Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 20 March 2021


Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 20 March 2021

Disha’s car stops. She calls mechanic. Prachi says I will take taxi. Purab is going from there and stops the car seeing her. Prachi says she is going to meet Pallavi. Purab says he will drop her. Prachi says someone else is also there with her. Disha and Purab see each other.

Purab getting down from his car and offers to drop her. Disha says you already left me. She sits in car. Rhea tells her friends that Anu aunty can’t shoot CM as I switched off the lights. She says I saved CM and also Prachi’s mum. Aaliya comes there and says if attacked haven’t happened on CM then you had ruined the event. Rhea says Dad was gaga over Prachi and says what I would have done. She says everytime Prachi is right and I was wrong. Aaliya says it is absolutely fine and says you don’t need to tell everyone about what you did there. Dadi calls Aaliya and takes her to inhouse temple. Aaliya asks what happened? Dadi says there is nobody in our pind who is educated and intelligent like you. She says God gave you talent, but you don’t use it properly. Aaliya says ok. Dadi asks her to give even a smallest happiness to Purab and says when you got him, you became careless towards him. Aaliya says I love him and take care of him. Dadi asks her to keep him happy being his wife and asks when did he smile last time. Aaliya thinks Dadi is right, she always gets angry on him and he bears her anger.

Disha and Purab are in the car. Kuch toh Hai….They think of their moments. Aaliya calls him and asks him to come home. He says ok. Disha sees Aaliya’s message on his mobile and asks him stop the car. He stops the car. Disha gets down from the car. Purab sees I love you message on his mobile.

Prachi calls Shahana and asks her to get ready to go for shopping. Abhi brings Vikram home and tells that Doctor suggested knee surgery. Ranbir comes there. Vikram says your birthday will be celebrated here and you will handle the business. Ranbir says if my age is to work now. Pallavi asks him to tell her seriously that he don’t want to work and she will talk to his dad. She says she understands him and believes that he shall live his life fully and asks him to think about his dad. She says he must be thinking who will handle his business. Ranbir says I don’t know how to handle it. Pallavi asks him to follow him and tells that he feels proud of you and have many hopes pinned on you. She says who will handle him. He says ok. Aryan comes and asks if she thinks Vikram hopes this from Ranbir. Pallavi says no and says Ranbir can’t do anything. Aryan is about to call Ranbir. Pallavi says Vikram has many hopes from Ranbir.

Shahana tells Prachi that they will shop without worrying about the money. She says they don’t need to bargain etc. Prachi reminds her of Hosiarpur incident. She sees the car and says this is the same car with which muddy water splashed on her. She says she will catch the guy who had splashed the muddy water on her. Ranbir sees her and thinks if she saw him then will give lecture for an hour. Shahana sees her and says hi. Ranbir says yes. Prachi and Ranbir have an argument. He is about to sit in car, but then stops and says he has to take taxi to go home. Shahana waves her hand. Prachi asks if she will drop him home. Ranbir calls Taxi and says bye…He sits in taxi.

Mitali asks Meera if she started loving Abhi and says she has a pay a price for it. Meera makes an excuse. Mitali thinking if Meera will be like Tanu and thinks lovers are good, but diljale/one sided lovers are not good. Rhea and Aryan are in the car. Aryan sees Ranbir getting down the taxi and thinks to ask. Ranbir sits in their car and asks Rhea to take him to gym. Prachi and Shahana are still waiting outside the gym near Ranbir’s car. Ranbir comes there and tells that he don’t see properly in daytime. Rhea sees Prachi and Shahana there. She thinks Ranbir and Prachi are having an affair with each other. Aryan makes Ranbir hide. Ranbir hopes his life problem ends. Aryan says murder is not permitted in India. Aryan comes to Prachi and Shahana and divert their attention. Ranbir signs them hiding his face and leaves. Prachi says he will meet her some day.

Sarita behen tries to take taxi, but nobody comes. Abhi comes to her and offers to give her lift. Sarita behen says I will come when you are insisting and asks why you are so good. He says I am good with good people. Sarita behen sits in his car and likes it. She asks if it is his and then says you are a company owner and it must be yours. She says you don’t look rich by face. Abhi says don’t see my face. She says she meant to say that he is not arrogant and rude like rich people. She talks about her son who left her and tells that his daughter had left her too. She then talks about Prachi and her mum. She says she is having a daughter and grand daughter now. She asks about his wife. Abhi tells her that he was arrogant before, but since he met his wife, she changed him. Sarita behen he is talking exactly like Prachi’s mum and tells that she is also like your wife. She asks him to tell her if he wants to marry. Abhi says your are aged. Sarita behen says she has a good proposal for him and says Prachi’s mum is good. Abhi says he will drop her home.

Pallavi asks Vikram to sit and talk. Beeji scolds him. Shahana and Prachi ask him to sit. Pallavi says he will not sit. Vikram says I am their boss and asks Pallavi not to scold him. Pallavi says it is not my anger, but love for you. Vikram asks Pallavi to sit with him. Prachi makes her sit and says she will work in the storeroom. Beeji goes to help her. Shahana leaves. Pallavi appreciates Vikram for hiring Prachi for work. Aaliya asks Rhea to drink something quietly. Prachi brings something from the storeroom and tells that it will give personal touch. Pallavi appreciates her. Aaliya asks Rhea about Prachi. Rhea says she is Vikram uncle’s secretary. She says whatever she does, she fails. Aaliya asks her to drink milk and says I will make her confidence fall. She tells Pallavi that the lavish party can’t be handled by Prachi and asks them to don’t get her wrong. She says Prachi that she can’t handle the lavish party as she don’t know how it is organized. Pallavi tells that she could have hired anyone, but Prachi gave her personal touch to the party arrangements. Aaliya says the things which she has chosen is cheap. Dadi says it was kept in our storeroom. Prachi says Bu ji was telling…Aaliya says I am Bu ji only for Rhea and nobody can take her place. Dadi asks Prachi not to feel bad. Sarita behen thinks if Abhi and Pragya get married then both of them will have a family.

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