Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 12 August 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 12 August 2021

Ranbir running behind Sanju. They have a fight. Sanju asks him to understand that police will take him to sasural without marriage (Police station). Bittu comes on the bike. Sanju sits on the bike and escapes, saying he will return. Prachi calls Ranbir and tells that Maa left for home, I want to go home too. Ranbir is about to tell her about Sanju, but she doesn’t listen to him. He says he will drop her. Prachi says Shahana and Sarita behen is also with me. Ranbir says I will drop them too. He thinks Sanju will leave in 2-3 days and he shall tell Prachi afterwards.

Rhea cries thinking about Pragya’s words and cries. Pragya comes there and sees Rhea sitting and crying. She comes and sits with her, keeps her hand on her cheeks. Rhea says I don’t want your fake love and no more lies. She goes from there. Ranbir is in car with Prachi, Shahana and Sarita behen. Shahana asks him to stop and teases Ranbir. Sarita behen says no problem, it happens and says Shahana’s name shall be Dontana. Sarita behen and Shahana go inside. Prachi asks Ranbir what happened. Ranbir thinks Sanju came to kill you, if I tell you this then you will get in tension. He gets a call. Prachi gets down from the car and goes inside the house. He thinks I dropped her till outside, but she didn’t call me inside. Sarita behen tells that Pragya is not at home. Prachi says why Rhea’s Buji lied? Sarita behen asks where is Ranbir? She scolds Prachi for not calling him inside and asks Shahana to invite him inside. Prachi says he might have gone by now. Shahana calls Ranbir. Ranbir thinks Prachi came with Shahana to call him. Ranbir tells Shahana that he has to go as guest came at his house. He is about to go, when Prachi comes infront of his car. He stops the car. Prachi asks him to come inside. Shahana says let him go, if you call him again and again then he will feel bad to refuse. Ranbir smiles and asks where to park the car. He gets down. Prachi thanks him for coming. Shahana says I shall eat honey daily so that my voice becomes sweet and someone agrees to my sayings.

Pragya asks Rhea to stop. Rhea asks what do you want? Pragya says I want my daughter. Rhea says if I was your daughter then you would have loved me like you love Prachi. Pragya says I love you so much. Rhea says I never felt any love from you. Pragya says whatever I told you, I should have told myself as whatever you are today is because of me. She tells that she has left her and that’s why she became like this. Rhea tells that you are good, but I am bad and I can’t be your daughter. She says what you called me, heartless, etc. Pragya says if I don’t love you more than Prachi then I don’t love you less than her. She says whatever I told, all that accusations shall be on me. Abhi prays to God and asks him to make Pragya meet Rhea, so that he can meet Prachi. Dadi says whatever you want, will be done. Abhi asks why didn’t you come before.

Dadi says destiny is not in our hands and says it was written that I come for Diwali so that everything gets fine now. She says lets go and see what is happening. Abhi says I get nervous. Dadi says I will go and then tell you.

Pragya says I shall be accused, says if you are bad then I am more bad. She tells that she has regretted her decision of seperation from her dad. She asks her to tell all her feelings to her and take out her anger on her. She says I want to hug you like when you was born. Rhea says do you know that I get angry on my birthdays as I used to think that you will be celebrating my sister’s birthday. Pragya says she made cup cakes for her, as her dad and Kiara likes it. She says Prachi likes kheer. Rhea says I like cup cakes. Pragya says though I was far from you, I used to love you like I love Prachi. She says I used to wish you happy birthday before wishing Prachi and kept all your gifts safely. Rhea asks why you didn’t come to meet me? Pragya says I didn’t have the courage and thinks of Aaliya’s words. She says I came to know that you hate me. She says you think that you are having bad destiny, but I have the bad destiny. Rhea says hatred also comes from love and tells that she wants to hug her and that she used to miss her mom. She says I missed you Maa…They hug and cry. Pragya says I am really, really sorry for returning late. She asks will you forgive me? Rhea says I will forgive you, if you promise not to leave me. Pragya says I will never leave you and hugs her happily and crying. Aaliya and Dadi witnesses the mother and daughter’s union.

Aaliya coming to the room, thinking Pragya and Rhea’s union and hug. She gets upset and angry. She shouts no way and messes up her room, says Pragya can’t come here, and can’t snatch my Rhea from me. She throws the things. Mitali comes there and asks what happened?Aaliya recalls her words. Mitali asks what happened? She asks if Baljeet Dadi ruined all your plan, if Pragya’s magic worked on Abhi and if she will become the ring master again. She says I had told you this, now she will rule in the house and will make us Servants. She tells that your silence is saying all and tells that she told her for the first time, that she can’t step in the house. Aaliya asks her to shut up and let her think what to do. Mitali says Pragya will take revenge from us and make us do all household chores. Aaliya thinks tonight is Diwali night and there can’t be solar eclipse today. She thinks she has to change this game by hook or by crook, the way Rhea was hugging Pragya.

