Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 5 September 2021


Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 5 September 2021

Purab asks Inspector to do something and says they are in danger. Inspector calls someone and asks to get the photos of the goons. He tells Purab that someone must have given contract to kill Abhi. Purab says Pragya di said clearly that she had hit someone with the car. The Inspector asks if someone hits your car, then will you shoot that person. He says this is the case of contract killing. Purab says he has no enemies. Inspector says what you might think right, is wrong for others. Purab gets convinced.

Pragya tries to help the aunty with the work. She says she will not take help of the new bride. Pragya says she will not let her work. Abhi asks aunty if she has charger. She brings mobile and charger and says they had brought it for her son, but he didn’t want to return to them. Abhi charges the phone and calls Purab from the phone aunty gave. Pragya asks if he remembers her number. Abhi tries to cover up. He calls Purab and tells that they are safe in some uncle and aunty’s house. Purab tells that some contract killers are behind him. He asks about the shooter. Abhi gives the description. Inspector asks him to be there safely, till they catch the goons.

Ranbir explains his plan to Pandit ji, that just as Aryan pushes him, he will put garland in Prachi’s neck. Jai says then I will tell that I should have married. Ranbir says Shahana will hold Prachi so that she doesn’t move. Pandit ji feels guilty. Ranbir asks him not to feel guilty and declare them husband and wife, asks him to come.

Rhea comes home. Tai ji opens the door and asks if Meera called you. Rhea says why she will call me and even if she calls me then also I will not pick her call. She asks where is Dad? Tai ji says with Pragya. Rhea says his call is not connecting and tells that he is in trouble. Tai ji gets tensed. Rhea calls Abhi and his phone is unreachable. She says she will call Prachi.

Jai and Palak are seated for the marriage. Prachi is seated with Palak and Ranbir is seated with Jai. Pandit ji asks Prachi and Ranbir to keep the garlands with them. Ranbir recalls proposing Prachi. Prachi stands holding the garland and asks why Pandit ji is hurrying up for marriage. Ranbir gets nervous. Jai asks Ranbir why is he shivering, just go ahead. Ranbir says I can’t betray Prachi and marry her with cheat.

Ranbir telling Aryan that he can’t marry Prachi by cheat, thinks when his love is truthful, how can he lie to her? They stand holding the garlands in their hands…Song plays…..mera junoon…..He says I can’t do this and gives garland to Jai. Aryan asks Ranbir to stick to the plan. Pandit ji says groom and bride will make each other wear garland and sindoor daan and mangalsutra ritual will happen along with it. Just then Prachi’s phone rings. She moves to attend the call. Ranbir is holding the sindoor plate, while he tries to move, some of the sindoor falls in her hair line. Ranbir looks at it. Prachi picks the call.

Rhea asks her to tell where is her mom? She says someone wants to kill dad and your mom? Prachi says she didn’t know as she came for her friend’s wedding. She says she will search them and ends the call. Rhea throws her mobile. Prachi tells Shahana that someone wants to kill Maa and Papa, they are in danger. She says we have to go. Ranbir says I had lied to Rhea, we have to go.

Pragya comes out of the uncle’s house. Abhi stops her. Pragya says you don’t remember my number. Abhi says you are sensible and grown up, asks what is important, number or you. She asks in which category, I come? He says you are beyond any category, special category. Pragya asks when did we meet for the first time? Abhi says when we came infront of each other, then only met for the first time. She asks when did we fight for the first time? He laughs and says it is always a new time, as whenever we meet, we fight. She asks when did you say sorry to me for the first time. Abhi says I never said sorry. He asks her to talk something romantic and asks her to ask when did I say you I love you, took you in my embrace, our first kiss, first night etc. She says you might remember all this. Abhi says I want to remember all the good things related to you and can’t forget it. He says I just want to remember all the good things about you and says I miss you even when you are infront of me. He says when you are in my embrace, that moment, I get all the happiness of my life. Aakhiri baar….plays…Pragya says you make me diverted from the topic. Abhi says I am yours, you are mine, come closer to me and give me what I want. He hugs her.

