Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 29 August 2021


Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 29 August 2021

After Dadi, Sarita behen applies haldi to Abhi. He asks why she is angry? Sarita behen says what is the use? when there is no value of love then what will be the value of anger. Abhi says Pragya is sometimes angry and sometimes happy…He asks Pragya to come and apply haldi to him. Pragya walks towards him and takes the haldi. She tries to apply haldi, when he moves back. Pragya tries to apply haldi and falls on Abhi, his haldi gets applied to her face. She gets tensed and goes. Abhi asks Aaliya to apply haldi to Meera and goes. Mitali says haldi gets applied to Pragya. Aaliya looks at her. Mitali goes and applies haldi to Meera. Meera feels the burning sensation and says it seems to be allergic reaction. She also goes. Pallavi asks vikram what is happening? Both have left. Purab asks about Raj. Raj greets Digvijay and asks him to come.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks her to talk to him. Prachi tells that she don’t love him, and wants someone who has money with him, with whom she can fulfill her dreams. Ranbir says you have forgotten all your promises and talks about the ring which she made him wear. He applies haldi to her hand and says after haldi, marriage happens and I will do all the rasams/rituals with you. He tells that he knows that she is lying to him and told in anger. He says you don’t want rich guy, but wants the guy who loves you. He says I will not run behind you and says you will tell yourself that you want to marry me. He tells that he would have applied haldi to her face too, but he don’t want to touch her face as whenever he wants to touch her, he wants to touch her soul. He talks about his love and tells his love brings smile on the face. His phone rings and he goes. Rhea hears them and comes to Prachi. Prachi says I have done the work needed for break up and asks why didn’t you stop haldi. Rhea says I didn’t talk about haldi and says I was talking about marriage. She says that she will fulfill her promise and tells that stopping the marriage is not easy. Prachi says breaking the heart is also not easy, Ranbir is taking time to understand. Ranbir comes there. Prachi goes seeing him. Rhea asks Ranbir why he wants to run behind her, when she don’t love him. Ranbir asks her not to stop him. Rhea shouts at him.

Abhi comes to Pragya and holds her hand. He comes closer to her. Pragya says haldi will be applied again. Abhi says Haldi is good for injury. He comes near her and applies haldi on her cheek…

Abhi applying haldi to Pragya and tells that this is the last time, when my color is getting applied on you. He reminds her of the last time, when they celebrated the colors…He says that color is getting replaced by something else. He says someone else is going to be colored with me and not you. Pragya asks why are you reminding me about the past. Abhi says our past has made us connected and says you didn’t look beautiful to me before. She asks him to go whoever he thinks is beautiful.

Abhi asks her to listen to him and tells that now she seems very beautiful to him. He says I can’t let you go far from me and gets drawn towards her. he says you might be thinking how did I love you, if I don’t felt you beautiful. Abhi says I loved you and your heart, and not your face. He tells that they might go far from each other and asks her to understand. He kisses on her face. Pragya says don’t do it and looks at Meera. Abhi asks if you are scared of her. Pragya says she is your would be wife. Abhi says but you are my wife. Pragya says Meera is coming here and stamps on his feet. Abhi shouts. Meera hears him.

Rhea asks how dare you? Ranbir asks why did you tell Prachi that I left her for you. He asks her to shut up and asks her not to force him to tell so many things about her, which he knows. Rhea asks are you threatening me and says we are soon going to get engaged. Ranbir says it didn’t happen but. Mitali comes there. Ranbir goes. Rhea thinks only I will come in your life and thinks to stop Dad’s marriage. Meera searches for Abhi and comes to the room, where Abhi and Pragya are hiding. Pragya tells him that if Meera would have seen them together then what she would have thought. Abhi says then she would have thought EFA..Extra fiancé affair and very soon it will become extra marital affair. Pragya says you have changed and was not like this. Abhi says I am very bad and that’s why you want to leave me. Aakhiri Baar plays…..

He holds her Pallu and wipes his face, says haldi was applied to his face. Pragya says it is there even now. Mitali thinks Abhi is marrying Meera, but romancing with Pragya in the corner.

Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words and hugs Shahana. Shahana tries to pacify her. Aryan looks at Prachi and Shahana. Ranbir comes from behind and signs Aryan to be silent. He keeps handkerchief on Shahana’s nose and takes her from there. Aryan runs behind them when Prachi goes.

