Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 19 August 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 19 August 2021

Aryan asking Ranbir if it is Prachi’s matter and tells that the smile on your face when you take Prachi’s name is missing. He says you didn’t take Prachi’s name since half an hour and asks what is he hiding from him? He asks him to tell as he regards him as his brother. He looks at Ranbir’s engagement ring and says it is for your half engagement. Ranbir cries and says that they have promised for life, but mom asked him in ICU to stay away from Prachi and marry Rhea. He says I have promised her and tells that Doctor told that he has to agree to his mom’s sayings else she will get a heart attack. He says I told you that I will get Prachi at any cost, and I didn’t know that my mom is that cost. He says I will not be a good lover, but will be a good son now. I will marry Rhea or anyone for my mom’s happiness.

Shahana cries and says I never saw Maasi so much tensed. She says Maasi didn’t reply anything and tells that Mr. Mehra might have told her something. Prachi says Papa will not do anything and asks Sarita behen. Sarita behen says they might have met, but not as husband and wife, but as parents, they might have fought due to Rhea. She says Pragya might have thought that whatever you have done is your helplessness, as she knows that you can’t do mistake. She says Mr. Mehra might thought of Rhea’s mistakes as her childishness, so they might have argued about this. Shahana asks how did you know? Sarita behen says it is her assumption. Prachi asks when everything will be fine? Sarita behen says very soon.

Mitali asks Raj, if he will have food here or in room. He says in room. Mitali says she is happy as Pragya’s no entry board is set. Raj says nothing is happening on its own. Aaliya is doing this, she is brain washing Rhea and made Abhi agree for marriage. He says marriage will not stop as Abhi is not marrying Meera for Rhea, but due to….Mitali asks ego.

Abhi cries in his room. Dadi comes to him and asks why are you doing this? She asks did you have any argument between Pragya and you? Abhi says no. Dadi says you might have some helplessness to agree and asks him to say that he don’t want to marry Meera.

She says when things go out of control, then you shall leave everything on God and keep your head on mother’s lap. Abhi keeps his head on Dadi’s lap. Pragya recalls Abhi and her moments and cries. Abhi cries too. He asks her to go and rest, says I will sleep. Dadi asks him to take care and goes. Pragya recalls Abhi talking about Meera and cries. She sleeps. Abhi also sleeps.

Beeji comes to Pallavi and says she wants her smile. She says Vikram said that you are tensed and asks why? Pallavi says yesterday she came to know that Prachi and Rhea are sisters. Vikram comes and says you shall not have any objection for Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage. Pallavi says she is still against Prachi and says she fears that Abhi might get Ranbir and Prachi married. She says she don’t want that girl to snatch Ranbir from her, as so many things happened because of her. She says she can’t bear to see Ranbir going away from her and says we will go to Abhi’s house for breakfast. Beeji asks Vikram to stop her. Vikram tells Pallavi that they shall eat food at this place as Doctor asked her not to have few things. Pallavi says she wants to go there and fix Ranbir and Rhea’s roka, before anyone thinks of Ranbir and Prachi. She goes.

Sarita behen and Shahana ask Pragya if she has to go somewhere? Pragya says no. Sarita behen asks her to come and says she will tell on the way. Pallavi comes to Abhi’s house and talks to Meera. Beeji asks Dadi what happened? Dadi is about to say, but Aaliya diverts the topic and asks Ranbir, how is he? Pallavi says everything will be fine as she came to talk about Ranbir and Rhea’s alliance. Meera asks surprisingly? Raj says Vikram’s head will be high. Aaliya says Bhai wants them to marry soon. Pallavi says we will do roka tomorrow. Aaliya says we have to ask Rhea’s mom and asks Meera, if she agrees for Rhea and Ranbir’s alliance. Meera says she has no objection. Aaliya tells that they have to postpone Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage and as tomorrow is Abhi and Meera’s engagement. Vikram asks what are you saying? Aaliya says Bhai and Pragya are separated since 20 years, now she is living in Sarita behen’s house. She says Bhai wants to move on with Meera. Pallavi thinks if this is the matter then Abhi will not agree for Prachi and Ranbir’s relation. She thinks she has to fix Rhea and Ranbir’s alliance today for sure.

Rhea comes to Abhi and brings coffee. She hugs him and says she came to surprise him. She hugs him and says I am lucky to see my mom and dad’s marriage. She says she is very excited and happy. Abhi asks if she is happy? Rhea says now she will tell Prachi that she has mom now. She gives him coffee and asks him to drink. She says I have to go on a shopping for my new mom. Abhi says ok. Rhea asks him to ask Meera to come with them. Abhi says bye. He looks at Pragya’s pic and gets sad.

