Twist of Fate Sunday Update 5 July 2020


Twist of Fate Sunday Update 5 July 2020

Tanu brings Aaliya there and shows Purab and Bulbul hugging each other. She says she knows she cannot see them together. Aaliya says she is also jealous like other girls, but she has moved ahead and wants Purab and Bulbul marry now. Tanu says if she does not want to do anything, she will do it.

Aaliya asks what she will do now. Tanu says they both will marry if they are together, what if they are separated. Aaliya asks what does she mean. Tanu says she wants to destroy the wall between her and Purab. Aaliya asks what she wants to do. Tanu says she will show it and signals her goon to start car and crush Bulbul.

Purab seeing a speeding car towards Bulbul and shouts. Aaliya rescues Bulbul and falls on floor. Bulbul thanks her and says Purab told she has changed, but now she saw herself. Aaliya says she has accepted their relationship and wants them to unite. She scolds Purab for leaving Bulbul alone. Bulbul hugs Purab and says he was right, Aaliya has changed.

Tanu asks Aaliya why did she rescued Bulbul when she got the opportunity to get her out of life. Aaliya slaps her and asks when she does not have any problem in their marriage, why is she overreacting, only she and Abhi can decide about life and says if she tries to intervene again, she will tell Abhi that she helped her capturing Pragya’s fake MMS. She says she is sparing her as she is her friend.

Pragya practices in front of mirror how to propose Abhi. She gets nervous and thinks she has to tell it any cost. She thinks her life’s biggest happiness and feeling is with Abhi, thinks what if Abhi has also started loving her. She reminisces Abhi getting romantic with her many times. Serial’s tile song…. plays in the background. Abhi comes and sees her looking in mirror and engrasped in some thought. He asks it is very good. She says yes. He asks her to look at right side. She looks at his face. He asks why is she breathing so fast and says she should get herself checked up by doc. She asks when did he come. He says when she was trying black magic on herself. She says she is not. He says then she was trying to propose him. She says yes. They both get into an argument.

Purab brings Bulbul home and nurses her wound. Sarla asks how did she get injured. She tells her about the incident happened and how Aaliya saved her. Sarla says she is happy that Aaliya has changed and will not trouble Pragya now.

Sarla and family reaches Abhi’s home for the party. Sarla hugs Daadi and asks why is she not resting. Daadi says she is very happy and will do bangra now. Bulbul asks about Pragya. Daasi taunts that she knows whom she is searching for and asks her to go and meet Purab.

Pragya gets ready and applies makeup and lipstick. Abhi pushes her by mistake. She asks him to behave. He taunts that she should not do makeup as she cannot look pretty even then. He says people will watch her even if he is around. He challenges that he is rockstar and people will look only him. He applies lipstick on her nose. She runs behind him to apply lipstick on his face and he runs. In their tussle, her palloo falls down. She gets shy, turns back and hides her modesty. He nervously looks on the other side and drapes palloo back on her shoulder. She sees his eyes closed and gets impressed. They both look at each other romantically and then get conscious. Serial’s title song…..plays in the background. He takes lipstick from her and applies it on his nose. She gets more impressed and smiles.

Bulbul seeing Purab in the catering area. She throws a pebble on him and hides. Purab thinks it is Bulbul. Bulbul comes out and they both start talking. Bulbul says him I love you. Even Purab says I love you.

Daadi sees Abhi coming down alone and asks where is Pragya. He says she is taking much time to get ready, so he came down alone. Daasi says ladies take time to look beautiful and says she is proud that her bahu is not like other girls whose clothes are either short or their makeup too loud. Abhi says her bahu is very normal and he will show that other girls are beautiful than her. He goes to a lady whose back on his side and says he wants her to meet his daadi and prove that she is more beautiful than his wife. She turns and Abhi is shocked to see it is Pragya. He asks why did she change her saree and why has she changed her hairstyle. She says he tore her pallu, so she had to change. Daasi taunts Abhi. Abhi says Pragya that he will get a more hotter girl today.

A lady with chirpy voice wearing beautiful gown enters. Akash sees her and tells Purab that she is Abhi’s biggest fan and follows him everywhere. Purab says she came at the right time and they can use her to unite Pragya and Abhi. He tells his plan to him and then Bulbul.

Abhi’s friends praise Pragya’s beauty and says Abhi is very lucky to have such a beautiful and elegant wife. Abhi says Pragya that people are looking at her because of him. She says it is other way around. Lady waves hello to everyone, but nobody speaks to her. Guests discuss that she is Abhi’s biggest fan and is mad about him. Lady meets Abhi and Abhi starts conversing with her to make Pragya jealous. Lady sees Pragya and asks if she is his wife. He says she can call her Chasmish. She repeats chasmish. Bulbul gets angry seeing Abhi insulting Pragya. Lady says Abhi his sense of humor is very good and she can hear him for hours. Abhi says if Pragya hears that, she will shoot UV rays from her eyes and will make her also chasmish. Pragya angry leaves with Abhi following her.

Bulbul says Purab that his plan is failing and until Pragya and Abhi unite, she will not marry him and ask him to try.

Suresh looks at new year party’s card. Rachna (who is pregnant since the serial started, can says 2-3 years) asks him what he is looking at. He says new year’s party invitation card. She asks him to go and enjoy. He agrees and goes to get ready.

Purab provokes lady/Neetu that she should do something that Abhi gets mad about her and think that he has not met a girl like her till now and will never meet again. She asks him to just wait and watch. She goes and seductively touches Abhi. Pragya gets jealous. Abhi asks Pragya if she is jealous now. He starts dancing with Neetu who sensuously and s**ily dances on Lazy lazy lamhe……song… Tanu gets angry seeing that and drags Abhi from there. She asks Abhi why did he call Neetu. He says she came herself. She asks why is he dancing with her so intimately. He says he was making Pragya jealous and says she knows he cannot tolerate those kind of girls even for a second and asks her to cheer up.

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