Ranbir asks Prachi not to worry and says nothing has happened to your parents. Prachi asks really? He says your mom and dad are fine. He says I tied to Rhea, as I didn’t want you both to collide. He says I took you to room as Rhea came. Prachi says you lied to me and not Rhea. Ranbir says I can never lie to you. Prachi asks him to look in her eyes and say. Ranbir recalls hiding from her and doesn’t say anything. Prachi says you lied to me, and don’t know when. She sits in taxi. Shahana also sits in the taxi and they leave. Ranbir thinks she thought her mom and dad are in danger and left.

Aunty comes to Abhi and Pragya and sees them romancing. Pragya says they were fighting. Abhi says there was something in the ear. Aunty says if fight is this, then how would be the love? Abhi says I will show, but she will not agree. Aunty gives their hands in each other’s hands and asks them never to leave each other. She blesses them and goes to bring something. Allah wariyan plays….Pragya says sorry for fighting. Abhi says where there is a love, there is a victory for sure. He hugs her. Uncle comes there and asks them to come.

Shooter 1 talks to Shooter 2 and tells that this contract has become his personal contract. Shooter 2 says I want my record to be 100 percent. Shooter 1 says ok, this contract is of us both. He says no third contract killer shall come. The third shooter comes there and teases Shooter 1 for wasting his 10-15 bullets. Shooter 1 gets angry and holds Shooter 3’s neck with his hand. Shooter 4 and 5 comes there. They see Shooter 3 dead. Shooter 1 says throws his body infront of the wild animals and promises to give the money to Shooter 4 and 5 which he will get after killing Abhishek Mehra. Shooter 2 asks Shooter 4 and 5 to sit and see, says we will kill them. Shooter 1 says he will kill Abhishek Mehra.

Uncle takes Abhi and Pragya to the decorated room. Abhi says it is usually done by the bahus, betis, etc. Pragya says it is good. Aunty brings food in the plate and argues with Uncle. She says husband and wife have to eat food from one plate and applies black tika behind Pragya’s ear. Uncle says you are like our kids, so will not get the bad sight.

Dadi gets down from the Rickshaw and asks her to come. Sarita behen tells that she will go home. Dadi asks where Abhi will come with Pragya after marriage. Sarita behen says your home. Dadi says we shall do Pragya’s grah Pravesh. Sarita behen pays the money to the auto driver.

Ranbir tells that Rhea believed him, but Prachi didn’t believe him. He asks what to do to win her trust? Palak says Prachi trusts you, but she was stressed. Ranbir thanks Palak and Jai, and says he will marry Prachi in a grand marriage and not secretly. Aryan hugs him. Palak says that’s why God didn’t let the marriage happen this way. Aryan says we have become the fools but. Jai says its ok. Ranbir says if my marriage doesn’t happen with right way, then you people have to help me. Aryan runs behind Ranbir with Jai and Palak and says I got Pandit of Last rites to get your marriage done. Ranbir looks shocked.

Aunty asks Pragya to apply some shagun mehendi. Pragya and Abhi get emotional and think of Dadi and Sarita behen. Abhi says where such people are seen. Pragya also gets emotional seeing the good care and love of the couple towards them.

Ranbir asking Aryan, Jai and Palak to help him if he gets stuck again. Aryan and Jai run behind him. Jai says we lied so much for you. Aryan says I had brought last rites Pandit and made him learn the marriage mantras. He says you can’t even make her wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor. Ranbir makes an excuse and sits in car. He asks them if he want to sit in car, so they shall not touch her. They agree, sit in the car and then hits him teasingly. Har ek friend Kamina hota hai plays…Ranbir smiles.

