Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 27 February 2022


Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 27 February 2022

Sushma telling Abhi that Pragya can never love you. Abhi says Pragya is staying with you since 2 years and you have kept her very well. Sushma says I am her mother. Abhi says and I am her husband. He asks him to ask someone about the meaning of husband. He asks Sushma not to interfere between husband and wife. Sushma says Pragya is very happy without wearing mangalsutra and sindoor of your name, and you shall understand that she is very happy. She walks away.

The groom Ashish and bride Pooja tell that they wanted to help Sid and Rhea. Sid says we are about to go, but Maasi ji stops us, we were about to tell, when we saw Police. Maasi ji says they got married in good mahurat and tells that now her kids will get married. Rhea says she will change her clothes. She is about to fall. Prachi holds her. Sid asks Rhea to take Prachi’s help, but Rhea refuses and goes. Sid hugs Ranbir and says he is married now. Pragya calls her business partner and talks to him. She asks him to come to office in the morning. Her business partner thinks she scolded me and I didn’t get angry, why? He says she shouts at me as my boss and I get love for her. He says I like you, Pragya.

Sid tells Ranbir that they are good people, Ashish and Pooja helped us and even their Maasi. He asks Ranbir why is he silent? He says you think that she is not right for me. Ranbir says you didn’t show Rhea on video call. Sid asks why did you leave Rhea. Ranbir asks if she forced you to marry you. Sid says no. He says he feels like Rhea is like Prachi’s reflection. Ranbir says they are sisters. Sid is shocked and tells that its ok. He says he wanted to marry Prachi’s reflection and got married to Rhea. Ranbir tells him about Pallavi’s warning that she will throw him out, if he doesn’t marry with her choice. He says I don’t want Mummy to throw you out of house, you went against her. Sid says Pallavi Chachi is sweet, but she will not forgive me. He says shall I tell her that I love Rhea. Ranbir says she knows that I love Prachi, but she didn’t forgive me. Sid says lets go home and asks Ranbir and Prachi to come with him. He requests him to come and says Prachi will handle everything.

Sushma comes home. Pragya says why you came late, as no meeting was scheduled. Sushma says she met Abhishek Mehra on road. A fb of their conversation is shown. Sushma says I felt like I should have not talked to him. Pragya says he is very stubborn, when someone tries to make him understand, then he doesn’t listen. She says Aaliya and Tanu told that they have property papers, then what is that which Gautam gave us. Pragya recalls telling Pragya that he has headache. Pragya says party is going on in the house. Abhi asks her to do head massage and feels great when she massages him. He praises her and talks romantically. Pragya says you are in romance mood. He says do the massage, we will romance later. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga..plays…Abhi says party can go on without me, but not my life, I always need you, you are my life and lifeline, and asks her not to leave him. Pragya says if I don’t see you smiling at once, then my day don’t end. He holds her closer. Fb ends.

Pragya thinks she was foolish to think that he will die without her, and was very happy now. She thinks to make him believe that she is not old Pragya. Abhi sits beside a boy and thinks of Sushma and Pragya’s words. Tum hi ho plays….as he recalls the moments, he has spent with her. Abhi asks God, when he got habitual to drink, he sent Pragya. He says Pragya was an epitome of beauty, but she shows attitude to me. He says Pragya hates me, and I don’t know why? He coughs. Pragya comes there and offers him water. He says Pragya. It turns out to be his imagination, as the lady is someone else. Abhi returns the water bottle and says he will drink water later.

Pragya is still standing at the window and recalling Abhi’s words. She cries and smiles, thinking how he used to calm down her anger. Abhi drinks and thinks about her. kyunki tum hi ho…plays…..He imagines Pragya and smiles.