Rhea looks at Ranbir and comes downstairs. She greets everyone. Aaliya says there is good news for you. Rhea asks did you tell them about Dad and Meera. Pallavi says it is a good thing that your dad’s bride is Meera. Abhi comes there. Pallavi greets him and teases him. She says I came to settle the scores with you and says our good news will get confirm when you give green signal. She says she came to ask for Rhea’s hand for her son Ranbir. Rhea gets happy. Abhi looks on emotional and recalls Rhea loving him. He smiles and asks her to take Rhea fully. He hugs Vikram and says you have become my relative now. Pallavi asks Rhea if she likes Ranbir. Rhea says yes and asks do he likes me? Ranbir thinks of Prachi sadly.

Rhea asking Ranbir if he likes her. Ranbir says yes, I want to marry Rhea. Rhea gets happy and hugs Meera. She says you are very lucky for me, Dad and your engagement is not done yet and my alliance is fixed. Mitali goes to bring sweets. Pallavi hugs Rhea. Vikram asks Abhi why happiness is missing from his face. Abhi says I am very happy. Mitali brings sweets and gives to them. Rhea asks Abhi to ask Meera for shopping. Meera says ok and asks him to drink coffee. Abhi thinks of Pragya and says I have stopped drinking coffee. Dadi senses that Abhi and Ranbir, are both looking upset and not happy with their marriages. She thinks if Ranbir loves someone else.

Sarita behen comes to the shopping mall with Prachi, Shahana and Pragya. Pragya says she will stay outside. Sarita behen insists her to come inside. Some guys come there and collide with Pragya in a hurry. Prachi scolds them. One of the guy raises his finger to warn her. Other guy Guru says sorry and says you was on our way. Prachi says will you push anyone in a hurry. The jeweller asks Tony about the two guys. Tony says Mohan has sent his men as our antiques stuff will be coming today. Jeweller asks if they are trustable? Tony says yes and asks him to trust them. Jeweller says Abhishek Prem Mehra is coming to our store today and asks them to take care.

Pragya asks Prachi to come with her. Manager asks how can I help you? Sarita behen complains to him that she gave her chain 10 days back, but it is not repaired yet. Manager asks her to come with him. Pragya takes Prachi to side and asks why she was getting so much angry, and asks her not to get angry on strangers. She says she felt something wrong with them, when Prachi asks her.

Abhi comes there with Rhea and Meera. He gives his card to Meera. Rhea says you will do the payment with your hand. He says he will meet the owner and come, asks them to see the stuff for the shopping till then. Abhi and Pragya don’t see each other.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi and cries. He recalls telling Rhea that he likes her. His inner self asks him what will he do if he has no mother in his life. He asks him to forget Prachi and thanks his mom for bringing you in this world. He asks him not to be selfish and says if you smile, then your mum will smile. Ranbir says how to smile, I love Prachi…Aaliya comes to Ranbir and asks him to come with her, for the meeting of Rhythm. Ranbir says it is not my dad’s company. Aaliya says but it will be yours after marriage with Rhea. Ranbir says he will come in sometime.

Tony reveals his plan to his men, about how he gained the owner’s trust. They plan to steal all showroom with 50 crore antique necklace. Tony says I have fix my men in antique jewelry’s room too. Abhi meets the owner Ramnik lal. The owner says Aaliya called me and said that you are remarrying. Abhi asks him to show the jewellery to his daughter and her would be mother. He asks him to see Rhea, but the jeweller sees Prachi and says your daughter is grown up. Abhi says he has two daughters. Jeweller calls Prachi. Prachi asks Pragya to meet him and asks do you know him?

Abhi senses Pragya’s presence there and calls her name. She says haan ji….They both search for each other, but don’t see each other. Allah wariyan plays… Just then Pragya’s pallu gets stuck and she smiles. …Sarita behen tells that she has given chain 10 days back, but it is not yet repaired. Shahana says if it doesn’t get repaired, then I will shake up this showroom. Manager asks the guy to repair it in 30 mins. Manager gets a call from the jeweller and he asks him to attend Abhi’s daughter and would be wife. Sarita behen asks Manager to get her chain repaired first. Manager says if the chain is not repaired within 30 mins then he will give them 1000 Rs. Sarita behen and Shahana get happy. Manager tells the guy to repair the chain and tells that he has much work, as he has to attend Abhishek Mehra. The guy says he don’t know. Manager asks Tony to say who is Abhishek Mehra? Tony says he don’t know. Manager says he earns crores for his performance. Tony searches on google and sees his pic. Pragya’s pallu get stuck. She turns and frees it. Abhi frees someone’s pallu and says sorry. The lady asks for her autograph. Abhi writes love you Pragya…The lady says my name is not Pragya.

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