Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 2 September 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 2 September 2021

A guy comes on the bike to meet the guy in the car. The car rider gives him a big gun box. The biker asks whom to give such special treatment. The car rider shows Abhi’s pic and says he is in Ram Sita Mandir and gives the advance money. The guy/shooter looks at the rifle and says wow.

Prachi comes to Palak. Palak says I didn’t do anything and tells that it was Jai, Ranbir and Aryan’s plan. She says Shahana is also involved. She says everyone is making me do all this forcibly, I have nothing to do with the dress and says this is not my marriage. Ranbir comes there and asks Palak to get ready for the marriage. Prachi says Palak told me everything. Driver asks Pragya to drive slow. Pragya asks him not to distract her, else she will hit someone by mistake. She hits the bike rider/sharp shooter and he falls down. She gets down from the car and apologizes to the guy. She tells that she is in a hurry else she would have taken him to the hospital. The guy takes off his helmet and tells Pragya that even he is in a hurry. Pragya sees gun in the box when she tries to help him, but he refuses. Pragya thinks who is this guy who has gun. Ranbir asks what did Palak say? Prachi tells whatever Palak has told her. Palak says I have nothing to do with the dress. Shahana says Pandit ji gave dress and asked the girl to wear it, who ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji says did I? Aryan asks why everyone is so scared of Prachi and says I came here to attend the marriage. Prachi says I have to do the rasam and agrees to it. Aryan goes behind Pandit ji. Ranbir looks at Prachi and goes.

Pallavi says she didn’t see such a woman and says first she left her family and now she wants to get back to Abhi. She says when Abhi wants to marry Meera, then what is wrong, he has right to do this. Vikram asks shall I remarry? Do I have the right? Beeji asks what are you saying? Vikram says I will not marry as I love Pallo. He tells that Abhi loves Pragya more than I love Pallavi. He says I know him, he is my friend and tells that he takes Pragya’s name many times in a day. He says whatever happened is because of Rhea and Prachi. He asks do you remember what she did before getting admitted in the hospital. Pallavi argues with him. Aaliya comes and asks about Purab, asks if anyone knows where did Bhai and Meera go? She says Bhai told Purab about the temple name, but didn’t tell me. She goes to scold the guy. Pallavi asks if Abhi will stop the marriage if Pragya tries? Vikram says yes.

Abhi thinks of Aaliya’s words, how she tricked Pragya to say that she has signed on the papers. The shooter reaches the mountain and takes out the gun. Prachi reaches the temple. Abhi says Pragya has come and asks Pandit ji to start. The Pandit ji asks Abhi and Meera to hold the garlands in their hands for the garland rasam. Pragya comes there…Abhi is about to make Meera wear the garland. Pragya asks him to stop. Abhi says I can marry infront of you, you have signed the divorce papers and asks Pandit ji and Meera not to stop. He exchanges garland with Meera and asks Pandit ji to start the rounds. Pragya says I will see, how you complete the rounds and throws water on the havan fire. Aaliya scolds the security guards. Watchman says she has only pushed the gate and entered inside. Aaliya thinks marriage must have started by now. The guy calls the sharp shooter and asks him to shoot Abhi. The shooter thinks he would have shot Abhi by now. Abhi says you have made the havan kund set off. Pragya says the fire shall be set off which becomes the witness of the wrong marriage. Abhi says this marriage will happen, if not here then somewhere else. Pragya says our marriage is for 7 births and tells that even 1 birth has not passed.

Abhi says marriage ended with just 1 sign and you are talking about it. Pragya says I have signed as I thought it was property papers. Abhi says what? You have done this for property. Pragya says I did for my daughter and tells that Aaliya got Prachi kidnapped and asked me to sign on the property papers. She asks what you would have done if you was on my place. Abhi says I would have read the papers and says you could have read being the teacher. Pragya says my daughter was at gun point. Abhi says be with your daughter and let us live with peace. He says when you have returned to me, people will think that you have returned for property. Pragya asks do you think that I have returned for property. He asks her to tell the reason for her return and asks Pandit ji to start the marriage, tells Meera that they shall do the rounds. Pragya asks do you really want to marry. He asks why do you want me not to marry? Pragya says because I love you…and says I love you like I used to love you before and says if you marry someone else then my life will be ruined. The shooter is about to shoot him. He says you told that you want to get rid of me. Pragya says I was angry and cries. He asks how to believe you, as you are still angry. Pragya asks do you need proof, don’t you trust me and my feelings. She asks if feelings for me ended and tells that neither his feeling nor her love ended. Abhi asks how to believe you? Pragya says I was in guilt all my life and says I regret for separating my daughters. She says she realized that she should have understood his anger as he is stubborn, but her anger ignited. She says I missed you and hoped that we will meet. I love you so much and will love you always.

Pragya swearing that she missed him so much every day and hoped that they will meet one day, as she can’t live without him and loves him always. The shooter aims at Abhi, but the latter moves from his aim. Abhi asks Pragya to understand now and says now it is too late. Pragya says you can’t marry. Abhi says if you love me then let me get married for that love, as you have divorced me. He asks Pandit ji to start reading the mantras and asks Meera to take rounds. Pragya takes off garland from Meera and asks her to back off if she doesn’t want her to do anything bad with her. Ram Ram Jai…..plays.. Abhi asks what is happening? Pragya says if you think that divorce papers are right then you have to marry me, I want my husband, marriage and rights, everything. She says you have to marry me. Abhi says I am listening to you for the last time, and tells Pandit ji that I will marry Pragya. He asks her not to do this again. Pragya is surprised. He asks her to make him wear the garland. Pragya makes him wear the garland. Abhi makes her wear the garland. He asks Meera to sit in the car and says they will come. Meera says wait and returns the engagement ring to Pragya, says it was made for your finger and that’s why it was loose for my finger. Pragya looks surprised.

