Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 16 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Sunday Update 16 May 2021

Sanju getting shock of his life seeing Prachi as the eye witness to the murder. He says if the contract killer is going to kill her and calls him, but Mahendra doesn’t pick his call. Sanju gets worried for Prachi and leaves from his house. Sarita behen asks Shahana if Prachi and Pragya came back home. She says she will call Pragya. Shahana takes phone from her hand and tells that Maasi asked me not to trouble you and don’t tell you that she went to Police station. Sarita behen gets worried and asks her to tell. Shahana tells that Ranbir and Prachi were coming home, but they have an argument and she got down the car. She says she didn’t come home. Sarita behen gets worried and says bad incident happens in the city. She says she will go to Police station.

Shahana asks her to take the money. Sarita behen goes to room to get money. Shahana locks her in room and tells that if Maasi sees her there, then she will be more worried. Sarita behen asks her to open the door. Shahana refuses and goes. She thinks to make a call to help Pragya. She calls Abhi and tells him that she remembered him at the time of trouble. Abhi asks why you are saying this? Sarita behen tells that Prachi didn’t return home, so her mum went to Police station. She says Shahana locked her in room as she is unwell. She requests him to go to Police station. Abhi asks her not to take tension and leaves. Rhea hears him.

Pragya and Ranbir come to the Police station. Pragya tells that her daughter is missing. Ranbir tells that they were coming home, but had an argument and she got down from the car. He says 1 hour has, passed, but she didn’t come home. Inspector says she must have gone to shopping mall etc. Pragya says she comes home directly. Ranbir says she goes home daily. Inspector asks if he is her boyfriend. Pragya nods no. Inspector asks Pragya to call her friends and says they will wait and then take action. He asks them to wait. Pragya says you are not understanding, her phone was on his car. Ranbir tells about someone putting mud on his car and finding her phone on his car. Inspector asks if they have doubt on anyone.

Mahendra tells Prachi that he has to kill her and is about to stab her, but Pragya tells him that she will give him double money. She tells that she wants to know who is the killer? She tells that whoever got the waiter killed is her enemy and wants to destroy her life. Mahendra and the goon looks on.

Rhea calls Dimpy and asks if Sanju can kill Prachi. Dimpy asks why you are worried about Prachi. Rhea tells that she is worried about Dad as he is getting worried for Prachi. Dimpy says if Sanju has done something then what you can do. Rhea tells that she just wants her dad’s love, affection and concern for her and not for someone else.

Sarita behen jumps off from the window and feels pain in her legs. Shahana asks if she is fine and thinks not to open the door. She thinks once Prachi comes then everything will be fine. The goon asks Prachi to tell again. Mahendra says I understood everything. Prachi says she will give him double money and asks them to leave her. They go to side to talk.

Sanju is in the car and thinks why he didn’t see the pic before, thinks if it is too late. He comes to the godown and says if something happens to Prachi, then I will die, then says I will kill Mahendra, then says he came to save Prachi. The goon tells Mahendra that they shall accept the girl’s offer and shall get double money from both of them. Sanju comes to the godown and is stopped by Mahendra’s goons. Mahendra tells Guddu that they don’t betray their clients. Mahendra sees Sanju and asks what happened? Sanju asks about Prachi. Mahendra tells that she is alive still. Sunny snatches his gun and tells that Prachi is the same girl for whom he came from Hoshiarpur and loves her a lot. Rhea calls him. Sanju is about to pick the call, but it gets disconnected. Rhea thinks she don’t want Sanju to take her to Hoshiarpur and wants to see her in pain. Sanju tells Mahendra that Prachi is his love and everything and asks him to leave her. Mahendra says you had said that if I leave him then she will tell Police that Sunil is killed. Sanju says she will take my name, but I will manage. Mahendra says she will take my name also. Sanju says you showed pity on her and told that she is looking helpless. Mahendra says you are repeating my words and tells that she is still in his captivity. Sanju says my Rani is in your place. Mahendra asks him to see another girl and tells that the girl is doubtful that whoever got Sunil killed is her enemy. He says one of my goon might have told her that you are Sanju and from Hoshiarpur. Sanju says if your goons have told Prachi then I will kill myself and get you arrested.