Pallavi asks Vikram, why Dadi and Sarita are looking so happy with Abhi’s marriage and tells that Meera is my friend and I will not bear Pragya. Vikram says Pragya is Dadi’s bahu and thinks Pallavi has so much against Prachi and her family. Pallavi comes to Meera and asks why did she leave from the rasam/ritual. Meera tells about the irritation. Dadi and Sarita behen talk with Purab to plan for Abhi and Pragya’s union. Abhi and Pragya come downstairs. Abhi says I was thinking to apply haldi to you, so that my color gets applied to you, like it was applied to Pragya. Meera tells that she was having allergic reaction so can’t apply. He says ok, it is done. He congratulates Pragya for Meera’s dream and her wish.

Mitali tells Aaliya that she has a feeling that Abhi will marry Pragya. Aaliya says Raj bhaiyya knows the back up plan and calls him for Dig vijay. Ranbir asks Shahana about Prachi’s decision. Shahana says I don’t know. Ranbir says Prachi is doing break up with me, and asks her to tell what is the reason, says he will make everything fine. Shahana recalls Prachi giving her promise and tells that she really don’t know. Aryan says you know everything. Ranbir asks her to tell Prachi that he loves her truly and will not leave her.

Aaliya comes to the library and asks Digvijay not to smoke, says smoking is not allowed. She gives him some papers and says I will tell you how to use these papers, when and where. She thinks if Bhai don’t go according to me, then I will ask Digvijay to show these papers. Aryan tells Ranbir that Prachi’s mom didn’t ask her to leave you, and tells that she didn’t get the heart attack also. Ranbir says she is your Chachi. Aryan says she is so sweet. He tells that it all happened on the Diwali night and tells everything that Rhea was arrested etc. Ranbir gets the idea and tells that it was done by Rhea, as she wanted Prachi to break his heart so that he marries Rhea. He says Prachi can answer him. Pragya comes to Abhi. Pragya congratulates him and says your happiness is my happiness.


Pragya congratulating Abhi for his haldi and says your happiness is my happiness. She goes. Purab asks Abhi if Pragya di and he wants to unite? Abhi says if he wanted to unite with her, then why he would have agreed to marry Meera. He goes. Aaliya says you won’t let bhai stay happy. Purab that he knows where Abhi’s happiness is. Aaliya says Bhai wants to marry Meera and asks him to stop uniting them. Purab thinks if Disha would have been with him then she would have helped him unite them. Ranbir goes behind Prachi and calls her name. Prachi asks him to stop following her and tells that she was just after his money. Ranbir asks her if she is doing this on Rhea’s sayings and asks why is she doing this? Prachi turns and cries. She thinks of Pragya and tells that why will I hear Rhea. She says she don’t want to talk to him and says she don’t want to hit her head with the stone. She asks him why he is following her like a road side romeo. Ranbir says you used to talk badly about me, but I didn’t leave you before. He says there is no conviction in your words and tells that her eyes can’t lie. Prachi asks him to get his eyes treated and asks him to agree, else she will raise her hand on him next time. Sarita behen calls Prachi and asks her to come. Prachi asks Ranbir to accept that there is nothing left between them and asks him to move on. Ranbir thinks I loved you from my heart and will not forget. Prachi gets teary eyes and sits in the car. She tells Sarita behen that they were talking and thinks she can bear anything for her mom and hopes Rhea fulfills her promise.

Rhea thinks to talk to Meera and thinks she will agree to refuse to marry Dad. She comes to Meera and says I want to talk to you. She says I know that you know me since childhood and will agree to my sayings. Meera asks her to say. Aaliya comes there and tells Rhea that her Dad agreed to her sayings which she asked him to do. Rhea gets happy.

Meera asks what she wants to ask Mr. Mehra. Aaliya says she wants him to wear the same Sherwani which she selected for her. Aaliya says he is in that room, pointing towards it. Rhea goes there. Aaliya comes there and asks if she thinks Bhai will agree to you. She calls her selfish girl. Rhea says yes, I am selfish. She says it is better than becoming a bad sister and bad buji. Aaliya raises her hand to slap her. Rhea asks her to slap her and asks her to listen to her carefully. She says your slap can’t change my decision. Aaliya says Bhai and Meera will marry tomorrow itself and you can’t do anything. Rhea says if Dad gets married then he will just marry my mom and not Meera aunty. Aaliya thinks to move Rhea from her way if her plan fails.

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