Twist of Fate Saturday Update 30 May 2020


Twist of Fate Saturday Update 30 May 2020

Abyahi carrying Pragya in jungle. He asks her if it is pain. She says a bit less now. He says his hands are paining. He sees a man with bicycle who asks if he needs help. Abhi drops Pragya on his bicycle carrier and says he came as an angel for him and says Priya is his responsibility now, starts badmouthing about her and says she is a dayan who drinks blood. Bicycler gets afraid and runs from there.

Daadi asks servant to serve food and asks to call Sarla. Sarla comes, reminisces Praga calling her and informing that she is going to Puna with Abhi. She then reminisces Bulbul going out and says she has done something wrong again, goes and checks her mobile and finds Purab’s name in call list, thinks to go reach Purab’s house and catch them red-handed, thinks now even Pragya is not there to save Bulbul.

Abhi carries Pragya again. She asks him to rest. He says how can he relax and starts blabbering. He sees a bungalow nearby. She says it is a bhoot bangla/ghost mansion. He says he is taking her to her parent’s house then. She says it is good then, my people greet damaad/SIL’s well. They both enter bungalow and get afraid seeing light bulb flickering. She jumps off and starts walking well. He asks if she was acting. She says she is not. He says she is and asks her to come with him inside and help him charge his phone.

Purab and Bulbul are traveling in car. He sees her hand wounded and asks what happened to her hand. She says she got injured while she was running against him. They both reach their destiny and he helps her remove seatbelt and open door. She gets out of car and asks him to go back as she will meet corporator lone, else Sarla will know that he is helping her and will create a bigger problem. He agrees and leaves.

Abhi tries to get into bungalow and runs back. Pragya asks why did he come back. He says he wants her to meet her family, starts his usual taunting drama and tries to drag her in. Door automatically opens before Abhi could touch it. Pragya sees a man holding lantern and shouts. Abhi says he saw his bungalow and thought of charging his mobile, introduces himself as rockstar and Pragya as no one and asks his help. Man says he was waiting for them since a long time and disappears. They both get afraid. He then comes from back and asks them to come with him.

Bulbul meets corporator, tells him about her problems, and asks him to help her. Corporator reminisces his insult by her and Suresh getting him arrested. Once he turns towardsat her, she is shocked to see him. Corporator says he is surprised that she is Purab’s friend and asks her to please him to get help. She slaps he whim and asks how dare to touch her and says she will teach him a lesson now. He pushes her and drags towards him, and says he gets what he likes and will rape her. She asks him to keep away from her. He says he will made her nude and tries to rape her. Purab comes on time and rescues her. He starts beating corporator. Bulbul drags Purab from there.

Abhi and Pragya start fighting again. He says she is a dracula and asks her to talk to her relatives here. She gets irked. He gets into a room and searches for a plug point, finds a broken switch board to charge his mobile. He turns back and sees lantern man sitting on sofa, asks when did he come. Man says 100 years and says he is here since banglow is made. Abhi asks if he is owner of this bunglow. He says no and says I am no one. Abhi says all things here are waste. Man takes Abhi’s phone, puts his fingers in broker plugpoint and charges it. Abhi turns back and sees man missing again. He thinks if he is a ghost, gets afraid and runs towards Pragya.

Bulbul asks Purab why did he fight with corporator. He says how can he tolerate anyone misbehaving with her. He says he would have killed corporator. She asks why did he beat him with his injured hand. He says if he would not have come there, don’t know what would have happeened. She asks hm to stop car and starts rebandaging his wound.

Abhi and Pragya worriedly walking in bungalow. She asks why is he touching her and asks him to keep a distance. He then takes out hamuman gada from box. She asks it is a big bungalow and she cannot see washroom. He says it is on the other side. She asks how does he know. He says her brother told. They both see door opening and get afraid but relax seeing lantern man who asks them not to enter this room as it is way entering. Pragya asks him about washroom. He shows her direction. Pragya walks up. Abhi gets afraid and runs behind Pragya. Pragya says if he wants to go to bathroom, he can, sees him sweating and asks about it. He says he is feeling thirsty without AC. She asks if he is afraid. He says he cannot be afraid until she is there and recites hanuman chalisa with her name.

Daadi is tensed that Abhi and Pragya have not reached poona. Cousin says she should be happy that they both are enjoying together and asks her to stop getting tensed like Sarla. Daadi says she is worried about children. Cousin daadi sees Mitali walking around and asks her to bring tea for daadi. Mitali thinks already daadi was giving her tension and now cousin has joined. She says she will ask servant to prepare tea and says she is going out. Daadi asks where is she going. She says she is going to her dad’s house and will be back in 2-3 days.

Abhi looks himself in mirror and gets afraid. He sees Pragya missing and calls her. He sees a mask and gets even more afraid. Lantern man brings him water. Abhi asks who does he know that he is thirsty. Man says a few years ago a couple came and guy was thristy like him. Abhi asks him what happened. He tells girl locked guy and went out and guy is waiting for rain, says he is that guy. Abhi gets afraid that he is ghost and runs from there. Pragya asks what happened to him. He tells her same story. She also gets afraid and runs. Man laughs that he make them afraid.

Purab says Bulbula that if he does not get her, he will suicide. She asks him why will he suicide. He says without her, he there is no use of him living. She asks him to live for her and asks him to promise that he will not think of suicide by holding his hand. Sarla comes there and is shocked to see them holding each other’s hands. They both see her and separate. Sarla starts scolding and alleging Bulbul. Bulbul says she is thinking wrong. Sarla asks why did not she think of her mom and sister and is thinking of only herself. Purab tries to intervene, but Bulbul asks him to stop saying it is her mom and her matter. Sarla asks why did not she think Abhi would break up with
Pragya if he will know about this and says she feels she is not her daughter. Purab tells that Bulbul came for her family and tells her all the incident happened. He says tough she does not believe her daughter, she should believe her upbringing, says her Bulbul will never betray her. Sarla holds Bulbul’s hand and drags her from there.

Raj checks his children’s marks and asks why was mummy scolding them when they got good marks. They say they don’t know. He sees Mitali and asks why did she lie about children’s marks. She says she wanted to pay attention to their children’s education. He asks why can’t she tell things directly. She says she wants their children go to a good school. He says he cannot afford good school with his salary. She says she knew his answer and says she will manage everything. He asks why is she behaving weird from a few days. She says it is just his thought and walks out of room.

Abhi and Pragya run and hide in a same room separately. They both hide under blanket. She sees a shadow and says she knows it is Abhi and asks him to come out. Abhi sees a shadow and gets afraid. She opens window and gets afraid seeing someone.

Sarla comes home with Bulbul and informs her about the incident and legal notice of marriage hall. Purbi cries worriedly and asks Sarla how will we manage without marriage hall. Sarla cries and thinks how will she manage everything and says if people know about notice, they will take back their bookings and we will be in deep debt. Daadi says we will ask them how can they take our hall back.

Abh and Pragya crash with each other. Abhi hugs her tightly and asks where did she go and asks her to leave him. She says he is hugging her. He part ways and says he was just checking if it was she or ghost, says that lantern uncle is a real ghost. She says even she knows that. He then hides behind her and says he is rock star and does not want to die. He asks her to move forward while he follows her. They both hear lantern man telling someone on phone that he is frightening a couple and enjoying it. Man turns back and gets tensed seeing them.

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