Prachi and Shahana come home. Prachi looks for Pragya and thinks to talk to call Pinky’s mother number. She says may be Maa and Sarita behen went there. Aaliya asks Rhea if she knows that Meera is gone from the house. Rhea asks what? Aaliya says she told so much for you and told that you are stubborn, spoilt etc, I couldn’t bear it and that’s why I asked her to leave. Rhea is shocked and then says you had said that whenever Dad is with my mom, then he is always in danger. Tai ji asks her not to think all that and tells that Rhea is feeling that Abhi is in danger. Vikram comes there. Rhea asks who told you that Dad is in danger. Vikram says nobody told me, nothing of that sort happened. Rhea says then why is he not picking the call. Dadi comes with Sarita behen and tells that Abhi is with Pragya and don’t want anyone to disturb them. Sarita behen says they love each other so much. Aaliya asks what are you doing here? Dadi says for the important ritual of grah pravesh. Rhea asks why did Ranbir lie to me? Vikram says he might have done for pulling your leg. Rhea thinks why Meera didn’t talk to her before going and asks if Dad knows. Aaliya says it doesn’t matter. Rhea says you have to say.

Abhi tells Pragya that they will have food in one plate. He says his stomach will get filled with love and tries to make her have food. She bites his hand and says your stomach can get filled with love, but not mine. Abhi says you have bitten me on the tip of the finger, it hurts. She kisses on his finger. He smiles and says some treatment is still left. They make each other have food. Abhi tells Pragya that he has bitten his lips while having food. Pragya kisses on her finger and places it on her lips. She asks him to have food and says everything will be fine. Abhi says you are fake doctor and says he will make her remind the treatment. Pragya coughs. He makes her have water. Pragya says I will give you treatment. Abhi says I will treat you. Pragya asks him not to shout else they will come. He pulls her closer. She falls on his lap. Allah wariyan plays……He kisses on her forehead. Pragya says she is fine now. Abhi asks did you remember what aunty told, that our love will increase when we eat food in one plate. Pragya says love will not increase, as you don’t remember my number. Abhi says this day will go waste. Pragya says it is your mistake. He says he will rectify his mistake.

Abhi tells Pragya that he will apply her mehendi, as Sarita behen couldn’t apply her mehendi. He says the impression of the mehendi will always be on your hand. Pragya gets emotional. Abhi makes a design on her hand with mehendi. Pragya looks at him. Song plays…..Abhi asks how is it? Pragya thanks him. Abhi says you had said that everything will happen when I remember your number, and asks if everything? She nods yes and says you don’t remember the number. He writes her number on his hand. Pragya says you said that you don’t remember the number. Abhi says now everything will happen as I think. He runs behind her. Pragya says not me…

The shooters find the horse outside the village and think that Abhishek Mehra is hidden in the village. The shooter asks other shooter to kill both of them and search in every house. He says our personal contract will be fulfilled. Pragya locks Abhi in the room and stands out. Abhi asks her to open the door. He says I am your husband. She says I am your wife and have the right to refuse. Abhi senses something bad is going to happen and tells Pragya that he feels that everything will end if she don’t hold his hand.

Prachi worriedly tells Shahana that Maa is not with Sarita behen. Sarita behen says I shall go away from here. Rhea says you will not go, as no secret is big than Buji. She says she won’t be quiet today, I will tell everyone and Dad, whatever you have done with me. Dadi asks what? Rhea says Buji…Aaliya asks her to stop it. Rhea asks her to just wait and watch. She says I wanted Dad and Prachi’s mom to marry and even asked Meera aunty to back out. She says Buji didn’t want this, and wants Dad and Meera aunty to marry, I was coming in between her plan so she locked me in the storeroom. Purab comes there and gets shocked hearing this. He asks Aaliya if she did this with Rhea. He says you don’t leave even your loves ones, you are just a hopeless case. Dadi says let Abhi come, he will say what to do with Aaliya. Purab says shall I let you stay in the real estate as Abhi will not let you stay here. He says Abhi will not let her stay here. Pragya opens the door and gets inside. She asks if he is lying. Abhi says no and says I felt that something bad is going to happen, but just as came and hold my hand, I felt relieved. He says they have to fulfill their first condition and tells that if she goes away from her, then she shall remember his love etc. Pragya asks him to wait till night for the honeymoon. She runs out. He comes behind her. She runs inside and closes the door. Abhi says that’s unfair. Just then he gets shocked seeing something, may be the shooters.

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