Twist of Fate Sunday Update June 2nd

Pragya asks Abhi why he is doing this work. Abhi says you shall do the work. Pragya says she came for Neha’s rituals. Abhi asks her to climb on the stairs and do the decoration. Pragya says don’t think that I will slip and you will catch me. Abhi says this will happen. Dadi comes and asks her to do. Pragya climbs on the stairs. Abhi holds her waist. Pragya asks him to leave her. Allah wariyan plays….

Tanu telling Disha that she will take her earrings from that drawer. Disha slips and shouts. Tanu asks if someone slips like this and helps her get up. Disha says you made me fell down intentionally. She asks shall I tell jiju that you came to search brooch. Tanu says I will bring ointment for you and goes. Disha searches for the DNA report. Tanu thinks to apply strong ointment to Disha so that she feels pain. She comes back to Disha and asks her why did she stand. Disha says she was checking her foot. Tanu thinks to apply the ointment to make her feel pain. Disha gets the report on the bed and tells that she will not apply ointment and says you will break my foot. She goes. Tanu sees the drawer open and thinks to search what she is hiding.

Abhi asks pragya to keep kalash there and keep some leaves and coconut on side. He gives more work. Pragya asks why you want to do all the work. She says someone else can do this. Abhi says he wants to do it himself. Pragya says why you are making me do. Abhi says you shall do too and thinks his bride is helping him to decorate the mandap. Pragya thinks they got married in such mandap. Abhi asks if she is remembering their marriage. Pragya says she can decorate mandap in 2 mins.

Abhi says your time starts now and calls her Sweety, Bapu, Shona etc. pragya says I don’t like it. Abhi says he will call her fuggi. Pragya says she don’t want. Abhi asks her to decide what she wants and says she shall not tell after marriage. Pragya says whose marriage. Abhi says neha and Tarun’s marriage. Pragya says you are becoming hitler. Abhi asks her not to cut his talks, but just listen after marriage. Chachi comes and asks whose marriage? Abhi says both families. Disha comes to Abhi and says they will start marriage event company along with Pragya’s help. Abhi tells Chachi that he was telling Pragya about it. Pragya asks when did you tell? Disha says you forget things and says you shall tell her.

Chachi goes to Aaliya’s room and thinks she saw King-Aaliya and Pragya-Abhi close. She thinks to tell King. She calls King and asks him to come to Abhi’s house. King asks if Pragya is fine? Chachi asks him to come and stop his family. King says he has professional life also to handle. He thinks he has to get scared from only Mumbai guy and thinks Pragya will never like Abhi. Purab asks Abhi to handle his excitement and hide from everyone. Abhi sees Tanu checking in Disha’s room.

He comes inside and asks if she is stealing anything. Tanu asks why he is excited as if he is getting married. Abhi looks on. Disha is having the DNA report and she thinks where to hide it. She gets an idea. Pragya comes and asks what you will not see. Disha says there is no decoration so people will not know that marriage is happening here. She tells that she wants to Torang and tells that she is not getting this feeling. She asks when everyone will come from kuldevi temple.

Tanu says you are accusing me to steal something, I accuse you to hide something from me. Abhi asks what I will hide? Tanu says you are scared that I might foil the plan. She asks are you planning to marry Pragya. Abhi asks do you think that this is my plan? He says you are questioning me so that I don’t question you. Tanu says look at your face, you are looking as a groom who is going to marry. Abhi sings song and says I am happy what is her problem. Tanu says you forgot your normal behavior with me and says today I am accusing you and you are not scolding me and gave same reaction. She asks what is he hiding? Abhi says today I am in unique zone and I have mixed emotions in me. He asks her to make sure not to do anything to ruin the marriage environment and keep eye on guests rather than keeping eye on Pragya. Tanu says this is your normal behavior.

Pragya tells Disha that she ordered Torang flowers and whoever goes from under it, will get God’s blessings. Disha says she will tie it and the DNA report falls from her hand. Pragya picks it from the floor. Disha takes it from her hand and says this is bill. Pragya asks why her behavior is changing and why Abhi is much happy. Pragya says he is hiding something from me and asks Disha to tell. She says I will not let you go without hearing from you.

Pragya asking Disha why she is so excited. Disha says today is Neha and Tarun’s marriage and asks her to be happy as well. She goes to get Kalire. Tanu thinks she is hiding something. Pragya looks at Abhi. Abhi asks Purab what she is doing? Purab asks him to concentrate on rasam first. Dadi calls Abhi and says lets do chuda rasam. Disha keeps DNA report on the table and takes the plate. Dadi asks Abhi to make Neha wear chuda. Abhi says mama does this rasam. Mitali says she don’t have mama so you have to do this rasam. Neha says she will feel good. Abhi makes her wear bangles. Dadi asks Pragya to make her wear kalire. Pragya tries to make Neha wear kalire and it falls on Pragya’s lap. Dadi asks Pragya to remarry Abhi. Mitali collides with Pragya and kumkum falls on her

saree. Disha asks her to come to room and change the dress. DNA report falls on the floor when a waitress takes the flowers basket.
King tells that he will go home and thinks of Chachi’s words. Disha tells Pragya that the dress is not good. Disha says it is not good. Pragya says it is not my marriage. Disha says it is your marriage and then says marriage in your house. She says she is not getting the feel that this is the right dress. Pragya says ok and asks her to give the dress. Disha gets happy and thinks of her conversation with Abhi. A fb is shown, Abhi brings dress for Pragya and asks Disha to make Pragya wear it. Disha says it is Pragya’s wedding dress and says I will wear the sherwani of my marriage. Disha gets happy and thinks all your wishes will come true.

