Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 9 January 2022


Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 9 January 2022

Pallavi asks Tanu and Aaliya, what they were talking about? Tanu says I asked Aaliya to talk to you about Ranbir’s reaction. She asks why did he agree at first and now he is refusing. This relation was Abhi’s wish. Dadi asks Tanu not to interfere. Tanu asks Pallavi to answer. Pallavi thinks first she acted to have heart attack, that’s why he had agreed and then when he came to know about the truth, he refused. Aaliya thinks Pallavi is guilt striken and will convince Ranbir. Rhea comes there and goes inside without talking to anyone. Aaliya says she must have fought with watchman outside and goes behind her.

Pragya brings the clothes for him. He asks if he will not feel any pain when someone beats him. Pragya says yes. He is about to change the clothes. Pragya asks him not to change here. He asks don’t you like me. Pragya says I like you, but big children wear clothes in washroom. Abhi agrees and asks her to choose his clothes daily. He goes to change. Mitali comes there and asks Pragya to take the food for abhi and handle him, as she has to handle the family lunch. She goes.

Aaliya coming to Rhea and asking her to listen to her. Rhea says I don’t have time to talk to you. Aaliya says she came to share her problem and not to increase it. Rhea says I thought you are upset with me. Aaliya says I can’t keep you happy like before. Rhea says you can’t keep me happy. Aaliya says I am my Buji and says it is in our blood to behave odd. She says Pragya came in Bhai’s life and ruined his life, she didn’t even come once to see him. She asks her not to be upset with Ranbir, but upset with Prachi. She asks her to freshen up and have lunch with Ranbir’s family who are definitely going to be her inlaws. She asks her to kick out Prachi from her life and mind, and hugs her. Rhea goes to freshen up. Aaliya thinks she can use Ranbir as trump card against Prachi.

Ranbir is upset that his mother lied to him. Aryan talks to him. Vikram says you didn’t tell me that your maa is fine now, as you don’t want to embarrassed her. He says today your anger was different, I didn’t see you doing wrong in anger before. Aryan says he loves doing mistakes. Ranbir searches for his car keys. Vikram shows the keys and tells that he shall come with them and have lunch with Rhea and family. Ranbir says just as I get free, I will go to talk to the wind. Vikram says ok and asks Aryan to come with them.

At the dining table, Aaliya asks Rhea not to think when having food. Tanu says when the food is infront of you, then don’t think. Just then they see Abhi coming out of the stairs. Pragya thinks Rhea is looking happy, as she is seeing her Papa after many days. She asks him to come. Abhi slides on the stairs railing and comes down. Aaliya asks Gayatri, why did you bring him down. Abhi gets scared seeing Aaliya. Pragya asks him not to worry and tells that he will not feel any pain if someone beats her. Aaliya says family lunch is going on and if he attacks someone. Vikram says its ok, everyone is family here. Pragya says if he stays in room, then how will he know that you are his family members. Raj asks how she can argue with Aaliya. Pallavi says she is right, atleast we came to know that we can bring him out. Pragya asks them to tell about their relation with him. Abhi walks towards them. Vikram says I am your khadoos friend. Everyone give their intro. Dadi asks him to have food. Abhi sits at the dining table to have food. Rhea cries seeing his condition. Abhi tells Pragya that he got tired listening to their names, and asks who are they? Pragya says you will remember slowly. Aaliya says Bhai doesn’t know anyone. She takes Gayatri to side and says he is physically impaired. Pragya says I don’t understand English, but I will make him have food. Everyone looks at Abhi as he serves the food in his plate and finds it difficult to take the food inside his mouth. Pragya holds his hand and makes him put food inside his mouth. He cries and tells that the food is spicy. Everyone looks at him. Pragya makes him drink water. Abhi says enough, it is spicy. Pragya asks shall I bring milk? Ranbir looks at her. Abhi asks her not to go. Pragya says this is all your family, and love you very much. Ranbir excuses himself and goes behind Pragya. Pragya takes the milk. Ranbir asks how did you know about this and tells that he was doubtful about her and now he has understood everything. Pragya asks what? Ranbir says only you can handle chief and asks her to tell the truth. Pragya thinks how did Ranbir come to know? If Prachi told him. Rhea says I am Rhea…Dad. Aryan asks her not to talk to him when Gayatri is not here. Tanu tells that she shall be in Rhea’s good books and tells that his wife left him in hospital. She says I will take care of Abhi.

