber threatens him not to give him lecture else his children will regret. Manager says sorry and takes them to locker room. Ranbir thinks may be Inspector haven’t taken my words seriously and thinks to make the video viral of the robbery. Manager tries to open the locker. Ranbir makes the video and asks people to make the video viral, tells about the bank robbery. Rhea shouts for help. Prachi sees her. Rhea asks her to save her. Prachi sees robber and hides. The robber asks Rhea if she saw any girl here. Rhea says no and asks how anyone will come here as they are tied. Abhi tells Vikram about performing in Juneja’s daughter marriage. He tells that he told that other artiste will perform, but Juneja wants him to perform. Vikram appreciates him and tells that he has not good relation with Ranbir. Prachi comes inside the room. Rhea asks her to thank her for saving her. Prachi asks her to see who is saving whom and frees her. Prachi says if you had listened to me then wouldn’t have been here. They hear someone coming there.

Prachi saves Rhea but Rhea was thankless. Prachi asks what if she had left her all alone here. The goon enters the room. The girls were hiding behind the two sides of door holding the rope and ties the goon with the rope.

The assistant comes to Abhi’s room. Vikram inquires about Rhea and Ranbir. They all receive a video that there was a robbery in KBK bank. The assistant says it’s the same bank where Ranbir and Rhea have gone to. There Pragya was worried and calls office to inquire about her. She gets worried thinking that KBK is the same bank where Prachi went, as she had watched the news.

Ranbir stalks the robbers who were looting on the lockers of the bank. He was caught as one of them spots him. There, those who held others hostage finds their team’s video getting viral. Ranbir was being followed by the goon in the corridor. He throws a chair and boasts about being a football player. He looks for Rhea and Prachi. The robbers were worried that their video has gone viral on social media. They still have an option to leave here, they have a daughter of rich father held hostage here. They can use her as a key to leave the place. They reach Rhea and Prachi and take them back.

Ranbir wish to hear their voices at least so that he can find the girls. Ranbir gets a call from Abhi who inquires about Rhea. Ranbir says he is fine, and Rhea is hiding somewhere. Pragya was also on the way and tries Prachi’s number. She now calls Ranbir. Ranbir tells her the same that Prachi is hiding, and he will safely drop Prachi home. Pragya says she is sure Prachi won’t be hurt when he is there.
The robbery was bring covered in media after the social media video had gone viral. The police hadn’t reached yet while the robbers were still inside. The inspector replies to media that they didn’t believe Ranbir when he called for complaint.

Rhea prays for her security while she and Prachi sat with the group of others held hostage. The robbers discuss that they need to kill Ranbir Kohli who made their video viral. Prachi speaks up for Ranbir. The robber asks who he is to Prachi. Rhea replies he is her boss. The goon says last time they had only killed five people, but this time they will kill only two. One of them goes to look for Ranbir. Prachi silently prays for Ranbir.

The robber calls inspector and says they came to loot the bank. A young guy made a video to go viral. He demands that the inspector must keep on telling media about how dangerous they are. It will increase their TRP. And they will leave the bank silently. There is some daughter on a famous person as well, some VIP. He is sending the inspector a photo, and he must find out who is her father. Rhea denies being a daughter of a famous father, it was a lie only to get spared. May be Prachi is the daughter of a famous father. Prachi agrees being the daughter of a famous father. They argue with each other. The goon says he now knows none of their’s father is any VIP.

Ranbir runs for his life as one of the goons was stalking him. Ranbir efficiently fights him but another one comes there. Ranbir requests them to let him be a hero. He reaches the hall and complains why Rhea and Prachi hadn’t told him. He argues with the goons for misbehaving the girls. He tries to convince them that she is his good friend, and he would feel bad if Rhea is killed. And Prachi is an ill-tempered girl already. The goon threatens to kill Ranbir recognizing him. One of them stops the other. They now decide to wait for another five minutes, if manager doesn’t return they will kill one person amongst them and send the body outside.

Pragya reached the venue. She hears the media discussing how police took the robbery news as joke. Ranbir, Rhea and Prachi had been held hostage. There was a vase on Ranbir’s feet. Rhea silently thinks if Ranbir hits the gun of robber, she will reach exit gate. Ranbir instead hits the gun of goon who held Prachi. He snatches the gun from robber who held him, and Prachi gets hold of the vase and beats the robbers. Pragya saves an eye from the police inspector who held everyone outside. Prachi fought the goons. Rhea turns to leave through the exit gate but was stopped. Ranbir fights the robber who hurt Prachi. The police broke into the bank and takes away the robbers. Prachi comes to Ranbir concerned if he is ok. He pulls off his jacket. Prachi takes him aside as his injury was still bleeding.

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