Rhea going inside the room. Prachi goes behind her and gets emotional seeing her. Rhea looks at Prachi and takes off her earrings. Prachi thinks of Rhea’s deal with her and then confronting her for romancing with Ranbir. She helps Rhea take off flowers from her head. Later Ranbir asks Prachi what did Rhea say? Prachi says she couldn’t talk to her, was uncomfortable. She says she had thought to talk to her and sort out everything. He says Rhea must have talked to you. Prachi says she didn’t talk to her seeing her odd behavior, and says she behaved as if they are strangers and says she didn’t show if she has any memories or not. Sid tells Rhea that Pallavi Chachi will be very upset with me. He asks Rhea to tell something. He says I can’t say that my family will accept you soon and says give them sometime. He says he should have thought about Pallavi. Ranbir calls Sid and says he got morning flight tickets. Sid tells Rhea that they are going in morning. Pallavi opens the door and sees Ranbir and Prachi. She asks what are they doing here? Ranbir says Sid and asks her to see herself. Sid and veiled Rhea comes there. Pallavi gets angry, recalling her words. Beeji asks Sid, did you get married. Pallavi signs Beeji to stop and says sorry, you people came on wrong address. Sid says Chacha ji please. Pallavi asks him not to dare calling her Chachi. Sid asks her to understand. Pallavi asks did you forget why we threw Ranbir out of house? She says we had told you when you came here. A fb is shown, Vikram tells Sid that Ranbir is our blood, but he changed its color. He says I was like his friend, but he set his life alone. He says we gave her freedom to marry, and liked her too, but that girl betrayed us and married him. Beeji says they have come here for marriage. Pallavi asks her not to take Ranbir’s side and says he would have married with our choice. She tells Sid that he will stay here as their son and not as nephew. She says if they did mistake, by trusting him. She asks if he will go against them. Sid hugs her and promises to marry with her choice. Fb ends.

Pallavi asks did you ask us before marrying this girl, did this girl was my choice, did I like her? Ranbir says it is not Sid’s mistake.
Pallavi asks him to shut up and says you are justifying his mistake. You are defending him as he did the same mistake as you. She tells Sid that he can’t justify his act. Ranbir asks her to listen. Pallavi says I am standing at the same place as before, in a state of shock and completed betrayed. She says just girl and boy are changed, betrayal face is changed, but I am same. She says she can forget their mistakes, but can’t forget that betrayal. She says she has kicked them out as she don’t want to see Prachi’s face. She tells Prachi if she remembers what she said. A fb is shown, Pallavi tells that she is not her bahu. Fb ends. Pallavi says I had told you to stay away from my son, but don’t know what did you do that he went to marry you, leaving his mandap. She says what I felt, you couldn’t understand, as you are not a mother. She says you wanted to marry, haven’t thought about us, about our home which will break. She says you married in a temple and have party and took blessings of people. She says we heard taunts from people for months, whom I used to tell that Ranbir was Mamma’s boy, and some people thought that I am not a good mother. She says they thought that I don’t love Ranbir, but I know how much I love him. She says this is because of you Prachi, you came and ruin my family and world in just one jerk. She says she doesn’t want to see her face as her face reminds her of everything. She says you changed my son before your marriage. Prachi says I never thought about this.

Pallavi asks didn’t you think how we will feel, if you will marry him. She says I told you clearly that I don’t like you. She asks didn’t I tell you? She says this means you think about just yourself and haven’t thought about a mother, because of whom Ranbir is born. She says you didn’t see that mother’s 9 months and says not just 9 months, I bear pain for many months, doctor had asked me to take care, but I used to take him in my lap and used to roam all day. She reminisces his birth and says he was my life and happiness, my everything. She gets teary eyes and says you came and changed everything. She says I want you to become a mother, and same thing shall happen with you, which happened with me. She says your son shall leave you for someone else and then you will understand. Beeji asks her to stop it and says you shall not talk such things. Pallavi says why, she gave pain to me, she shall understand about my hatred for her. Prachi says sorry and says she didn’t do intentionally. Ranbir says everyone knows that you don’t like her, and asks her not to say this. Pallavi asks then why did you bring her here? Sid says I asked them to come here. Pallavi asks what did you think that I will accept your bride if she asks me. She says if she can’t hug her son, as she is infront of him, and he don’t seems to be like her son. Vikram comes there. Sid calls him Chachu. Pallavi asks him to stop and says I will not change my decision, falling in emotions.