Rhea tells Pragya that since she came to know that Prachi is her elder sister, she didn’t harm her. Pragya says sorry for reacting on seeing Sanju with her. She says I saw you giving money to him and when you said that you gave money to him to kill Prachi then I raised my hand. Rhea says you didn’t slap me in childhood, so it is okay. She says you loves Prachi so much. Pragya says I love you too. Rhea asks her to balance her love and asks her to love Prachi less and love her more. Pragya says you are a small girl. Rhea says do one thing, send her to dad. Dadi says then Prachi will feel the same and says you both shall get both the parents’ love. Rhea says she wants more love. Pragya says Prachi doesn’t know about you and says when she comes to know then she will love you so much. Rhea says she is patching up with her and not with Prachi. Pragya says you will love her too, as elder sister’s love is like mother’s love. They hug Dadi. Dadi goes to inform Abhi. Rhea takes Pragya to celebrate Diwali.

Shahana asks who will bring honey, Ranbir or I…Sarita behen asks what are you saying? She asks her to stop seeing him. Shahana asks if I can’t see you. Ranbir says you can see me. Sarita behen asks what is the matter? Shahana tells that when she asked Ranbir to come home, he refused, but when Prachi called him, he agreed. She says Prachi used to say that Ranbir is having attitude, he is a Casanova, flirt, etc. Prachi asks what else did I say? Shahana says you used to say that he used to drive fast. She says whatever I said is truth. Sarita behen asks Shahana to take tea and come inside with her. Shahana asks why? She takes her inside.

Mitali thinks if Aaliya saw Pragya’s grah pravesh and thinks Meera is just Meera and can’t do anything. She thinks if any tears come out of Pragya’s eyes then Abhi will throw her out. She thinks nobody came to know that I hate Pragya. She says I just remember that Raj’s bank balance is Nil and I have to obey Pragya and do her Service. She thinks to practice from now and acts.

Dadi happily comes to the party and searches for Abhi. She wonders where did he go? Abhi comes there and asks what do you want to say? Dadi smiles. Abhi says Pragya and Rhea…Dadi says yes. Abhi thanks Dadi and hugs her. He says God listened to us. He enquires with someone and goes to terrace. Dadi asks him to go fast.

Prachi comes to the room. Ranbir comes behind her. He says so Prachi…so you thought me as a loafer and says I will call Shahana to clarify. Prachi nods no. He asks do you think I am a flirt? Prachi looks sad. Ranbir says you thought me as Casanova. Prachi says I used to feel all that, that time and not now. Ranbir asks her to tell what she used to think about him. Prachi says she used to think that he is a flirt, but later she realized that he is not a flirt and girls’ favorite as you made them smile. He asks why loafer but…Prachi says as I didn’t like you, I used to call you loafer, but just as I came to know …I came to know that you are good at heart and not a loafer etc. He asks what about my car driving…Prachi says when you drive the car, I feel that my destination is with me, why to get afraid of road. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other. SubhanAllah plays…They look at each other. She asks why you didn’t come when Shahana called. Ranbir says you know. Prachi says I want to hear from your mouth. He asks why? Prachi says she feels good. They look at each other…He says I want everything to be done by you, I want you to command my life, keep commanding me and I will do as you want. She smiles. He asks do you understand, why I didn’t stop then. Prachi gives him tea. He drinks and says it is less sweet. Prachi says she had added sugar. Ranbir asks her to taste. Prachi tastes and says it is sweet. Ranbir says it became sweet, I like it. you made the tea sweet and tells that she shall do this only for him and not for others. Shahana smiles hearing them.

Abhi comes to the terrace and sees Rhea and Pragya lightning the lamps/diyas happily. He comes to them and holds the diya. He says Dadi told me and says light it fast, there was much darkness, now I don’t want anymore. He says he is very happy today. Rhea says that’s because I got my mom and you got your wife. She asks why didn’t you tell me? Pragya says I had asked him not to say. Rhea goes to bring fire crackers. Abhi tells Pragya that you are scared of fireworks. Pragya says she can do anything for Rhea. Rhea lights the firecrackers. Pragya hugs Abhi. Rhea thinks protective and caring man.

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