Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 20 June 2021


Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 20 June 2021

Abhi asks him to get up and asks Chaubey to get up. Chaubey murmurs that he is chaalbaaz chaubey. Abhi asks Vikram, why did you bring me here, I was searching Pragya. He asks who made Chaubey drunk? Vikram says don’t know. Pragya recalls Sarita behen’s words and gets sad. She imagines Abhi coming to her and starts dancing with him. rang de toh mohe gerua song plays….They dance and apply color on each other’s faces. Pragya’s imagination ends.

Prachi takes Ranbir to room and asks why did he dance with Maya and why he gave her so much attention. Ranbir asks her to listen to him. Prachi says I brought my Maa here forcibly and asks her to get marry with Maya and enjoy life. Ranbir says sorry. She says I think you have some problem genuinely and says you couldn’t control seeing her, asks if he really likes Maya, then tell them so that they don’t waste their time. Ranbir says I swear that he don’t like any girl except her. He says how can I like someone else, you are in my eyes and in my heart. He says you are so good and different from others….Prachi. He says I love you Prachi. Prachi is shocked. He sits down and asks do you love me Prachi. Prachi is about to go out, he asks her to answer him and not to go without answering him. Prachi recalls their moments….kaise hua song plays…..She goes out of the room. Ranbir falls down on the bed and faints. He says do you love me Prachi? Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words and his question that if she loves him. She comes to Pragya and hugs her. She says Ranbir told me…Just then Pallavi comes there and asks about Ranbir. Prachi says he is drunk and slept. Pallavi says they made Maya drunk bhaang. She asks if she will be able to make Maya confess. Prachi goes.

Pallavi takes Pragya to make her meet Mr. Mehra. Prachi comes to Maya and tells her that she will take her to meet Ranbir. Maya says I saw you going near close to Ranbir many times as you love him. She asks her and says I know you like him. She says I know everything. While she is taking her to room, someone is behind her. Prachi takes Maya to Ranbir’s room. She hears some noise and comes out. Ranbir sees Maya and asks why did you blame me for molestation? He asks did I really molest you? Maya says you didn’t do anything, but you have to marry me. Prachi starts recording the video. Maya says I love you very much.

Ranbir says I just love Prachi. He says I will die before loving you. He says I love Prachi very much. Maya says you have to marry me else I will send all your family members to jail. Ranbir asks what you will do? Maya says I will accuse you for false rape and then you have to marry me. Ranbir asks her to just go to hell. Maya says I love you, you are just mine. She falls on the bed beside him. Prachi senses someone’s presence and thinks Ranbir will be freed from this marriage alliance and the case.

Pallavi bringing Pragya to Abhi’s room and tries to wake up Vikram. Vikram and Abhi are sleeping on the bed. Pragya picks the pillow, but doesn’t see Abhi. Vikram asks Pallavi to let him sleep. Pallavi tries to wake up Abhi. Vikram says he is my jaan and asks her not to wake him up. Pallavi asks why did you drink when you couldn’t handle yourself. Vikram says I couldn’t handle you, but you are still with me. Pragya asks Pallavi to let them sleep, she will meet them some other time. They leave. Abhi hears her voice and thinks Pragya came, but she is already gone. He thinks he is imagining her. Prachi senses someone is behind her. Shahana comes to Prachi and asks where is Ranbir? Prachi says I don’t want to talk about him and asks if they have nothing in their life rather than Ranbir. She says Maa messaged me that she is going home and let me stay here to help Ranbir. Shahana asks what happened? If he said something. Prachi recalls his love confession and asking for her answer. She thinks if I tell them then they will tell Maa and she will ask me about my reply.

She tells that she wants to end this Maya Puran and wants to go home. She says I will give this video to his family and will go home. Shahana asks if she will not show the video to Ranbir. Prachi says he is unconscious. Sarita behen tells Shahana that Ranbir might have told her something. Prachi tells that she is going to wake up Ranbir. They come to the room. Prachi asks Sarita behen to wake him up. Sarita behen says she can wake up others by shock/by throwing water. Shahana says if he has a weak heart then? She asks Prachi to wake him up. Prachi tries to wake him up and calls his name in low tone. She says I am calling you since so much time. She looks at him. hasti rehti hun….plays…..She recalls Ranbir taking stand for him. Kaise hua song plays…..She recalls all their moments….Ranbir is still sleeping and pulls her hand. She falls on bed. Shahana says I can wake him up and tells that she brought football for him.

Sarita behen finds someone is standing and checks. Aaliya hides and goes inside the other room. She makes the vase falls down mistakenly. Sarita behen goes there. Aaliya hides behind the bed. Sarita behen doesn’t see Aaliya due to bhang effect.

Aaliya comes out from behind the bed and thinks she never thought that she has hide from these jokers in her own house. She recalls hearing Ranbir confessing love to Prachi, thinks thank God Rhea was not there else don’t know what she would have thought. She thinks when she couldn’t bear to see him engaged to Maya then how she will bear Ranbir to express his feelings to Prachi. She thinks once this recording is shown to everyone, Ranbir will be free of molestation charges and he will get rid of Maya, but then the family members will get him married to Prachi as he loves her. She thinks to use Maya for Rhea to get Ranbir. Prachi comes to Ranbir and tries to wake him up. Ranbir murmurs asking her to reply. Shahana asks Prachi what answer he wants? Prachi says we will go home, but will give recording to his family. Aaliya thinks she won’t let anyone see the recording. Sarita behen asks Shahana to find out what happened. Beeji tells Pallavi that Prachi is a blessing and wherever she goes, she makes everyone happy. Pallavi agrees with beeji and praises Prachi. Aaliya takes color in her hand. Prachi thinks to give recording to Pallavi and thinks she will not stay here anymore. She slips down and the mobile falls down from her hand. Aaliya takes the mobile and takes out the memory card. Aryan sees Aaliya going and looks at her. Prachi takes her phone and tells that it has video.

Sarita behen says Ranbir is very much trapped and thinks Maya should have a trademark so that people maintain distance from her. She asks her to go away from Ranbir. Maya is also unconscious beside Ranbir on the bed. Sarita behen pats on Ranbir’s cheeks and asks him to get up. He opens his eyes and asks where is Prachi. Sarita behen says Prachi has recording everything in her mobile. Ranbir looks at Maya beside her on the bed.

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