Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 21 March 2021


Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 21 March 2021

Mitali thinking if Meera will be like Tanu and thinks lovers are good, but diljale/one sided lovers are not good. Rhea and Aryan are in the car. Aryan sees Ranbir getting down the taxi and thinks to ask. Ranbir sits in their car and asks Rhea to take him to gym. Prachi and Shahana are still waiting outside the gym near Ranbir’s car. Ranbir comes there and tells that he don’t see properly in daytime. Rhea sees Prachi and Shahana there. She thinks Ranbir and Prachi are having an affair with each other. Aryan makes Ranbir hide. Ranbir hopes his life problem ends. Aryan says murder is not permitted in India. Aryan comes to Prachi and Shahana and divert their attention. Ranbir signs them hiding his face and leaves. Prachi says he will meet her some day.

Sarita behen tries to take taxi, but nobody comes. Abhi comes to her and offers to give her lift. Sarita behen says I will come when you are insisting and asks why you are so good. He says I am good with good people. Sarita behen sits in his car and likes it. She asks if it is his and then says you are a company owner and it must be yours. She says you don’t look rich by face. Abhi says don’t see my face. She says she meant to say that he is not arrogant and rude like rich people. She talks about her son who left her and tells that his daughter had left her too. She then talks about Prachi and her mum. She says she is having a daughter and grand daughter now. She asks about his wife. Abhi tells her that he was arrogant before, but since he met his wife, she changed him. Sarita behen he is talking exactly like Prachi’s mum and tells that she is also like your wife. She asks him to tell her if he wants to marry. Abhi says your are aged. Sarita behen says she has a good proposal for him and says Prachi’s mum is good. Abhi says he will drop her home.

Pallavi asks Vikram to sit and talk. Beeji scolds him. Shahana and Prachi ask him to sit. Pallavi says he will not sit. Vikram says I am their boss and asks Pallavi not to scold him. Pallavi says it is not my anger, but love for you. Vikram asks Pallavi to sit with him. Prachi makes her sit and says she will work in the storeroom. Beeji goes to help her. Shahana leaves. Pallavi appreciates Vikram for hiring Prachi for work. Aaliya asks Rhea to drink something quietly.

 Prachi brings something from the storeroom and tells that it will give personal touch. Pallavi appreciates her. Aaliya asks Rhea about Prachi. Rhea says she is Vikram uncle’s secretary. She says whatever she does, she fails. Aaliya asks her to drink milk and says I will make her confidence fall. She tells Pallavi that the lavish party can’t be handled by Prachi and asks them to don’t get her wrong. She says Prachi that she can’t handle the lavish party as she don’t know how it is organized. Pallavi tells that she could have hired anyone, but Prachi gave her personal touch to the party arrangements. Aaliya says the things which she has chosen is cheap. Dadi says it was kept in our storeroom. Prachi says Bu ji was telling…Aaliya says I am Bu ji only for Rhea and nobody can take her place. Dadi asks Prachi not to feel bad. Sarita behen thinks if Abhi and Pragya get married then both of them will have a family.

Sarita behen thanking Abhi for the lift. She asks him to reconsider her words. Abhi says I love my wife very much even now and she knows this. He says he can’t break her trust. Sarita behen says that’s why I ask you to marry Prachi’s mum. She says I will go else will give my marriage proposal to you. Abhi says I can’t marry, but can give you a hug. He hugs her. Sarita behen goes. Abhi thinks Sarita behen is praising her as she is his daughter, but Vikram also praised her and thinks nobody can be good other than Pragya.

Ranbir comes home and asks Pallavi what Prachi is doing here. Pallavi says she came to organize your birthday party and works from heart. Ranbir says he will go to club. Prachi thinks to get him scolded by Pallavi. She asks Pallavi to let him go to club. Pallavi says there are many girls there. Prachi says if he takes his girlfriend then it will be safe. She tells that he is innocent, but drinks wine on his friends’ insistence. Pallavi scolds him politely and asks him not to go out of home after 11:30. She then asks him to drop Prachi. Ranbir says he will not go. Prachi says I will go by myself. Pallavi asks him to go, be a man. He goes to drop her.

Meera calls Rhea and asks her why she was not picking the call. Aaliya scolds her. Rhea tells that she met with a small accident. Aaliya scolds Meera for calling Rhea and says you shall meet me tomorrow. I will remind you of the nanny rules. Ranbir and Prachi argue. Prachi asks him to take revenge. Ranbir gets upset. Prachi asks about the car. Ranbir says I don’t know. They argue. Prachi blames him for splashing dirty water on her and then running away. She takes keys and checks for his jacket. Ranbir asks her not to talk childishly. Prachi gets the jacket and asks for sorry. Ranbir says if I say sorry today then will say sorry all year. Prachi says this is not new year. He says it is 12 and asks her to wish her. Prachi wishes him happy birthday. Ranbir says I will say sorry after my birthday. Rhea sees them and thinks Ranbir loves Prachi and went to dropped Prachi, then why the hell he confessed love to me.

Later Ranbir comes to Abhi. Abhi asks for the beer. Ranbir says you saw. Abhi says I went through the same phase. He tells about his journey and asks him to work and win the award for the best businessman. Vikram comes there. He says you are my son and listens to Abhi. Ranbir says chief taught me everything. Vikram says I gave you my car etc. Ranbir says Chief must have told you. He says it is good that Chief is here else you would have stopped me from having beer. Vikram says even he wants to drink, but stops Ranbir. Abhi says go for it. They all drink.

Prachi asks Shahana to come. Shahana says I will come. Prachi tells Sarita behen that she has work and Ranbir’s Papa is going to announce that he will handle the business now. She says he got everything in plate and tells that if she would be a company owner then she wouldn’t have let him be her company’s watchman. Shahana comes there. Prachi asks are you bride? They come to the party. Rhea gets upset seeing Prachi. Prachi wishes happy birthday to Ranbir. She greets everyone. Abhi asks about her mum. Prachi says she don’t attend parties. Abhi says we are family now. Rhea thinks how she became family and thinks everyone is ignoring her and talking to Prachi. She says if she talks to my dad, then I will talk to her mom. She thinks to make her feel how she is feeling to see her father talking to her.

Meera tells Abhi that he shall be careful. Abhi says you are worried about me and tells that I understand when your eyes are teary. He says I know you are worried about Rhea. Meera says you need to understand more. Abhi says Rhea has become rude. Aaliya comes to them seeing Meera with Abhi. Abhi goes.

Mitali takes Meera to side and asks don’t you like me. Meera asks why you are asking this. Mitali reminds that she used to help her when she came here. She tells her that Aaliya is Purab’s unwanted wife and she got married to him with her wish.

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