Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 26 June 2021


Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 26 June 2021

Sharma shows ring to Ranbir , he remembers it’s Maya ring. Sharma says glad you’re seeing the ring, Prachi saw it with Maya dead body. Ranbir shouts Prachi did you saw Prachi dead body. Prachi says yes.

Pragya informs arrest matter to dadi and goes out meet lawyer. Pallavi calls Abhi and informs him that police arrested Ranbir and Prachi  and she asks him to help. Abhi says he will save them. Aryan informs everything to Aliya and asks her to save his friends. Aliya says yes but calls his advocate and asks him to get out Ranbir from case tricking the Prachi. Dushyant asks Sharma to encounter Prachi and Ranbir. Sharma says encounter can cause problem to us, I will deal in my way. Sharma beats Ranbir harshly. Prachi cries hearing his beatings. Sharma asks Nalini to use 3rd degree for Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi try to take blame to save other. Shahana notices Dadi is sad and asks her what happened. Dadi didn’t reveal anything to her. Shahana gets Aryan call and he informs her about Maya murder and Ranbir,Prachi arrest.

Dushyant gets Maya call and he gets surprised seeing her. Maya says I came alive to fulfill my dream. Dushyant says you’re dead right. Maya says stop your acting bade Papa, I know you arranged the dead body like me to trick them.

Sharma says first you said both are innocent but now you’re fighting to take the blame. Shahana in tears informs everything to Dadi. Dadi says I got to know it from Pragya. Pragya meets her lawyer and question him how police can interrogate Prachi and Ranbir. Lawyer says he will look on the matter. Dadi informs Pragya that Maya murder is real and Aryan informed them. Pragya says it’s all Chaubey plan, I will show him he can’t trap innocents. Shahana in tears asks Pragya to save Prachi and Ranbir. Pragya assures them everything will be fine and asks Shahana to take care of Savitha ji.

Meera asking Abhi what happened? She says Inspector said that Ranbir will be freed. Abhi gets a call and asks if Ranbir will be freed. Inspector says Ranbir would have been released, if he had not accepted his crime. He says he must have been scared and said that, but he had signed on the confession letter. Abhi is shocked. Inspector says his written confession letter is in Police record now, I can’t do anything now. Meera says DSP said that Ranbir has signed the confession letter. Pallavi cries and says our relation is with you is because of Vikram, but Ranbir cares for you so much, just save him. She asks him to get him out. Abhi says I am going and will bring him back. Meera asks Pallavi to trust him. She looks at Aaliya and recalls her words, die or kill.

Pragya comes to the hotel and asks about Prachi. Prachi calls her and tells that she is behind her. She comes to her and tells that they have to hire lawyer to free Ranbir. She says he is trapped and can’t do anything like that. Pragya asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine. She asks her to remember that whenever kids are in problem, parents feel it and reach their kids. She assures that nothing will happen. Abhi comes there. Prachi says you will not believe what Sarita behen has seen. She tells that Sarita behen said that she saw someone. She says she called me and said that she saw someone. Pragya asks whom she has seen? Prachi says Sarita behen has seen Maya alive. Pragya is shocked. Abhi enquires with the reception about the hotel room. Prachi and Pragya go from there. Shahana asks Sarita behen to send her location. Sarita behen tells the location. Shahana is also in the hotel and coming there.

She says I couldn’t search you. Sarita behen says if I would have called Prachi then she would have come here by now. Shahana says you have gone old and can’t drag Maya’s body out, if someone see it then will think you as a murderer. Sarita behen says I am old and that’s why bearing you, else would have done the work by myself. She asks about Maya.

Prachi tells that she has accepted what Sarita behen had said, but may be she has seen someone else, lookalike of Maya. Pragya calls Sarita behen and asks where is she? Sarita behen says she is on the 5th floor. Sarita behen says ok. She asks did you tell Pragya that I am here. Shahana asks will you get scolded by Maasi? She says I didn’t tell Maasi. Sarita behen says they are coming here. She gets happy seeing Prachi and asks where is Ranbir? Pragya asks her about Maya. Sarita behen tells that she was Maya and she is alive. Prachi says I have seen her dead body. Sarita behen says you didn’t see her face, just the engagement ring. Pragya says did you see her face? Sarita behen says I know you will question me? She shows the photograph.

Pragya asks why Maya is doing this? She says she can’t do this alone, may be someone else is with her. Sarita behen says she has kept Maya in the generator room. Abhi comes and asks about the Inspector. Inspector asks him to hire some good lawyer and says this is open and shut case. Abhi says you want to say that Ranbir is accused. Inspector tells that the case will be shut in two hearings. Abhi asks about Prachi. Inspector says she is not guilty and that’s why freed. Abhi says even Ranbir is innocent. Inspector says Ranbir had signed on the confession letter and that’s why he is guilty. Abhi meets Ranbir. Ranbir tells that he didn’t murder Maya, he is innocent. Abhi asks why did you sign, when you are innocent? Why did you do it? He asks did you know what Pallavi is going through and crying badly. He says Vikram will get heart attack on knowing this. He asks him to say why did he confess? Ranbir says I was scared as Mr. Chaubey said that either Prachi or me have killed Maya. He says Maya’s dad was very powerful and I was scared. He says my phone was snatched and I wanted to stop it anyhow. Abhi says you would have waited for me. He says stop crying, I will meet Inspector. Ranbir thinks he has to do this to save Prachi.

Sarita behen takes her to Generator room, but Maya is not there. They think that Maya escaped. Pragya asks Shahana to go and check. She asks which was that room where Sarita behen saw it. Sarita behen tells the number. Inspector tells that it is open and shut case, this guy is gone. Abhi hears them. Pragya and Sarita behen come inside the hotel room. Sarita behen praises Pragya and tells that her excuse was good. Prachi calls Pragya and tells that she is in cafeteria’s lobby. Pragya says don’t know where is she? Sarita behen says we have seen just 2 rooms, shall check all rooms. Pragya says she will not take risk to hide here, as she is dead in everyone’s view. Sarita behen says where she could go?

Maya comes out of hotel and calls taxi. Shahana is also outside and thinks if Sarita behen had seen Maya only. Maya takes the cab, but steps down to pick something fallen on the road. Shahana sees her and calls Pragya. She asks her to come out of hotel and tells that Maya is going somewhere. She tells that she is following her. Pragya asks her not to let her know that she is following her and asks her not to do anything until we come there.

Pragya comes out of hotel and collides with Abhi. Abhi senses her presence, but then asks himself to focus on Ranbir. Prachi tells Pragya that she couldn’t get cab. Kalyani comes to them and says hi. Pragya asks how are you? Kalyani says she is fine and asks her to tell if she has some problem. Sarita behen says we have to go somewhere urgently. Kalyani offers to drop them. Pragya says we will manage. Kalyani asks them not to waste time and come. Sarita behen says we will come with you. Inspector is in the hotel room still and asks Abhi if he wants lawyer’s number. Abhi says I came to know that you have forcibly made Ranbir signed and tortured him. Inspector says everyone says this and ruins our image. Abhi says he took Kuldeep Sharma’s number. Inspector says I won’t let anyone’s name ruined, asks him to show who has tortured Ranbir.

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