Twist of Fate Thursday Update 12 November 2020


Twist of Fate Thursday Update 12 November 2020

Abhi thinking about his conversation with Sarla. Later Pragya thinks how to find out what Sarla sign her. She thinks to enquire and calls Tanu. Tanu thinks to torture Sarla daily and one day she will die. Pragya calls Tanu as a watchman, and says I thought to call you to know about your well being. Tanu gets angry and threatens him. Pragya says will you kidnap me like Pragya’s mum. Tanu says yes, and says they have kidnapped Sarla as she saw her and her boyfriend and knew the truth. Pragya is shocked and says he is cancelling the deal with her, and will deal with someone else within her family. Tanu thinks she has to do something to this watchman. Pragya feels bad and thinks she shouldn’t have agreed to Purab sayings. Tanu thinks to stop the watchman, the same way she dealth with Sarla. She is about to go, but sees Pragya. Pragya asks why she is tensed? Tanu says nothing. They have a heated argument. Tanu says she have catch small fishes till now and should have targetted her. She says she don’t want to see her in the house after marriage. Pragya reminds her that she brought her inside the house when her house was burnt, and says she can kick her as well. Tanu says you have to leave the house soon and will be servant soon. Pragya says time will tell who will leave the house. She thinks her heart is asking her to expose Tanu, but she don’t have the proofs. Tanu thinks she have to do something to blackmailer else he might sell proofs to Pragya. Pragya asks her not to get stress, else she will deliver baby before marriage, and then she have to plan baby’s naming ceremony. Tanu gets irked.

Raj brings gifts for everyone. Taya ji, Tayi ji, Rachna get happy. Mitali asks what did you bring for me. Raj asks about Aaliya? Taya ji says she is staying in the outhouse, and it is her decision. Raj thinks about Aaliya’s revengeful words. Taya ji asks Raj why he is not returning home in nights, and asks him to return home. Raj says he wants Akash to spend time with his wife and says he is taking care of Akash’s work also. He says he will meet Aaliya and leave for meeting.

Pragya thinks Sarla can’t speak, but she can sign me. She thinks to talk to her and get clue. Abhi comes infront of her and says he needs to talk to her. Pragya says I need to talk to her, and know answers. Abhi says are you joking? Pragya says you will not understand and asks him to move. Abhi insists to talk to her. Pragya tells him that she needs to talk to Sarla urgently. Abhi gets upset and goes.mPragya comes to Sarla’s room and asks Nurse if she gave injection to Sarla. Nurse says no. Pragya asks her to go and says she will sit with her. Sarla sees her tensed and gets worried. Pragya asks if she wants to say that Tanu is behind her kidnapping. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya says they have kidnapped you thinking you to be blackmailer. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks did you see who was with Tanu. She says have you seen her boyfriend and her baby’s father? Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks her not to try to speak? She asks did I meet him? Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks did he come to his house. Sarla blinks. Pragya says if he came here after my change of avatar. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya wonders who is he? She says I will show you photos of functions and blink eyes if she sees that person. She shows the photos on her mobile.

Abhi thinks Pragya talked to him rudely and thinks he will not talk to her. Pragya tells Sarla that she is feeling helpless and don’t know what to do? Sarla cries. Pragya asks her not to cry, and says I know that you will tell me very soon about Tanu’s boyfriend. She asks her not to cry and sign her when he comes home. She asks her not to take tension. Nurse comes to give injection. Pragya asks her to take rest. Pragya thinks who might be that person. She thinks may be he is producer, agent, ad maker etc, and decides to find out.

Abhi thinking what to do, and thinks if he speaks about his divorce with Pragya and marriage talk with Tanu then Pragya will get angry, but if he doesn’t talk to Pragya then Tanu will get angry. He thinks he is trapped. He thinks it is not clear what Sarla wants to tell him, but thinks he has a responsibility towards Tanu’s child, and thinks he shall marry Tanu. He thinks he will talk to Dadi and initiate divorce process through her. Tanu comes to outhouse and thinks Aaliya have shifted from here. Tanu comes there? Aaliya asks her to tell what is her problem. She sees the lock open and thinks to repair it. She asks Tanu to hurry up. Tanu tells her that her problem list is long. Aaliya asks her to tell. Tanu tells her that blackmailer said that he will sell the proofs to someone and says he even knows that Nikhil is my baby’s father. Aaliya asks her to tell everything in detail. Tanu tells her everything, how they kidnapped Sarla and everything. Aaliya says she has a solution. Tanu asks her to tell. Later Pragya is seen outside the inhouse temple, when she sees someone going to Sarla’s room. She wonders why the light is off and goes to room. She knocks on the door and calls nurse. She then comes to Abhi and asks him to wake up as there is a problem.

Abhi asks why you are disturbing me? And asks her to let him sleep. Pragya says somebody entered Maa’s room and locked room from inside. Abhi asks if she is joking to make him talk. Pragya says no and says she isn’t joking. They rush towards the room and see the door open.

They see Tanu standing inside. Abhi asks what you are doing here? Tanu says she came to Sarla’s room to take care of her and says if she gets fine soon then her marriage will happen soon also. She says I will come here and take care of Sarla for my happiness. Pragya understands her acting. Tanu asks why Pragya brought him here and says she must not want me to be with Sarla. Abhi says there was some misunderstanding and asks her to sleep. Pragya looks angrily. She thinks Tanu is fooling him and he is becoming fool, I won’t let this happen and will tell her truth to him.

Abhi thinks Pragya created tension and doubt in his mind unneccesarily. He asks Pragya if her confusion is cleared. Pragya says she is making you fool and you are becoming fool. Abhi asks do you think that she went to kill Sarla. Pragya says yes, and says we can’t trust her, and she is acting to be good. Abhi says light and door was open.

Pragya says when I went there, light and door was closed. She says she is acting. Abhi admits that she is acting for her advantage. They have an eye lock while the song Sanam Re Sanam Re………………………Abhi tries to get closer to her. Pragya asks what you are doing? Abhi says I am thinking about the story which you will cook up. Pragya says I will be with Sarla to protect her and says don’t know if you don’t see the truth or over seeing it. Abhi thinks he can’t tell her anything else she will refuse to give divorce and the case will go on in court.

Tanu thinks Aaliya is right and thinks she has done right by taking him on her side. She says it is good that Abhi doesn’t doubt on her, and thinks to end blackmailer’s chapter. She gets Nikhil’s call. Tanu tells him that she is thinking if he really deserves to marry her. Nikhil asks what she is saying? Tanu tells him that blackmailer called her again and said that he will sell proofs to someone else. Nikhil asks her to message all the numbers which she received on her phone from the blackmailer, and says he will enquire.

Pragya thinks she can’t make any plan else her mind will be diverted. She thinks sarla is not safe until Tanu is here. She thinks to be with Sarla and take care of her. She sleeps on sofa. Pragya sees a dream. A woman wearing black dress comes to kill Sarla and suffocates her. She pushes the killer. Dream ends. Pragya wakes up and asks Sarla to open her eyes. Sarla opens her eyes. Pragya gets relieved.

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