Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 6 March 2021


Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 6 March 2021

Rhea insisting that Mitali shall taste first. Aaliya takes Rhea with her. Mitali comes there. Purab tells her that Abhi ordered to serve the food to the guests. Prachi wishes Vikram and Pallavi, a happy marriage anniversary. Aaliya takes Rhea to side and asks what did she do? Rhea says she didn’t do anything. Aaliya says you was angry and then you was happy. Rhea tells that she thought that Mitali will handle and tells about adding the poison. Aaliya is shocked and asks what you have done? She calls someone and asks to bring food poisoning medicine.

The guests vomit after having food. Ranbir comes to Vikram and tells about the guests vomiting. Dadi’s health deteriorates. Abhi takes her to room. Purab and Vikram asks everyone to stop eating. Aaliya asks Rhea to just wait and watch and scolds Prachi asking what did she mix in the food and tells that if anything happens to anyone that she will not leave her. Abhi asks what are you saying? Prachi says she didn’t do anything. Aaliya says God knows you have added expired medicines and that’s why they are vomiting. Prachi says they have used everything of good quality and tries to explain to Abhi. Vikram says may be due to Masala expiry. Aaliya says they are not illiterate and says you have used expired products because of that, everyone is vomiting. She says she will call the Police. Prachi asks Abhi to believe her. Abhi gets angry and asks her to just leave. He says I don’t want to call Police and asks her to just leave and never to come back again. He holds her hand and pushes her out. He asks her not to come back. Purab tries to stop Abhi, but in vain. Aaliya smiles looking at Rhea. Rhea also smiles.

Pragya takes Sarita behen to home. Doctor checks her and gives her medicine. Sarita behen asks how much money, did he take? She says you are not my relative to work for me all time, and says I will give money for Doctor’s fees and medicine. Pragya asks her to rest and says resting doesn’t need money. She says she will make electral. Sarita behen says you shall go there. Pragya says Prachi and Shahana will handle and tells that she made the food already.

Dadi is upset with Abhi. Abhi says Dasi is upset with him. Doctor goes. Abhi asks Dadi to talk to him. Dadi says I don’t want to talk to you and asks why did you throw Prachi out of the house. She says if I would have there then I would have not let you do this. Abhi says whatever I have done is for good. Dadi says when you will tell me, when my BP increases. She says Prachi doesn’t know why you kick her out. Prachi is sitting on the bench. Shahana says sir threw us out and says he didn’t listen to you. Prachi says he is not bad person and tells that everyone fell ill eating the food made by us. Shahana asks why are you crying?

 Prachi says she is feeling bad as she fell down in his eyes and disappointed him. Shahana says he is nothing to you, he is not your father, you are acting as if he is your real father and threw you out. She asks her not to cry and hugs her. She says lets go home. Prachi says lets sit here for sometime and says if Maa sees me like this, then..Shahana asks her to forget Mehra family. Prachi thinks if she will meet Sir again or not and tells that she really likes him.

Abhi thinks Prachi might be feeling bad and thinks Aaliya wants to send her to jail and I don’t want that. He thinks the police officer will arrest Pragya and make a solid case against her. He thinks he needs some time to find out who wants to spoil Prachi’s life. Meera comes there and asks if he had a fight with Dadi and tells that she asked her to take coffee for him. Abhi asks her to sleep. Meera asks him not to think much and sleep. Next day, Meera comes to Abhi’s room with the coffee and thinks where did he go early morning. She sees night coffee on the table and wishes to make good coffee according to his taste. She thinks she knows about two things that she loves Dadi and Rhea. She thinks to go to Sarita ji’s house and learn to make coffee like her.

Pragya wakes up in the morning and asks Sarita behen about her health. Sarita behen asks why did you sleep here even though you have room. Pragya says I slept here to save electricity as kids came late.

