Twist of Fate Sunday Update 25 October 2020


Twist of Fate Sunday Update 25 October 2020

Twist of Fate Sunday Update 25 October 2020: Dasi teasing Bulbul for feeling shy. Purab also teases, but she pinches him. Aliya gifts them and wishes them best for their married life. Dadi can’t believe it. Pragya says she told her once Purab and Bulbul get married, Aliya will have to accept that her marriage is not possible with Purab.

Aliya wonders where Vijay is. He comes from behind. She asks him to finish his work fast. He tells her there are so many people around, but not to be tensed. It’ll be done. Aliya goes to Purab and Bulbul and tell them enough of their drama. All are confused and shocked. Aliya says she will have to tell their secret to everyone now. Dadi asks what secret? Aliya says that..they are number one boring couple. It looks like they are in someone else’s reception. She gives them punishment of dancing with each other.

Purab and Bulbul dance romantically on Gerua song. Abhi imagines him and Pragya dancing as well. Tanu comes to him and breaks his imagination. She asks whether he took papers back. He says yes. Tanu gets happy. She goes. Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Pragya thinks he is so good but then why he’s getting trapped in Tanu’s talks. Then she says it’s not his fault. He believes anyone, but she won’t get trapped. He made her sign on property papers, but she won’t sign divorce papers. She will make sure she frees him from his enemies. Abhi thinks he’s doing all for her. Once he gets everything back, he will put a condition that if she wants to stay with him, then she has to stay as fuggi. He then thinks even if his fuggi is back, he will have to marry Tanu.

Dance finishes. All clap for Bulbul and Purab. Later, Bulbul wonders why there is no effect on Aliya. She’s behaving so normal and was looking happiest person there. She thinks not to think about that and heads back to the function. Bulbul was going around thinking happily of he marriage then she heard some one talking about killing Pragya but they disappeared when she reach there Abhi was thinking how happy he’s by getting the papers and after party he’ll tell Mogambo
but in the time being he should do something to irritates her,celebrate his victory and entertain guests so he pulled Pragya to the dance floor and when she wanted to protest he pressed her nose and they start to dance very romantically [while dance Tanu got upset,Daddy very happy and Bulbul thinking she can’t tell her sister what she heard because she looks happy and she going to be upset] Bulbul thinking who could want her sister died mention each one to see possibility and if she should tell Purab or not while he’s trying to make her happy and decide not to .
the bits from today the poison part Pragya was doing a plate to eat and Abhi took it from her then Vijay pass by them too a plate of food and add poison and sent it to Pragya but Abhi snatch from her had so it spoiled.  Aliya and Vijaiy was talking about he has to complete his work and kill Pragya and he said don’t worry once he aim he shoots.

Pragya getting Abhi’s message. She reads that the food is rotten and if she manages this way. Pragya replies that food was good, but might have rotten seeing his face. Abhi replies asking her to see her face in mirror. Pragya replies that she don’t have time. Abhi messages that all useless people say this line. Pragya writes you are amongst the top most people in the world. Bulbul comes. Pragya asks her to wait as important discussion is going on. Bulbul asks her to come. Abhi sends message saying where might be mogambo, he might be crying as he gave his name to her. Pragya gets angry. Bulbul asks her to come. Dadi comes. Bulbul tells her to take care of Pragya and be with her as she heard Abhi planning something funny for Pragya. Pragya is angry. Bulbul says Abhi is smart and asks Dadi to be with Pragya. She says she is going to torture her Purab. She asks Dadi to take care of Pragya. Pragya asks what happened to you? Bulbul says I got a dream and asks her to accept her sayings. She asks them to come. She thinks it is good that she asked Dadi to be with her.

Bulbul asks Purab to find a new way to surprise her. Purab tries to get intimate with her. Bulbul asks if he will force himself on his wife. Purab asks what she want to say? Bulbul says if anyone comes here. Purab says I will not ask anything from you and looks at her lovingly. Aaliya gets jealous and teary eyes.

Abhi argues with Pragya and asks how dare she to send adult message to him. Pragya says she didn’t send. Abhi shows the message to Payal. Ronnie says Pragya can’t send such message and reads I will kiss you message. Pragya is surprised and reads it. She says she meant to say she wants to kill him. Abhi says he will show the message to everyone present in the party and will tell media. Pragya threatens to file police complaint. They argue. Aaliya comes to Vijay and asks why he has not done work till now. Vijay asks if she has seen Pragya. Aaliya says she is talking happily. Vijay asks her to see, and says just as she comes beneath the Chandelier, it will fall on her. Aaliya likes the plan.

Bulbul and Purab greet the guest. Bulbul thinks function is over and Pragya is saved now. She wonders how the attacker kept quiet and thinks to inform Pragya and Dadi. Just then she sees someone reflection. Aaliya and Vijay hides. Bulbul thinks it might be her fear. Aaliya burns the rope and goes from there. Bulbul sees the wire and tries to set off the fire. She runs towards Pragya, shouting at her to move away from the place. She pushes Pragya and gets injured as the chandelier falls on her body damaging her face. Everyone is shocked.

They rush her to the hospital. Sarla asks Doctor to save her daughter and says she might be very much hurt. Doctor tells them that they need to do her operation, asks her to have patience. Sarla cries and says she want to go inside. Dadi asks her to calm down. Sarla says if they don’t save my daughter then I will not leave them. Abhi tells her that he will not let anything happen to her. Sarla cries feeling her pain and says she needs me. Pragya cries and goes from there. Abhi asks her to pray to God. Pragya recalls Bulbul saving her and getting injured. Dadi comes to Pragya. Pragya hugs her and cries asking why this has happened to her sister. Dadi asks her to have trust on God. Pragya says that chandelier is about to fall on me, and she saved me. Dadi says it is done now, and says nobody can change the destiny. Pragya says I felt something wrong is going to happen, and that’s why got them married. She says she never wanted this reception but agreed anyhow. She asks if her love is so weak to lose everytime. Dadi says love can’t be weak, it can be suppressed for time being. Pragya says I am become all alone, can’t go near my mum and tell that I am with her. Dadi says she will be with Sarla, and says it was an accident. Dadi says Bulbul is very courageous. Pragya hugs her and cries.

Aaliya comes to hospital and asks Purab to say something. She says I will not let anything happen to Bulbul. Purab cries and says he want to see Bulbul. He says he kissed Bulbul forcibly and she got angry. He asks her to apologize to Bulbul on his behalf. Aaliya promises and asks him to hold on his tears. She says she will talk to her and hugs Purab. Everyone is shocked.

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