Twist of Fate Thursday Update 17 December 2020


Twist of Fate Thursday Update 17 December 2020

Twist of Fate Thursday Update 17 December 2020: Pragya comes to kitchen and asks Tanu to make food. They talk to each other and think abhi is planning to kill Champak. Pragya thinks she has to stop Abhi from killing Champak as it is not right. Tanu thinks Champak will spit the truth if he is beaten. Rachna asks Dadi, what is happening? Why Abhi is talking to him nicely. Dadi says may be he is in shock. Rachna asks Dadi to question Abhi. Abhi asks Champak to sit and thinks he will prove to Pragya that Champak is not suitable to be her friend or boyfriend. He shows his attitude and asks if he smoke cigarette.

Champak says he don’t drink or smoke and tells that it is bad for health. Abhi says I didn’t understand your hindi. Champak says he is talking in pure hindi and says Abhi’s hindi is corrupt. He questions Abhi. Abhi answers him.

Champak says he is hindi lecturer. Dadi asks who called you here. Akash removes his shirt and show off his muscles to scare Champak. Champak gets scared. Abhi takes Pragya to side, and asks what did you do? He says you should have date someone like actor, cricketer or someone like me. He says what he has which I don’t have. He says Champak is like Charlie Champion and says his specs and moustache must remind you of him. Pragya asks what you was saying? Abhi says nothing. Pragya insists. Abhi says Champak is looking like Suresh in specs. Pragya gets angry. Abhi asks her to select someone worthy, so that he can compete with him. Pragya says you think he is better than you. Abhi says not better, but a peanut butter. Tanu hears their conversation. Pragya thinks Abhi is jealous seeing her with Champak. Tanu thinks I would have heard their conversation fully. Dadi tells Champak that she has stopped Abhi else he would have smashed him like a mosquito. Champak says Abhi asked me to sit. Abhi comes and says yes, I don’t like you. He asks Champak to stay in the house for few days, and tells Dadi that he will make Pragya realize her mistake. Tanu thinks Abhi is doing what they thought would do. Nikhil thinks they will win.


Tanu telling Nikhil that Abhi stopped Champak at home. Nikhil asks why? Tanu says Abhi want to proof that Champak doesn’t deserve her, but he will be jealous. Pragya hears them. Nikhil says Abhi and Pragya are helping us win, and says this night will be her last night. Tanu asks what you are planning. Nikhil tells Tanu that they have to make Pragya sleep with Champak and then Abhi’s anger will be like volcano. He says Abhi can’t see Pragya sleeping with Champak and will take out his anger on her, and will kick her out. Pragya hears them and is shocked. Suddenly the vase slips. Tanu tells Nikhil that she will go and see. She comes out and looks for the person hearing their talk. She calls Robin and asks if anyone is here? Robin says no. Pragya hides and thinks to inform Dadi about their plan. Tanu comes back to room and tells Nikhil that she is so excited to hear his plan. Purab asks Akash, Dadi and Rachna about the happenings. Akash tells everything. Pragya comes and says Tanu and Nikhil will win. She says nothing can happen now. Dadi asks if something happened? Pragya says I heard Tanu and Nikhil’s plan. She says Abhi will not hear you, if they execute their plan. Dadi asks what did they plan. Pragya tells everything. Rachna says it is a limit. Purab is also scared. Rachna says if this night will be last night for Abhi and Pragya’s relation. Dadi says let them plan and says until Abhi is here they can’t think of winning.

Abhi looks at Champak and thinks he has to make him feel low somehow. He thinks he should make him fall on floor and thinks Pragya will run to his help. He thinks what to do. Champak tells Abhi that his house is like Raja’s palace. Abhi asks him to come and exercises. He thinks I will teach him a good lesson. Champak thinks where is Tanu and Nikhil. I shall ask them about their next plan. Abhi wonders where did he go? Dadi tells Purab that Abhi is not an ordinary husband, and says he would have thrown Pragya out, but he didn’t do this as he cares for Pragya. She says I made him understand and his love will not let them win. She says it is easy to control Champak and says they will torture him to the core so that he will go to Tanu and Nikhil, and accepts his failure. She says we will record their conversation and will show to Abhi. Pragya happily hugs Dadi. Dadi blesses them.

