Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 11 February 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 11 February 2021

Nikhil asking Kiara to come out silently else it would be bad if he takes her out. Mitali calls her. Nikhil keeps hand on her mouth and takes her from there. Tanu acts crazy and sings song lag ja gale…She thinks shall I go to Mehra house, as when pragya dies, then Abhi will come to me. He needs a shoulder and someone to wipe his tears

She thinks if he is upset with her that she didn’t call him. She then thinks Abhi kicked her out, and says he might be upset with her as she didn’t return. She thinks why didn’t I go back? She thinks if he will forgive me and thinks yes. She says he will forgive me like he forgave Pragya. She says she will tell him that she was upset because of Pragya and that’s’ why didn’t come. She thinks how Pragya got pregnant and thinks the babies might be Abhi’s one night mistake and Pragya must have wooed him. She thinks both Pragya and her babies will go, but she will be with Abhi and Kiara. They will be a happy family.

Kiara shouts Mitali Chachi..Mitali hears her name and comes to room. Nikhil hides with Kiara. Mitali thinks Kiara and Sunny are playing and asks them to come out. She thinks why the curtain is moving and gets shocked. She then checks inside, but Nikhil has hidden with Kiara. Mitali calls her and asks her to come out when she counts 3. She asks her to come down fast and says your mamma is missing you. Kiara faints by now. Nikhil thinks what to do, and thinks to kidnap her. He keeps her on bed. He then takes the carpet and wraps her in the carpet. Disha runs behind Sunny and asks him to have juice. He refuses. Mitali thinks she missed the party because of kids. She gets Neha’s call.

She sees Nikhil as dhol guy taking the carpet, and asks why is he taking it. He tells that something fell down and that’s why Suwarni Dasi asked him to give it to dry clean. Mitali says she will get it done by Servants. Nikhil says he will do the work. He collides with Tai ji and then manages to come out. He keeps the carpet in the car and thinks he knows that Tanu don’t have the money, but he agreed to do her work. He thinks Abhi ruined him and now he knows what to do with Kiara. Tanu calls Nikhil.

Nikhil tells that Kiara saw me. Tanu asks him not to tell that he didn’t do the work. Nikhil says I would have got caught. Tanu says you will not get money. Nikhil says I know you don’t have money. Nikhil says I will take revenge from Abhi and get the money also. Tanu asks what are you going to do? Nikhil asks her to stay out from it and ends the call. He calls Rocky.

Pragya tells Abhi that she will go and see Kiara. Tai ji tells Abhi that Sharma ji said that he knows a good doctor. Mitali comes and says Kiara is playing with Sunny. Pragya says she will bring her. Sunny comes with Disha. Mitali says I came upstairs and you both were playing and she was shouting. Abhi goes to see her. Disha asks Pragya not to worry and says Kiara must be playing alone. They ask her not to worry. Pragya says Kiara is not well. Abhi checks her in the rooms, but she is not in the house. He gets worried and asks her to come out. Tanu is in the car and says I hate you Nikhil. She thinks what to do, if shall I handle Kiara or kill Pragya. She thinks I did a mistake by sending Nikhil there, and thinks Abhi, Pragya and her family are not crying, and gets happy thinking they must be crying now also. She thinks the more they cry, the more she will laugh. She wishes Nikhil kills Kiara and then they will go far from each other. She says she will see what to do with Pragya’s twins. She laughs and thinks both Abhi and Pragya will blame each other, have a fight and separate from each other, then she will enter in Abhi’s life and home. She says Tanu returns and laughs.

Abhi comes downstairs and says she is not here. He tells that Dadi and Dasi went out, she must be with them. He calls Purab and asks if Kiara is with you. Purab says no. he says I am coming inside. Pragya asks him to call Kiara as she is having her phone, but the call is not picked.

