Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 3 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 3 April 2021

Purab telling Abhi that Vikram’s words remind him of someone. Abhi asks whom. Disha asks CM why did they come to Mehra Mansion as they had planned to go to office. CM says they have party at home and if we have kept award function in office then they wouldn’t have come and I don’t want to delay it further. Her secretary says that Mr. Kohli suggested us to come here. Disha says I will bring file from the car. Abhi asks Purab to tell about getting reminded of whom? Purab says Pragya di. Abhi thinks Pragya is just one. Disha comes to the party. CM asks Abhi asks the function. Abhi says today is Purab’s marriage anniversary. CM tells Disha. Disha congrats him with teary eyes. Dil toota plays….They look at each other. Shahana looks at Aryan and smiles. Dimpy and Shaina smiles looking at him. Shahana thinks he is looking at Dimpy. Shahana says I will not leave her and is walking towards Dimpy, when the latter runs and falls on Aryan. Shahana gets upset. Aryan goes behind her.

Dadi tells Beeji that she is very happy today. Beeji says everyone shall handle their relations. Dadi sees Disha and hugs her. Disha says she came for CM’s duty and says I didn’t know about her program here. Dadi says it is good that you didn’t know. Disha says atleast I met you. Beeji says I was talking to Dadi about today’s people who loves their life partner and marries someone else. Disha says I know about a couple who loved each other a lot, but couldn’t stay together. She says when relations breaks, then nobody can bring those two people together. Dadi says sometimes relations get broken by misunderstandings. Disha says when a fire breaks out, then everyone gets affected. Beeji says did anyone betray you? Disha says never and says I thought I got the right destination, but it was wrong. Beeji says did you get the destination. She says yes. Purab hears her and thinks she is talking about Hritik.

Rhea asks Ranbir to go to Prachi and impress her. he says he will break his limit today and goes to talk to Prachi. Prachi ignores him which upsets Ranbir. Ranbir gets angry on her and says he is her boss. Prachi says she is his father’s employee and not his employee. Abhi asks Vikram why did he keep the award function here when Anuradha is not coming. He says shall I go and meet Sarita ji. Vikram says CM came to give award to you and Anuradha, and if you don’t stay then CM will feel bad. Abhi says ok. Vikram tells Pallavi that Abhi is liking Prachi’s mum and wants to meet her. Pallavi tells him that Abhi still loves his wife and that’s why he couldn’t moved on.

Vikram starts praising Prachi’s mum which makes Pallavi jealous. She says more than Abhi, you are very excited. Vikram says Prachi’s mum don’t get jealous and I like seeing you jealous for me. Pallavi asks him to come home and says she will show him. Disha thinks she wouldn’t have come if she had known about the award function here and thinks to give the ring back to Purab and leave. Aryan tells Shahana that he was coming to meet her. Shahana says I saw you staring at Dimpy. He says I was looking at her. Aryan says next time, if you see me looking at any girl then tell me infront of that girl. Shahana says what she will think? Aryan says she will think that we are friends. Shahana asks are we friends? He says yes and asks what you thought when I stared at her. Shahana says I thought you like her. Aryan says Dimpy is not my type and says he wants cute and innocent girl. He remembers something and runs from there. Sarita behen looks at Aaliya and Purab’s pic. Pragya sees her and asks what is she doing in hall? Sarita behen drops the pic being at afraid of her. Pragya comes and sits with her. Sarita behen asks why didn’t you go to award function. Pragya says how to leave you alone. Sarita behen says I like you, and says my daughter was like you when she was good. She says whenever she gets lovely feeling for her, then she calls her Anuradha. Pragya smiles. She says you can call me whatever you want to. Sarita behen says I will not forgive you for Mr. Mehra and says he might be feeling tension because of me. Pragya says he must be busy in party and asks her to drink soup. Sarita behen says no, until you call him and calls her Anuradha. She requests her to make video call to Mr. Mehra. Pragya says ok, I will do. Sarita behen says she will set her hairs. Pragya says you are unwell. Sarita behen says I should look good.

Sarita behen requesting Pragya to make a video call to Abhi. Pragya says she will try and calls him, but he is not picking the call. Sarita behen asks her to try again. Pragya says later. Disha comes to the party and talks to the guests. Disha sees her and recalls her obsession to marry Purab. Purab comes there. His ring gets stuck with her dupatta. Aaliya sees them looking at each other and comes near them. Dil tootha plays…..Disha takes off her dupatta. Aaliya asks if she will not wish them? Disha says I wished Purab. Aaliya says it is their anniversary so you shall wish both of us. Disha wishes them both and starts walking. Aaliya hugs Purab. Dil tootha plays…..She recalls their marriage and thinks she didn’t come here to see their happiness and thinks to leave.

Rhea asks Ranbir why he fought with Prachi. Ranbir says she was fighting with me. Rhea says I saw and tells that you was not taking an initiative. Ranbir says she is my employee. Rhea asks him to make Prachi as his girlfriend and says she wants him to be Prachi’s dream boy and wants to become the way she likes him. Ranbir asks how to build liking? Rhea says when we comes near someone then chemistry will generate. He says how to get closer to Prachi and says I love you. Rhea says you can’t love alone and asks him to make Prachi fall for him if he wants her love.

Disha comes to CM to tell that she wants to leave, but CM tells that her secretary’s husband is serious so she went. Disha says she wants to talk about her. Just then CM feels sprain in her legs. Disha asks her not to worry and lie down.

Ranbir thinks how to make Prachi fall for him and think to think good about her. he sees Prachi bring Dadi and making her sit with Beeji. He thinks she is good with everyone except him. Prachi goes to get juice for Dadi. Ranbir plans to collide with her, but collides with other girl and says I love you. She says I love you. Prachi goes. Vikram gives water to a lady. Pallavi comes there and scolds him. Vikram says he is fine now. Pallavi gets upset with him.

Disha tells CM that it seems to be sprain and says she will call doctor. CM says we will wrap up with the award function in an hour and then you take me to doctor. She says party is going on here and the attention will be diverted to me if Doctor is called. Disha thinks how to go now and thinks to take hritik’s help.

Meera sees Abhi asking for drink and then not drinking. Meera asks what was it? Abhi tells that he is feeling bored and that’s why thought to drink, but then thought otherwise. She says she will take him outside. Abhi says Vikram will not let him go. Pallavi continues to scold Vikram for giving water to the lady. Abhi comes there. Pallavi says she is ruined by Vikram. Abhi asks what did he do? Pallavi says he doesn’t do any of my work, but served water to the guests. She says he left walking stick to impress the lady. Abhi asks what? Vikram says you will get me divorced. Abhi says you did wrong. Vikram asks are you friend or enemy? Abhi tells that when clients come to meet him, he asks about their favorite lipstick, perfume etc. He says once he asked a couple about their honeymoon location and says he asks all this for you. He says he wants to gift you those things and wants to take you for honeymoon. He says he served water to the lady as you co-host the party. Vikram relaxes. Abhi says he talks about you all the time. Pallavi gets happy and asks what did you bring for me? Vikram gets tensed.

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