Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 4 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 4 April 2021

Pragya telling Prachi that she will talk to Disha and she has her number. Sarita behen asks her to go there and get the award also. Pragya says she will talk to her on phone. Prachi goes to terrace. Ranbir comes there and talks to her. He asks what is she doing here and with whom she came? She asks him to leave her alone. He says I wanted to say this to you and tells that he is drinking juice. Prachi says I know what you are drinking, it is beer. He says did you get smell or guessed. Prachi says I will go from here. He says you said that you like me? Prachi says when did I say. He says you drink. She says I never drink and never said this. He says my eyes might have heard and asks her to sit, says he is enjoying her company.

Prachi says his company is unbearable for her. He says punishment will be if you are going and if I am stopping you. Prachi asks him to try to stop her. Ranbir says stopping you is like committing suicide. He says Palat. She turns and says this is not a film. He says I am your boss and you shall turn when I ask you. Her dupatta gets stuck. She asks him to leave her dupatta, turns and sees him far. She tries to free her dupatta. He says it will torn. They argue. Ranbir asks her to leave job. She refuses and says you don’t have boss quality. He laughs seeing the dupatta freeing and spills the drink on his clothes. Prachi takes him to side and cleans her suit with tissue paper. She says you shall not drink as your mom and dad don’t like it. He says that’s why I came here and goes

Purab recalls Disha and Aaliya’s conversation and gets sad. Abhi asks what happened? Purab says everything changes, but not the past, it remains painful and same. He says Disha is still in pain and her anger..He says why God sent her here on my anniversary day and says whenever she sees me, she has hatred in her eyes for me. He says how to see hatred in her eyes, where love used to be. Abhi says Disha can’t hate you. Purab says I met her today. He says you are related to both Aaliya and Disha. Abhi says he is worried about both of them. Purab asks about me? Abhi says you are my bhai and hugs him. He says I can choose between right and wrong, but relations..I don’t know. I don’t know if you shall be with Aaliya or not, you are married to her since many years. Aryan comes there and asks him to come and cut the cake. Abhi tells him that he is seeing that he is going close to Aaliya. Purab thinks of Doctor’s words. Prachi goes behind him. Ranbir says I don’t need any more teacher. Prachi says you spilled drink on yourself, you are impossible. Ranbir calls someone on terrace.

Disha cries and asks herself not to cry. She goes to bathroom and washes her face. Halla song plays…Aaliya sees Pragya’s call on Disha’s phone and thinks they are still in touch, if I tell Bhai then what he will do. Disha comes out of bathroom and sees Aaliya standing. Aaliya says will not you take your mobile and asks her not to do what she is doing, forgetting her things and coming again to get her stuff. She says what do you think that I will not see what you are upto and asks her to stay away from her husband Purab. Disha says why will I snatch him from you, he is with me and says about your husband, I am not interested. She says my tears is related to my past. Aaliya says it is a good try, but won’t be successful. She asks her to stay away from her husband else it won’t be good. Disha says why will I snatch your husband, when I am happy with my husband. She asks her not to do the mistake and says your husband is Purab Khanna, but my husband is Purab ji. She says I like only my Purab ji and your husband is safe. Aaliya says you are still talkative and I can see emotions in you. She says I saw when you looked at Purab, it was like you wanted him back. She says she wants her surety that she will not snatch Purab from her.

Ranbir drinks beer with his friends and says Prachi is stupid. His friend says he likes Prachi. Ranbir looks at Rhea’s pic and says he likes her. He tells that he thinks his enemy shall get her. Rhea tells Dimpy that she is good at keeping secrets. Dimpy says I like Aryan. Rhea says we have a class and asks her to tell that she misunderstood. Dimpy says yes, you misunderstood..I didn’t say that. Rhea says I am not upset with you and hugs her. She asks Ranbir’s friend Karan to talk to Dimpy as he needs a company and asks Ranbir to come. Karan says sorry Dimpy, I have work. Rhea tells him that Prachi went to terrace. Ranbir says he can’t do this. Rhea says you are a good and pure heart, but you have to do this for me. Ranbir says ok and goes.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi And Prachi Receive Bravery Award From CM

Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Disha to give her proof that she has nothing to do with her husband Purab. Disha says she don’t need to give her any proof. Aryan comes there. Aaliya says proof and tells that Aryan is Purab and her son. Aryan says hello aunty and asks if she is fine. Aaliya says ofcourse. Aryan says dad is calling you to cut the cake and asks Disha to come too. Aaliya says she will come. Beeji asks Pallavi why she is so happy. Pallavi says your son gave me a diamond ring and shows to her. Beeji says he gave you this ring to you on karwachauth and it has set also. Pallavi says this is new? Beeji asks her to go and check and says if I am wrong, then my all jewellery is yours. Pallavi says he lied to me, I will not leave him. Beeji asks her to take stick from room. Pallavi says I will not beat him. Beeji asks her to scare him. She says I will see the pic first and will scare him with my eyes.Ranbir thinks of Prachi while it is darkness in his room. Song plays…Vikram comes there and asks why you are sitting in dark. He asks him to come out and says cake will cut in sometime. He asks who is she? Ranbir says I will talk to Chief. Vikram asks him to talk to him. Ranbir asks what do you think about love? And asks him not to judge him. Vikram says love is the most beautiful thing which can’t be seen and must be felt in heart. He says I love your mum and can do anything to see happiness in her eyes. He says he can feel pain, but will keep her away from it. Pallavi comes there. Vikram says she missed me and that’s why came here. Ranbir says I have a feeling that mummy is angry. Pallavi calls him cunning and says you had given me this ring on karwachauth and again gifted the same ring. She says she don’t want to talk to him and goes.

want to talk to him and goes.

Disha thinks of Aaliya’s words that she wants proof from her that she will not snatch Purab from her and thinks of them. Halla song plays…..hritik comes there and says I have been looking for you. He asks her about her tears and says you can share if you want, and says after cake ceremony, there will be award ceremony so you shall be there. Disha asks him to go and says she will come. He is still standing. Disha cries. She turns and asks him to go. Hritik says I am worried about my company. She asks him to come.

Aaliya and Purab stand together to cut the cake. Aryan asks them to cut the cake. Purab looks at Disha. Aaliya cuts the cake with him. CM asks Disha to bring the awards. Aaliya makes Purab have the cake. Aryan announces his parents’ dance performance. Main tera banjawunga plays…..Purab looks at Disha while dancing with Aaliya. He is about to go, but Aryan stops him and says night is still remaining. He dances with them. He takes Prachi for dance. Ranbir takes Rhea. Dil dhadakne do plays…..Arya and Prachi dance together.

CM gives her speech and tells that Abhishek Mehra is with us and Anuradha ji who had saved CM Vasudha and many lives. She says Delhi govt honors them with the bravery award. Abhi says Anuradha ji is not here, but her daughter is here. He calls her. Prachi goes to stage. CM asks Prachi to tell her mum that they are very grateful to her. Prachi thanks her and receives the award with Abhi. Everyone claps for them.