Shahana asking Prachi to come to college. Prachi says she don’t want to go and she is having headache. Shahana says you don’t lie to skip college and asks what happened today. Prachi asks why are you forcing me and tells that Rhea and her friends might spread yesterday’s incident in the college like last time and says she don’t want to hear it again. She says how will I face everyone. Pragya comes there and asks what happened? Shahana says Prachi don’t want to go worrying about yesterday’s incident. Pragya asks what happened last night. Prachi tells everything and says I don’t want to go. Pragya asks why didn’t you tell me and asks why are you scared. She says I made that food and have all the bills. I will show them, nothing was expired. Prachi says she is getting negative feeling. Pragya asks her to think good and says someone might take your side. Prachi says Rhea must have spread this by now. Pragya asks her to face the people and answer them. She asks Shahana to bring her bag. Prachi asks what is in tiffin? Pragya gets happy and hugs her. Rhea comes to Aaliya and asks Bahadur to give her juice. Bahadur gives her juice. Rhea thanks him. She tells that she can’t sleep thinking how Abhi behaved with Prachi and is happy. Aaliya says she can do anything for her and tells that Prachi will be in college but. She sends Bahadur to kitchen and asks her to find the permanent solution for this, and asks her to tell everyone about Prachi’s doings. She says you shall tell them that Prachi stolen necklace last time and this time she used expired products and made many fell ill. She asks her to call her (Aaliya) then. She says I will call Media and Media will question Principal why did he let such student study in his college and she will be kicked out from there. She asks her to take advantage of the situation. Meera comes and asks what did she say? Aaliya changes her words. Meera comes out and tells Rhea that she knows that Aaliya talked something wrong with her, and tells that I respect her, and she gave me you, and tells that she might be blind, but I can’t be. Rhea asks what is she saying? Meera says Aaliya wants to see you happy, but don’t take her suggestions. She says I heard Prachi’s name and says I didn’t hear her advice. She asks her not to think bad about Prachi and says she is like your sister, and says you had said that you really admire Prachi’s mum, so don’t do anything for her mum. Rhea hugs her and goes.

Prachi and Shahana come to college. Rhea’s friends call her and ask if she brought tiffin with expired masala. Prachi cries. They call her murderer. Ranbir comes and asks what is happening here. Rhea’s friends says she poisoned everyone’s food at your home. Ranbir asks them to shut up and asks them not to call her murderer. They ask him to wipe her tears if he is feeling so bad about her. Ranbir says he will. Prachi runs away from there. Ranbir peeps inside the classroom. Rhea tells her friends that she gives 9/10 to Ranbir and tells that her dad is having 10/10. Ranbir comes to Prachi and wipes her tears. Rhea and her friends come out. Rhea tells that Ranbir might be shouting at her, but she sees him wiping her tears. Shaina says Prachi might become Ranbir’s first love. Rhea gets angry and goes. Prachi asks Ranbir not to touch her shoulder and says she is not that kind of girl. Ranbir says I am not bad and tells that he has a sister also. He says you are not my type. They have an argument. Rhea thinks of Aaliya and Meera’s words. She thinks of Prachi and Ranbir and come to meet Principal.

Prachi tells Shahana about Ranbir. Shahana gets happy hearing about him. Prachi gets upset. Shahana tells that she will not tell anything against Rhea’s Papa and asks her not to tell anything against Ranbir. Peon comes and tells Prachi that Principal called her. Principal checks Prachi’s marks and says she is a brilliant student. Prachi comes there. Principal asks if she is from hosiarpur. Prachi tells that she is studying on scholarship and can’t afford it. Principal says you said right and tells that famous personalities’ kids study here and he don’t want his college name to come in news for wrong reasons. Prachi asks what does he mean? Principal says you are temporarily suspended. Rhea hears him from outside and smiles.

Prachi is shocked. Principal says I came to know what you have done in Mr. Mehra’s party and says I am suspending you on his instructions. Prachi asks him not to suspend her and says her mum will break down. Principal says you would have thought before spoiling the food and says you didn’t know how many VIP’s was there in the party. Prachi asks him to give her a chance. Principal asks her to go.

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