Nikhil calls Tanu. Tanu says hello. Nikhil asks her to be happy always and says you said hello with love. He says I saw Pragya going inside and asks if everyone is okay. He says Abhi and Pragya will get together one day and asks her to come to him. Tanu says Abhi wanted to prove Pragya now and tells about their challenge. Nikhil says they love each other and you are just excusing yourself. He talks about love. Tanu says his behavior is same, he is always upset with her. Nikhil says if she likes when Abhi gets upset with her.

Tanu says yes. Nikhil says you don’t get happy when I am upset with you. Tanu says I am like that and asks him to put garland on his dreams and end the call. Nikhil wishes someone shall love him like Abhi and Pragya’s love. Pragya comes wearing her bridal dress while the song Sanam re plays….She is upset and thinks Disha doesn’t know that it is her bridal dress. Disha gets happy and compliments her. She makes Pragya wear jewellery and thinks they get together. She thinks to get the report kept outside and thinks to make Pragya ready first. She gives her earrings and goes out.

Dadi picks the DNA report envelope and takes the report out. Tanu comes to Dadi and asks why did she insult her. Dadi says it is marriage house and asks her to do some duty. She asks her to handle the mandap responsibility. Tanu says I will do and asks her to go. Dadi throws the report and goes. Tanu opens the report and gets shocked reading Abhi is the biological father of Kiara, DNA matched. She says Abhi and Kiara….Dadi asks her to get the back space cleaned. Tanu says I am not your servant. She comes to her room and thinks if Abhi read this report.

She thinks of Nikhil’s words, Abhi and Pragya’s love and hug, Abhi’s words asking her to dance as he is happy, Purab, Abhi and Disha hug, and then reading the report. She burns the report and thinks Disha must have changed it, when Nikhil sent it. She thinks Disha betrayed her by playing smartly and now she will be in dark. She says I came to know about the truth and I destroyed the truth too.

Pragya locks herself in the room. Disha says you are looking beautiful and asks her to come. Abhi says if you don’t come out, then I will lift you and take you out. Pragya says I am coming, opens the door and falls on him. Allah wariyan plays…..They have an eye lock. He asks why did she wear the clothes when she couldn’t handle. Pragya gets upset. Abhi says you says the same when I get drunk. Pragya says she didn’t fall. Abhi asks if she was chilling in his embrace and asks who gave you right to chill. Pragya says if you have fall then I would have hold you too. Abhi asks if she accepts that she falls on him again and again. Pragya says I don’t want to talk to you. Abhi says he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Abhi telling pragya that he couldn’t keep his eyes off her as she is looking very beautiful. Pragya says I am going. Tanu thinks why did Pragya wear her bridal dress. Purab takes Disha to Dadi’s room. Tanu thinks what is going on. Purab and Disha tell all family members that Kiara is Abhi and Pragya’s daughter. They get happy. Dadi says I always used to think that she is our daughter and says she has Abhi’s qualities, but resembles Pragya. Tai ji says Kiara is like Pragya. They all are happy. Disha says we have another good news. Tai ji asks if Pragya is pregnant again. Disha says no and tells that Mr. King and Pragya are not married so Abhi wants to marry her. Dadi says she will bless them. Disha asks them not to tell Pragya. Dasi says we shall not tell. Tanu hears

them and thinks she won’t let this marriage happen anyhow. A man comes and thinks Pragya is a garland and is about to give her garland. Pragya says she is not bride. Abhi comes and asks if she took the garland delivery. Pragya says you came in wrong house, you brought two sets of garland. Abhi says I ordered it as Neha is a kid and if she finds one garland heavy then they will make her wear light garland. He tells about china’s flowers. He then makes her wear garland and asks if it is heavy. He then asks her to hold the garland and wears it from her hand. He says garland is good. Pragya looks at him surprisingly.

Abhi asks if it is heavy and asks her to walk. He asks her to take rounds and says if you take rounds then Neha will take it easily. He tries to take rounds with her, but Pragya stops and leaves his hand. Abhi says we are doing this for kids comfort. Pragya says you made me wear garland and then wore garland with my hand and now asking me to take rounds. Abhi says pandit is not here. Pragya is upset with him. Abhi says we will become husband and wife again. Pragya goes and takes off garland from her head. She thinks they can’t get married. Abhi thinks he wants to marry her, but not by cheat. He thinks I shall convince her, but can’t betray her. He thinks to talk to her.

Tanu calls Nikhil and asks him to tell what is her fault? She says she does what Abhi wants, but he has always complain with her. She asks if I am bad? Nikhil asks if she wants to hear the truth? Tanu says she is star wife and deserves this respect. Nikhil says you will get respect, but will not get Abhi’s love. He says Abhi don’t love you, but I love you. Tanu says I will never love you. Nikhil says Abhi loves Pragya and not you. Tanu says Abhi is going to marry her today, but I will kill her before the marriage. Nikhil asks her not to do any stupidity. Tanu says she tried to kill her many times like he attempted, but she didn’t die.

She says may be Pragya’s death is in her hands. Nikhil says Tanu…you are angry now. Tanu mixes poison in the drink and tells him that she will make Pragya have poison. Aaliya hears her and asks if she is mad? Tanu asks why not? Aaliya says we were saved with much difficulty and says if you kill her, then will you be safe. Tanu says what to do then? She says Pragya has to die? Aaliya says not in this house. Tanu asks shall I see them marrying. She says if