Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 2 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 2 May 2021

Sanju watches Rhea anxiously wait for her friend in the hall. His friend asks what she is upto. Sanju tells him to mind his own business. His friend convince Sanju that Prachi has other friends as well, she isn’t interested in him. He was with him earlier, but not in this mission. He leaves.
Rhea takes the powder from her friend.

Rhea comes across Priyanka and says they have a good news, Sanju is ready to be a part of their plan. Priyanka asks where Abhi is, at least he should see the ill character of Prachi. She wonders how Sanju was ready so easily. Rhea goes checking for Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya come inside the hall with Madhu. Abhi boasts about fixing the light. Pragya says the light was back in his progress of fixing.

Rhea takes Sanju upstairs and sends him into the room. She calls Abhi and says she has been looking for him. Abhi says he had an important work, can she come where he is. Rhea thinks she wants dad right here, so that he can see the truth about Prachi. She agrees to come there, but only if he comes to pick her up. Abhi thinks Pragya would love Rhea so that much that the image for her mom will be cleared. He tells Pragya to stay here, he got something for her and leaves. Pragya thinks she needs to go to Mr. Mehra’s place, Prachi and Shahana must be waiting for her. Madhu suggests Pragya to go, she will explain to Abhi if he returns.

There, in the room Sanju asks why she wanted to meet him again. If she has changed his mind. Rhea inquires why Sanju changed his mind. Sanju thinks about Ranbir’s possessiveness for Prachi. He says it seems it’s difficult to ignite love for himself in Prachi’s heart, someone else is there in his life. He must take the shortcut so that he doesn’t lose her. It took him some time to decide its better bring Mr. Bad for a while and be Mr. Right for Prachi, than to lose the game all over. Rhea was happy to hear this. She calls a waiter into the guest room. She introduces Sanju to Shaam, and says he will bring the drinks; he remembers the sequence. Sanju replies, black is his and orange is Prachi’s. Rhea leaves the matter to him and leaves.

Poorab comes to Disha’s house. She stood in the window and felt all alone. She had no one to celebrate Diwali, and this Diwali seems all dark and dull. Poorab knocks at the door. Disha turns around and was unbelievably happy. She walks to him. He requests her to smile, it suits her. Both wish each other Happy Diwali. She invites him inside. Poorab was hesitant to speak and says she was with someone else when he came here earlier. Disha didn’t understand his meaning, and says she likes it when he comes over. She goes to get some sweets for him. Poorab looks for Ritik.

Disha’s phone bell rings. It was Veronica. He calls Disha then wonders why so many missed calls. He attends the call from Veronica. Veronica was happy and asks her about Ritik, she says she is ready to marry Ritik and is thankful for Disha to make her realize how good Ritik as a guy is. Poorab thinks about Disha’s lie that she loves Ritik.

Vikram finds Pahlavi and his mother cheerfully talking to each other. Vikram thinks he can’t lose the bet from Ranbir then goes to pump the ladies even more. The ladies say they were only talking about Vikram. Vikram says he was praising his mother, whatever he is, its because of his mother only. Pahlavi was jealous and reminds she is also in his life for past 25 years. She was furious over the appreciation. Maa ji asks Pahlavi why she is jealous. Ranbir comes to Vikram who boasts about creating the argument and fight. Ranbir regrets that Vikram finally won, because he had bet over a bet. He pays the money to Dida and Pahlavi as they were sure to fool him about the fight. Ranbir wasn’t ready to pay any bet prize to Vikram, instead they unite to steal Vikram’s credit card from his pocket.

Aaliya comes to Vikram asking about Poorab. She looked restless and worried.

Disha brings a plate of sweet for Poorab. There was a heavy storm and winds. Disha runs to shut the window panes, as it might blow her Diyas. Poorab reaches to help her against the strong gusts of wind. He place his hand over her shoulder, she flinches. They share an eye lock and Poorab removes his hands. Both had to say something. Disha allows Poorab to speak. Poorab inquires why she lied about Ritik. Disha’s phone bell rings once again. It wasn’t her phone, but Poorab and Aaliya on call. Poorab tells Aaliya he came to breathe in some fresh air and will be there in a while. Disha asks why Poorab lied. Poorab replies he doesn’t differentiate between rights and wrong, he stays in between to be able to work on her will. He requests her to let him stay here, he needs to breathe fresh air. Aaliya thinks she is never wrong about Poorab and must go to check for him at Disha’s place. She comes across Prachi and calls her ill names while hurriedly walking out.

Shahana and Sarita stood in the parking as they wait for Rishi. Shahana says they must have left by now, had Sarita not called Rishi. Sarita inquires what problem she has with Rishi. Shahana replies none, she now thinks he is a nice guy. Priyanka was overhearing their talk. Aaliya cmes to push them away from the car and gets in. Shahana murmurs from behind that the there will be time when she won’t even have time to listen to her. Sarita and Shahana laugh that Aaliya behaves so because she is Rhea’s fraternal aunt. Priyanka thinks they will soon forget to laugh when Prachi will be helpless.