Pragya asks Constable about Ranbir. Constable says he left. Sarita behen comes. Pragya says why you came here? Sarita behen says they will search Prachi and asks her not to worry. She asks what they said. Pragya tells that they are checking in the nearby location etc. Sarita behen asks her not to cry and tells that she has called Mr. Mehra also. Pragya says you did right and says if everyone searches her then she will be found.

Sanju and the goons coming to Prachi. Mahender asks her to tell what did she see? Sanju says he is his boss. Prachi tells that she has seen them killing the waiter, who had spiked her drink. Sanju asks do you know on whose insistence, he got your drink. Prachi says she doesn’t know and asks how she will know? She asks them not to kill her. Sanju asks Mahender not to kill her. Prachi thanks her calling him bhai. Sanju says don’t call me Bhai. He goes from there and dances along with Guddu telling that Prachi will love him and will marry him too. Guddu hugs him and calls him boss. Mahendra slaps him and reminds that he is his boss. He asks Sanju to give 17.5 lakhs and sends Guddu to get the money from his car. Ranbir thinks where did Prachi go and finds her bag on the road. He thinks she is in trouble and might have kidnapped.

Sanju comes out. Guddu tells that his car was not opening. Rhea calls Sanju and asks why he is not picking his call. Sanju says your call is heavy and says you are not my girlfriend, mother, sister etc so why shall I pick your call. Rhea asks if he got Prachi kidnapped and tells that her family is searching her and will search her. Sanju asks who said that I have kidnapped her. Rhea asks him not to marry her forcibly. Sanju says what did you say and laughs. Rhea asks him not to marry her. Sanju gets happy and blocks Rhea’s number. Guddu gives money to Mahendra.

Sanju goes to talk to Prachi and asks if she heard about a film Jabariya Jodi. Prachi says no. He says he wants to marry her. Prachi slaps him and tries to run. Sanju asks her not to make them angry and tells that only he can save her and loves her. He asks her to get her hand tied and tells that he will bring marriage clothes. He tells the goons that she shall not have any scratch. Prachi asks who are you? Sanju asks them to get the pandit and his wife, so that she gets her ready. Prachi calls him coward to hide his face. Sanju says he is a coward, but not mad and will show his face after the marriage. He asks Prachi to take care and asks the goons to keep eye on her. Prachi thinks if she had not come with Ranbir then would have reached home by now. Ranbir comes to the factory and sees some goons. He thinks Prachi must be here. He parks his car outside and gets inside. One of the drum falls down.

The goons think cat must have come. Ranbir thinks if he reached the right place, thinks if he is at the wrong place then he will be trapped. He sees Prachi and thinks to go and save her, being a hero. He calls her in a low tone. Prachi doesn’t hear him. Prachi frees her hand and runs. Meanwhile Ranbir tries to come to her and thinks she is not making any sound, I can follow her hearing her voice. He thinks this gang is very experienced and have guns. He thinks if he shall go back, but then thinks against it. He thinks he got her down the car. Prachi is walking and tries to search the way. She hides seeing the goons and takes a mobile kept there. She runs out of the godown.

Mahender sees Ranbir and shows to Guddu. Guddu says he is the same guy with whom I collided. Guddu goes to run and keeps knife on his neck. Ranbir asks who are you? Mahender says we are goons. Ranbir says you are looking good and from a nice family. He asks Guddu to move the knife. Mahender asks Guddu to give knife. Ranbir acts to see his palm and says he shall join politics. He says you can become politician no. 1. Mahender asks do you know palm reading. Ranbir says no and tells that he can show their future to them. He says may be Saraswati sits on my tongue and you might become politician. Prachi sees Ranbir’s call and finds her bag inside. She thinks he might have come here to save her and thinks to call him, but don’t recall his number. She calls Pragya, but there is no network.

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