Nikhil hires professional kidnappers and calls Rocky. Rocky says I am nervous. Nikhil introduces Rocky to the goons and says they will share the money equally. Rocky tells Nikhil when Abhi calls you, he will not identify your voice. He asks about Kiara. Nikhil tells that she is here and tells that he has kept Kiara’s phone in Mehra Mansion on silent mode.

everyone worrying for Kiara. Mitali says she is not in the kitchen too. Disha says Kiara said that she will bring her friend and says she might have went there. Servant gives the phone call to Pragya. Nikhil asks her to give call to Abhi. Pragya says they are busy. Nikhil asks if they want to know about Kiara and asks her to give the call to Abhi. Abhi takes the call and asks where is Kiara? Nikhil tells that she is with her and starts the countdown. Nikhil’s man as waiter’s disguise keeps an envelope on side table. Nikhil asks Abhi to check the envelope kept on the table. Pragya opens the envelope and check the pic, shouts kiara. Nikhil says she must have seen Kiara’s pic. Abhi asks who are you and where is my pic? Nikhil says I will call you and tell about the money to be send. Abhi warns him not to harm his daughter. Pragya asks where is she? Abhi says someone has kidnapped Kiara and asking for ransom. He says I will call Police. Pragya asks him not to call Police. Abhi says I will call my friend from crime department. He says everything will be unofficial. He calls his friend Ashish and tells about Kiara’s kidnapping and asks him not to file any report. Ashish says ok. Pragya asks Abhi why did he call him. Abhi says everything will be unofficial. Pragya cries. Abhi asks her to handle herself and babies, and says I will handle Kiara. Disha takes Pragya with her. Abhi asks Purab to take Maasis to room. He says I am coming Kiara, daddy will not let anything happen to you. Kiara is kept tied infront of Nikhil.

Nikhil says he don’t like her and throws water on her face. Kiara says I will not tell anyone or Police about you. She asks him to leave her. Nikhil asks his man to give her food as she is lottery to him. Kiara asks him to let her go else she will run away and Papa will get him arrested. Nikhil slaps her. Kiara cries. Nikhil shouts asking her not to cry. Purab asks Dadi what she is thinking? Dadi cries. Dasi asks if anyone had a fight with Abhi. Purab asks them to trust Abhi and says Ashish is in CBI dept. He asks them to have courage and be strong infront of Pragya. Dasi says we shall give courage to Pragya. Ashish comes to meet Abhi. His family member comes there too.

Ashish makes him meet his team. They tell that they want a temple. Ashish asks about CCTV footage. Taya ji says I will get it. Ashish tells that he will record the calls. He searches for clues in the house and gets Kiara’s chain near the pillar. Abhi says it is of Kiara. He tells that the kidnapper came here for some other work, but when Kiara saw her, he got afraid and kidnapped her. Pragya comes and tells about Kiara witnessing John’s accident. Ashish says this man knows everything about house. Abhi tries to pacify Pragya. Pragya asks him not to let anything happen to Kiara. Abhi promises her and asks her to take care of herself and kids. He tells that he will bring Kiara. Phone rings again. Ashish asks him to ask about Kiara and talk continuously so that his men trace the call. Abhi picks the call, but it ends soon. Nikhil calls Abhi again and asks why you are not picking my call. Abhi asks where is Kiara, let me talk to her once. Nikhil asks him to bring 3 crores. Pragya comes there. Nikhil ends the call. Abhi asks Purab and Taya ji to arrange the money from the bank.

Nikhil is happy and celebrate. His goon asks if he will return the girl after taking money. Nikhil says if I am mad and says I will kill her, the moment I get her and my revenge will be fulfilled. Kiara gets scared. Ashish tells Abhi that Kidnapper asked just 3 crores as he wants revenge. He says in 95 percent cases, kidnappers kill the baby after getting ransom. Abhi says I hope this case will be among 5 percent and says I am ready to take the risk. Ashish thinks what to do to save Kiara and thinks of a way. One of the goon feed food to Kiara. He opens her blind fold. Kiara calls him angel uncle. Goon says I came to have food. Kiara asks him to make him talk to her family. Goon refuses. Kiara tells that her mamma is pregnant and says Doctor asked her not to take tension. She says atleast call and tell that I am fine so that she don’t take tension. The goon ask her not to talk to him if she wants his family betterment. Other goon comes there and ties her blind fold.

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