Dadi and Sarita behen see Aryan in the temple. Sarita behen feels that he has come with a friend. Pandit ji tells that he will not do the marriage which is happening with cheat. Aryan says it is not a cheat to unite two love birds. He says if Ranbir doesn’t marry Prachi then he will die and his soul will trouble you. Pandit ji says I am not the Pandit who solemnizes marriage and tells that he does the puja of the dead persons etc. Aryan says I will get the mantras from the internet and asks him to learn them. Pandit ji says marriage can’t happen without elders’ blessings. Aryan sees Dadi and Sarita behen sitting and tells him that they will get blessings from them. He doesn’t see their face though and asks Pandit to convince them to bless the couple. He gives his mobile to Pandit ji so that he can learn marriage mantras.

Pragya tells Abhi that she knew that he loves her, but didn’t know that he is doing this for her. Abhi says I am guilty. Pragya gets teary eyes. Abhi asks what happened? Pragya says my anger melted and is coming out in the form of tears. She says I was coming to you, but you were only going somewhere else. Abhi says you are the only one in my life. Pragya says you made me cry so much. Abhi says he wanted to hear her love for him. Pragya says I cried a lot. She says she was very angry. Abhi says you are not angry in the present tense. The shooter shoots at Abhi. Abhi runs as Pragya runs after him. The shooter gets angry.

Pragya says you made me cry and said that you don’t love me so that I say that I love you. Abhi says our love is different and I thought to do something different. He says if you had said this at home, then this wouldn’t have happened, but you brought the Police home. Pragya says you gave me a wedding card and wanted me to say I love you. Abhi says he can drink even poison for her. Pragya says rasams happened with Meera. Meera says she didn’t get haldi applied and lied to everyone that she is allergic to it. Abhi says I had applied haldi to you and asks if she remembers or forgotten. He says I danced with you during my sangeet and not with Meera. Pragya says you know that I love you, then why you needed to hear. Abhi says I knew that you love me, but my heart wanted to hear it. He says I had a fight with Purab and told him everything. Pragya says if Purab knew this, and says if I had not gone to him, then. Abhi says then he would have brought you here. She says if I had brought Police then? Abhi says the Police knew that we are divorced now. Pragya says I thought it as property papers and signed, but how did you sign on it? Abhi looks on.

The shooter talks to the guy who hired him to shoot Abhi and tells that two ladies are here to marry him. The guy asks him to kill that lady too. The shooter sends Pragya’s pic. The guy asks him to kill Pragya also. The shooter thinks to go to the front and kill them. Purab comes to Aaliya. Aaliya asks where was he? Purab says he was on the terrace. Aaliya tells him that she will follow him. Purab says atleast you spoke the truth. Aaliya calls Raj and asks him to call Vikram’s family. She says she wants to share the happiness of Bhai and Meera’s wedding. Purab asks Raj if he is on Aaliya’s side. Raj says he is happy with Abhi’s marriage, irrespective of whoever he marries. Purab thinks so he will be on Pragya di’s side. Aaliya asks Tai ji to call florists to decorate the room for the wedding night and tells that she will throw unwanted things from the room.

Pragya asks Abhi why did he sign on the divorce papers? Meera says it doesn’t matter as he loves you a lot. Pragya says how did you separate me from you, though you know my love for you. Abhi says I didn’t know when and how I signed on the papers. He says I have became like an alive corpse after you left and don’t know when someone took my sign. He says he just knows that he is affected by the fact that his name is in her kumkum and her name is in his destiny. Pragya hugs him and cries. Song plays…..tere bin jee na pawunga…..Pragya says I love you. Abhi says I love you too fuggi. She asks if you will call me by this name even now. He says yes, and by many names which I used to call you. Pandit ji tells that he has never seen such a couple and will do the marriage fast. Abhi asks him to do the marriage slowly as he wants the marriage for keeps for many births.

Purab says your defeat is clearly seen on your face, it feels bad when nothing happens as per the plan. Aaliya says nothing is going according to you, defeat is on your face too. Raj says Vikram’s family will soon come. Tai ji says the florist brought the flowers. Aaliya asks her to ask the Servant to bring the flowers. Purab thinks the room shall be decorated as Pragya di will be coming and if Aaliya throws something from the room, then he will not spare her. Raj thinks what Purab is doing here and thinks even Dadi is not here.

Sarita behen asks Pandit ji to do the puja for Abhi and Pragya. Pandit ji says I have to get the marriage done of a couple who loves each other so much and asks them to bless the couple. Dadi and Sarita behen agree to bless them and joke on Aaliya.

Aaliya tells that Bhai’s first night will be good as Meera understands him. Purab says yes, and that’s why she is helping him. She takes the fuggi toy in her hand. Purab thinks if she throws it then he will not bear it. Aaliya keeps it back. He says it is good that you didn’t throw it, you don’t know what it means to Abhi. Abhi and Pragya sit for their marriage rituals…Allah wariyan plays….Pandit ji asks who will do the ghatbandhan. Abhi says shall I?

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