Raj gets a call and pats on Abhi’s back while talking. Abhi gets angry and grabs his collar. Raj says it was by mistake. Abhi says you have beaten me. Vikram asks Abhi to leave Raj. Dadi asks Abhi to calm down. Rhea cries. Aaliya asks Mitali to bring the stick. Ranbir asks her to tell who is she and says I have understood that you are close to Chief and knows how to handle him. Pragya says I am Servant. He asks how do you know that Chief drinks milk with coffee. Ranbir says didn’t you hear how Aaliya talk, no Servant returns here. He asks how can you control him and says I will tell everyone that you are hiding your identity.

Dadi comes there and tells Pragya that Abhi got violent, Aaliya got her stick. Pragya runs out and sees Aaliya beating Abhi shocking the family members. Pragya asks how did this happen? Raj says my happy birthday would have happened now. Aaliya says I told you not to bring him out and scolds her. Raj asks her to take the mad guy inside. Vikram asks him not to say that. Pragya says he is not mad and asks them to behave like a family members. Abhi refuses to talk to Gayatri as she left him there. Pragya apologizes to him and takes him to room. Rhea cries seeing his state.

Aaliya telling everyone that they shall have food. Vikram feels bad thinking about Abhi and asks Aaliya why she don’t behave nicely with Abhi, as he is her brother. He recalls Abhi telling that Aaliya is khadoos and Raj calling him mad. He asks why did you scare him with the stick and had beaten him. He asks her to behave well like Gayatri. Aaliya says he shall not interfere as they are going to be relative, says he comes in control like this only. She tells Rhea that she needs to talk to her. Raj asks Mitali to give the file. Mitali scolds the Servants. Pallavi asks Dadi, why is she smiling? Dadi says she is happy and knows that angel has come here, now Abhi is in safe hands. Everyone looks on. Vikram gets a client’s call and he tells that he is coming for the meeting. He tells that Abhi is not coming. He tells Ranbir and others that Abhi’s condition shall be a secret. He asks Ranbir to come with him. He gets emotional and goes to meet Gayatri with Dadi. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he felt bad for his words. Ranbir says I am sorry, if you don’t feel my words convincing. He excuses himself and says he needs to go to office with Dad. Pallavi thinks she can’t forgive Prachi for Ranbir’s behavior and thinks why did Vikram go to meet Gayatri.

Abhi feels pain and asks Pragya what is she searching? Pragya says she is searching the ointment. She finds it and tells that she will apply it carefully. He says idea, asks her to blow on his injury and apply it. He feels tickling and asks her to do it daily. Pragya smiles and thinks he is behaving and talking like before. She recalls their old moments. Abhi asks her to bring chocolate for him. Pragya asks how much? He says 2,5, 10. Pragya says ok and promise him. tere naam song plays…..

Dadi and Vikram come there. Abhi gets scared and takes the stick in his hand. Pragya asks him not to be scared and asks him to meet his friends. He says they are not bad and will not harm him. Abhi hides behind Pragya. Pragya asks him to shake hands with Vikram. Abhi hesitantly shakes hand with Vikram. Vikram gets emotional and cries. He goes out. Abhi talks to Dadi and says her hair are nice. Pragya says she is your Dadi and loves her very much. Abhi says he finds her familiar. He plays with Dadi.

Ranbir is in his office and thinks Chief was not creating scene when he was with Gayatri. He recalls seeing her bracelet and stresses his mind. He recalls Pragya serving them food in their house and feeding something to Shahana. He realizes Gayatri is Pragya, Chief’s life partner. He thinks they might have same bracelet and thinks to find out if Gayatri is Pragya, Prachi’s mother. Vikram comes there and asks what about bracelet? Ranbir thinks he shall not tell dad, else he will tell mom and she will tell Aaliya. He says he has ordered bracelet online like chief has. He apologizes to him for his behavior with Pallavi. Vikram asks him to calm his anger etc. Ranbir thinks Pragya would have been your bahu, if I had thought.

Shahana asks Prachi to tell Maasi, whatever happened? Shahana says if it is not the family matter, which you had done along with Ranbir. Pragya asks what? Shahana tells Pragya that she had betrayed Prachi. Just then Pragya’s call comes and she goes to attend it. Prachi asks Shahana not to tell that, else she will ask me to talk to Rhea. Pragya comes back. Shahana tells that she had stolen her earrings, but returned. Pragya says you shall forgive her. Prachi forgives her. Shahana says I love you Maasi and kisses on her cheeks. Prachi asks Pragya how is Papa? Pragya says he is fine and is sad.

Abhi is in his room and talks to his fuggi toy. He says he will make her painting too and asks her not to sit. Dadi comes there. Abhi runs to bathroom and asks her to go. She says I am your Dadi and asks him to come out. Abhi looks at her.

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