Twist of Fate Sunday Update 24 February 2019

Mitali catching Sangram eyeing Disha while the latter is taking selfie. Sangram makes excuse and calls her Amma. She says she is bhabhi of the house and asks him not to call her Amma. Pragya is going out to enquire about Simonika, when Abhi stops her and pretends to fall. Pragya helps him get up and take him to room. Mitali comes to Disha and asks her to beware from new cook. Disha asks what did he do? Mitali says he did a sin and asks him to keep an eye on him. Disha asks her to tell clearly. Mitali says he was staring you when you was clicking selfie. She tells her that she found his sight bad and asks her to keep the room door closed. Disha wonders why Rama was looking at her. Pragya takes Abhi to room.

Pragya asks him not to make excuse and says she has much work.

Abhi says you are my wife and not secretary. Pragya touches his hands and face sensually. Abhi feels her touch. Pragya makes his leg straight and asks if he is not feeling pain now. Abhi says he is fine with her touch. Pragya says once I return, all night is yours.

Simonika tells Disha that she is going home. Disha tells Pragya that she needs to tell something to her. Pragya says she will listen to her after coming back. She comes out and sees Simonika talking to Vikram on phone angrily. She decides to follow her and gives money to beggar who blesses her. Disha is worried, but don’t tell anything to Abhi.

Simonika realizes someone is following her and takes auto. Pragya takes auto too and follows her, but then follows wrong auto. She thinks to go to her address. Sangram thinks Disha was looking nice and sees her spying on him. He thinks Mitali might have told her and thinks to act to be good. He acts good so that her doubt gets cleared. He tells her that he made Chana masala and palak paneer. Disha thinks if Mitali doubted him unnecessarily. Sangram thinks to be careful.

Pragya comes to simonika’s address and thinks today she will know her truth. She comes to old woman’s house and asks who is she? Old woman couldn’t hear her properly and asks who are you? Pragya says I came to stay nearby.

Disha waits for Purab and thinks he didn’t come till now. Purab comes and says he is very hungry to save him from her anger. Disha goes to bring food. Purab thinks he has learnt to lie. Pragya asks woman about her daughter. She sees her daughter’s pic and thinks Simonika has lied to her. She checks in the house. Old woman tells pragya about her daughter. Pragya thinks don’t know what else Simonika have done. Pragya says I need to go. She is going out when Simonika comes there

She says I would have take you with me. She calls Maa and says my Maa’m came. Pragya slaps her and says your real intentions is revealed before me. Simonika asks what are you saying? Pragya says you have lied to us many times and tried to separate me from my husband. She says I know that you are fooling everyone. Pragya says you tried to kill my husband and says Dr. Jyoti called and told her everything. Simonika says no, what you are saying. Pragya says it is my mistake to let you play with our lives. She says may be all the attacks was because of you, and counts all the conspiracy. Simonika says its enough and acts innocent.

Pragya accusing Simonika. Simonika says I have always tried to protect you and your husband. When snake incident happened, I was in the same house, it would have bitten me. You gave me address of Khan Chacha, I was having guitar in my hand, it would have blasted my hand. Pragya doesn’t believe her. Simonika asks her to trust her and says I will not lie in the name of mother. She goes inside and says I am Simmi. Woman says Rimmi left me, and asks will you also leave me. Simonika says I will not leave you.. woman says Rimmi will come. Simonika says I have to go from here for few days and tells about her boss. Woman says yes, she came and asked about you. Simonika pretends to be nice with her and says she will ask neighbor to cook food for her and asks her to take care of herself.

She tells that she took her report to doctor and got medicine for her. woman says Rimmi is better than you, she don’t ask me to have medicine. Simonika says I am going now. Woman asks her to take care.
Pragya hears her and falls in her trap. She asks Pragya to come. Pragya asks her to tell what is going on and says she said she has one daughter. Simonika says she forgets herself and tells that she has Alzheimer and tells that her younger daughter Rimmi eloped with a guy.

Pragya asks why there is no pic of yours..Simonika says she got Rimmis’s pics framed all around in the house for her mother. She shows her photo album with Rimmi and woman. Pragya says Jyoti said that you are married. READ NEXT/25 MON FEB ON TWIST OF FATE