Twist of Fate Sunday Update 21 June 2020


Twist of Fate Sunday Update 21 June 2020

Abhi getting Daadi back on her bed. He scolds cousin daadi’s for leaving daadi alone. Daasi says she went out just 5 minutes ago. Daadi murmurs Pragya name repeatedly. Pragya tries to go to Daadi’s room, but Tanu holds her hand and says she cannot go to Daadi’s room as she is the reason behind Daadi’s illness.

Twist of Fate Saturday Update 20 June 2020

Pragya says may be she is the reason, but she and Aaliya are the main culprits and asks her to leave her hand, else she will be left with one hand for the rest of life. Tanu gets afraid and leaves her hand. Pragya reaches Daadi’s room. Daadi says she is her dignity, gives her hand in Abhi’s hand and falls unconscious again. Abhi and Pragya gets worried and asks nurse to check daadi. Nurse says she is very weak and fell unconscious because of it and asks them to let Daadi rest for some time.

Aaliya sees Purab and Bulbul and says Purab that she did not think he would stand against her for someone, pointing at Bulbul. She asks him to remember their childhood days when he, Abhi, and she used to be together, now he is against them. Purab says he cannot believe the girl who brought Pragya home is troubling and is wrong. Aaliya says some things cannot be considered wrong and reminds of their childhood days where they used to steal icecream and not do homework.

He says that was our childhood and now even after growing up, she is acting childish. She says she is not childish. He asks then to prove that by proving that Pragya is not wrong. She stands silently. He says if she cannot, then she should not question him again. He sees Abhi coming there and asks him to open his eyes, use his brains (which he does not have) and realize that Pragya cannot be wrong. Abhi says he does not want to use his brains as usual and says he made a mistake by allowing Pragya to stay for 24 hours in his house and asks Purab to get out of his house.

Sarla says Biji that her daughter Pragya was in trouble and nobody informed her about it. Biji says she did not inform her as she would have gotten ill and she could not have handled both Pragya and her. Sarla says nothing will happen to her and says Pragya has taken oath that she will not come back home until she proves herself innocent. She says she asked Bulbul to go and inform her what is happening at Pragya’s house, but she did not cal her at all. Bulbul and Purab come there. Sarla asks Bulbul if everything is alright. Bulbul bends down her head sadly.

Tanu says Abhi not to worry, once Pragya gets out of house, she will take care of Daadi. Aaliya comes running and says someone leaked Pragya’s MMS, shows it on net and says this will ruin your career and people will allege that you cannot take care of your wife that she went with another man. She says now producer who used to wait for your call will not pick your call now and says it is all because of Pragya, what will happen if Daadi sees this and says why did she come to our house to ruin our reputation. Abhi walks out from there.

Purab tells Bulbul that Pragya will get out of this problem soon and asks to trus him. She says she knows Pragya from childhood and always used to stand against injustice, now she is repeatedly getting injustice, why god made her fate like this.

Pragya sees Abhi and tries to speak to her, but he gets in to room and imagines his fans scolding him and telling they will ban his shows. He starts breaking all his awards and furniture in the house and thinks everything is finished now, all his reputation, career, etc. Pragya shockingly watches him panicking. Tanu comes there and asks him to control himself. He says he is getting mad thinking about his career. Tanu says that MMS is not leaked and says Aaliya had saved it in a folder and forgot it and thought it has been leaked, now his reputation is not at take. Abhi hugs and thanks her and says she gave him a new life. Tanu looks at Pragya and smirks. Pragya continues crying vigorously.

Abhi tiredly coming to Aaliya’s house. She apologizes him for her mistake and says she was afraid and did not realize MMS was stored in her laptop instead of going viral. He starts drinking alcohol. She says what if it gets leaked by person who sent us and says his fans will start badmouthing that Rockstar Abhi cannot take care of her wife, he comes in their dreams, but someone else comes in her dreams, he cannot satisfy her. He asks what rubbish she is talking. She gives him more alcohol and says she is telling truth and asks what will he do if people tell he is impotent that he can’t even satisfy his wife and says everything is happening because of that behanji and he has to take revenge and kick her out of house. He gets angry and walks out from her room.

Pragya reminisces Abhi breaking items at room and blaming her. Abhi comes to room and falls on ground. She tries to pick him up. He pushes her and asks her not to touch him. He opens laptop and switches on his performance video on TV. He asks her who he is and says he is rockstar Abhi and everyone loves her performance, his songs are on top list, girls die to see him. He says in this country, there are many actors and cricketers and only one rockstar and and that is him and she is his wife. Even after knowing that, how can she sleep with someone else on his bed.

Abhi asks Pragya if her MMS gets leaked, people will start blaming him and call him impotent. He asks if she was was in love with her boyfriend, then why did she marry him and says she married for his money. He asks how can she sleep on his bed with her lover, starts touching her with lust, asks if her lover touched her like that and says even he wants to do whatever her love did to her. She pushes him and walks. He says he is her husband and has right on her. He starts touching her body again with lust describing each touch. She pushes him on ground and says if he wants to force himself on her, she will not let him near her. He gets up and comes near her again saying he is her husband. She pushes him out of room, locks door from inside and asks him to leave her alone. She starts crying vigorously then.

Bulbul and Purab come out of Sarla’s house and she says him bye. He holds her hands. Daadi sees them and thinks they both have come even closer after being separated and prays god to unite them. Purab shows her house and says it is her house and where is she going. She gets into her house.

Aaliya starts brainwashing Abhi again that she asked him to marry Pragya to torture her, but she is torturing him and his dear ones instead and says Tanu loves you a lot and can anything for you. He asks where is she. She says she went to her home and you did not kick Pragya out yet.

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