Mitali’s children come home. Mitali gets happy. Her children tell her that they missed her very much in hostel and say they missed food made by her. Mitali says I will cook food for you. Taya ji takes them. Dasi tells Raj and Mitali not to let their children lose their childhood because of their fight. Raj goes.

Pragya asks Champak, is he searching someone? Champak says I was searching for you. Pragya says I am very happy as you are here, and says I will cook for you. Champak says he likes sweets only. Pragya says okay and says I will go and make sweets for you. Champak thinks Tanu, Nikhil, Pragya and Abhi are getting mad about him, and says his name should have been chumbak (magnet).Tanu thinks to check on Champak. Champak says everyone loves me here. Tanu says I don’t love you. Champak says you love yourself only, I know it is written on your face. Tanu thinks he is talking like others. Abhi asks Nikhil to talk about the assignment. Nikhil says he forgot some docs and says he will talk to him in night if he is free. Bunty and Babli plays with Champak. Abhi asks Nikhil about his view on Champak. Nikhil says Champak is like intellectual guy and that’s why Pragya likes him.

Abhi asking Nikhil about his perception about Champak. Nikhil says he is an intellectual guy and the girls like these kinds of guys now a days, and may be Pragya has chosen him. He asks Abhi, why is he worrying as he is getting married to Tanu. Abhi says it is different matter. Nikhil thinks he will separate them tonight. Pragya thinks it will be easy for us to use Champak against them. Tanu thinks tonight is kayamat’s night. Purab and Dadi talk to each other. Dadi says we will use their plan against them. Purab says why did Abhi stop him. Dadi says Nikhil will come in night, and we shall make Champak leave before that.

Abhi is about to sit on his chair. Pragya stops him and says Champak ji is lucky and will sit on east facing chair. She asks Champak to sit on Abhi’s chair. Abhi gets jealous. Purab asks Abhi to sit with him. Pragya smiles looking at Champak. Abhi says she is noticing him much. He asks Robin to serve food to everyone. Pragya asks Robin to bring special food which is made for Champak. Champak says you made food for me. Pragya says you are special and my happiness lies in your happiness. Tanu thinks what happened to Pragya? Why she is behaving well with Champak. Dadi asks Tanu if she is eating food or feeding table. Pragya shows him 4 kinds of juices and many dishes. Champak calls her Pragya ji and thanks her. Pragya asks him to call Pragya. Abhi gets jealous. Champak says this is good. Pragya asks him to eat. Purab says this is not tasty and asks Pragya why she is making Champak eat non tasty food. Pragya says Champak likes quality and not taste. Abhi says I couldn’t see and is about to go. Purab stops him. Champak says I am done.

Pragya asks him to drink juice made of bitter gourd and meethi. Mitali smiles. Tanu thinks she will kill Champak. DAdi says this Ashiq Awara will become pagal now. Abhi says I will taste it. Pragya says this is specially made for Champak. Abhi asks Robin to bring water. Pragya asks Champak to drink neem juice. Abhi tells Purab that Pragya is worried about Champak’s health and never bothered about him. Pragya asks Champak to eat boiled vegetables and asks him to drink kada of ginger and garlic. Abhi thinks this is a limit, I can’t see this anymore and is about to go. Pragya stops him. Abhi asks Robin to bring his food. Champak asks for water. Pragya refuses to give water and asks him to drink juice. Champak feels like vomit. Pragya asks Robin to show vomiting place to Champak. Dadi appreciates Pragya for taking care of Champak well. Pragya says lets wait and watch.

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