Pragya feels bad for Prachi and tries her phone number. Madhu notices her frustration. Pragya says nothing must go wrong, Prachi has gone to Mr. Mehra and everyone there knows her.

Later, Ranbir comes to Prachi. Prachi says sorry to him but he leaves without responding. Prachi thinks this guy is complicated. She must decide whom to speak to or not, what if he is a boss. She goes to Ranbir and says it won’t work this way. Ranbir was serious, he says they are both poles apart. He wasn’t being rude with her, but does she remember her own response. Does she even care about his mood, she should go to Sanju and do whatever she wish to. Prachi says he is impossible. Ranbir agrees it was his mistake. He hands a glass of drink to Prachi and leaves to a group of friend.

Sanju watches Prachi in the hall and thinks about Rhea’s advice. He comes to Prachi. Rhea calls Priyanka as she is the master mind of the game.

Outside, Priyanka thinks if today Rishi holds Shahana’s hand, she swears Shahana will have to suffer.
The waiter brings the tray of drinks to Prachi. Sanju remembers he had to give the orange drink to Prachi. Prachi offers the drink to Sanju instead, as she just had one.

In the cab, Pragya wish she reaches home before Abhi comes back. She doesn’t want him to belief she avoided him. She calls Rishi. Rishi tells Pragya that Prachi is still in the party, and they are all going home. Sarita Behn tells Pragya she felt sick so they have left earlier. Shahana takes the call and complains Pragya must have come. Pragya says she was coming to party a little late. Shahana makes them stop the car and gets down.


Poorab thinks why Disha is lying to him about Rishi, if they had a break up. He asks if Rishi isn’t here. Disha replies he must be here soon, it’s Diwali so he may come earlier. He asks if he belongs to Delhi. She replies no he is from Chandrigarh. He inquires about his business. Disha asks why he is asking a lot of questions. Poorab says its good they discuss something, she doesn’t want to talk about herself; and talking about themselves make it awkward. Aaliya drives to Disha’s place and finds Poorab’s car there. Poorab doesn’t take the call. Abhi had reached there and spots the car. He thinks he must stop Aaliya. He calls Aaliya and says she just called Poorab and he is in washroom. He asks Aaliya to come to sector 28. They need an opinion of her. Aaliya who was at Disha’s doorstep stops and thinks Poorab is here with Abhi. She tells Abhi she will be there. Abhi says but Aaliya must be with the client, so he will meet here at home. Aaliya now gets a call from Mr. Chauhan. Aaliya promises Mr. Chauhan to be there in a while, she is nearby. She drives away. Abhi thinks business comes first for Aaliya.

Prachi changes her drink to the black glass, as she already had the orange one. Rhea wish Sanju does something. Sanju stops Prachi by holding her hand. He makes up that he is unable to drink the orange one. Prachi gets him a black drink from another tray of waiter. They celebrate matching drinks. Prachi shows off to Ranbir and cheers her glass up with Snaju.

Ranbir stops the waiter and grabs the orange one. Rhea sends Dimpy to save Ranbir. Dimpy excuses and takes Ranbir away from the gang of girls. She insists on taking the orange juice Ranbir was having. Ranbir didn’t agree first, but then gives the glass to her. She walks away with the glass and breaks it in midway. Ranbir comes to get her a new one.

Mr. Chauhan was looking for Aaliya and was in a hurry. Aryan wonders where Aaliya has gone. He comes to Ranbir. Ranbir discuss with Aryan how Prachi is being over friendly with this guy from Hoshiarpur, Sanju. Aryan convince Ranbir they are from same town. He used to meet every Delhi resident in the hostel. Ranbir understands and says he is fine.

Disha comes to the kitchen and decides to call Ritik. Her phone was left outside. She was startled to see Poorab in the kitchen. Poorab says he wanted to see what she was cooking, because there was no aroma. Disha makes up that she hadn’t kept anything on gas. Poorab asks if she would lie about everything. Why she lied to him about Ritik. Disha says she doesn’t want to argue with him, she liked it that he came over on Diwali but he must go back. Poorab was persistent and inquires about Ritik, doesn’t he live here. Disha replies they aren’t married yet, they will live together once married. Poorab says he is aware they aren’t in any relationship, she has been lying to him about Ritik. Disha says he is wrong and leaves the kitchen.

Rhea was with Priyanka in the kitchen. She had mixed powder in both drinks. She wasn’t ready to take any chances. Priyanka asks what the guarantee that Sanju doesn’t drink one is. Rhea says her plans are always fool proof.

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