Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 17 July 2021


Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 17 July 2021

Mrs. Chaubey says I can scold her right now. Dushyant calls them. Ranbir thinks she will get consciousness in 2 mins. She asks what do you mean? Ranbir tells that she has told me that she will break her marriage with me, if anyone tries to make her speak. Dushyant aims gun at Ranbir and tells that Maya always wanted to marry him, but he was he who wanted to ignore her. Ranbir gets scared. Mrs. Chaubey asks Dushyant to remove the gun and tells that Ranbir will marry Maya. She asks them to get ready and come out and goes with Dushyant.

Prachi comes out and asks what to do? Ranbir says you have to marry me? Prachi asks have you gone mad? Ranbir tells that she has to marry him for sure. Mrs. Chaubey asks Dushyant why did he interfere between them and says such things happens between husband and wife. Dushyant says they are not husband and wife till now. He shouts calling Ranbir asking him to come out else he will kill everyone. Ranbir asks Prachi to marry him, else they will kill everyone. Prachi says I can’t marry you. Ranbir says you have to marry me and sit in the mandap until chief comes here, he will stop the wedding. Dushyant says I will count till three, if you don’t come out then I will kill you both. He starts the countdown. Mrs. Chaubey comes inside and asks Ranbir and Maya to come. She asks where is Maya?

Prachi comes ready in Maya’s clothes. Ranbir says Maya has agreed. Dushyant asks when you will come down. Ranbir says he will use the washroom and come. He asks them to take Maya. He messages Aryan and thinks thank god, you got two set of clothes ready. He says let’s wait and watch, marriage will happen. Aryan comes there and says Maya is here. Ranbir says your real bhabhi went to mandap. Fb ends. Ranbir thinks Aryan shall take care of Maya. Dushyant tries to take out the mobile, but the gun falls down from his pocket. He asks Mr. Chaubey to keep the gun. Mr. Chaubey asks Vikram to keep it with himself and take it as a gift. Vikram says I don’t need it, I don’t know how to use it. Ranbir asks him to take it, thinks atleast you will be safe. Pallavi tells Beeji that she would have taught him to fire the gun. Beeji says she wanted to make him businessman, but not the goon. Prachi thinks she couldn’t tell Shahana and Sarita behen, they must be searching me.

Sarita behen and Shahana come to the room. They find Aryan and Prachi not there. Shahana says where did everyone go? Sarita behen says you had changed the plate and kept burada plate. When smoke came, and everyone went, I went to Ranbir’s room, but he was not there. Shahana says even Aryan and Prachi are not here. She tells that Burada play didn’t work as Ranbir and Maya are still sitting on the mandap. She tells that even Rahul is missing and thinks if he kidnapped them. Sarita behen thinks if Dushyant had done something. She finds Rahul unconscious behind the sofa and assumes that Dushyant must have kidnapped Prachi and Aryan. She gets angry on Dushyant. Sarita behen says we shall go and search them. Shahana asks her to search them and till then she will try to delay the marriage.

Pragya comes home and thinks where did everyone go? She thinks they were not willing to go to Ranbir’s marriage. Pragya asks a neighbor about them. Neighbor tells that Prachi and Shahana haven’t come here. Pragya says I will go. Neighbor asks about the orphanage kids and tells that she is doing good work. She then tells that dancers came to her house, as she saw them going. Prachi looks on.

Aaliya calls a goon, Madan and tells that no mistake shall happen. Madan’s friends sit in the car and tells that his boss is very generous and he asked him to buy gold coins for his daughter’s wedding return gifts. Madan asks him to make him meet his boss. His friend is about to say Dasharath, but stops as the car stops due to the speed breaker. He gets down from the car to go and buy the gold coins. Madan leaves.

Aaliya tells Rhea that very soon, she will sit on the mandap with Ranbir. She tells that a dancer was dancing with Ranbir sometime back, I got an idea when Pandit ji told Maya to cover her face with veil. Rhea asks what she is going to do? Aaliya says kidnapping, and tells that kidnapper is going to come here. She asks her to wait for him to come. Rhea asks what about the dress? Aaliya says she has arranged it. Shahana goes from there. Rhea sees Shahana and tells that there is a problem in Sardar. Dasharath tells that even he has gun. Prachi tells Ranbir that she shall talk to Shahana. Shahana thinks why is Ranbir and Maya talking? She comes to Pallavi and takes her from there. Vikram tells Beeji that today she wants to complain to her about his personal life. He says you had said that your bahu is no. 1, and tells that today her wishes are waking up. He takes Beeji to side, where pallavi and Shahana are standing and tells that pallavi has chosen him. Beeji asks what we will say when I become Mrs. Kohli. Aaliya says we will think later.

Vikram telling that they had planned to change his(Sardar/Shahana) voice when caught. Shahana tells that it is me, Shahana. Vikram asks if she is going to fancy dress competition after this. Shahana tells no and tells that she wants Pallavi aunty’s help to stop the wedding. She tells that Dushyant had threatened them not to come to the marriage, but Prachi has promised Ranbir to stop this marriage and that’s why we came here in disguise. She tells that Sarita behen is in her usual self as she is the caterer. She tells that they had made a plan which was ruined. Pallavi asks what was the plan? Shahana tells about Rahul and a fb is shown. Pallavi says so Aryan and Prachi are caught and hidden somewhere. Shahana tells that we are to delay the marriage until Rahul gains consciousness. Vikram, Pallavi and beeji like the plan. Shahana tells that until we find Prachi, we have to stop the marriage. She tells that she has two ways and asks them to think as if someone dies…They say no. Shahana says if someone has a heart attack. They say no. Shahana tells that if Pallavi aunty and Dadi have a fight and mandap breaks due to their fighting. Vikram tells that Dushyant and Mr. Chaubey will fire the gun. Shahana tells that the mandap will break with slight push. Pallavi tells that she has understood everything and tells that they have to act and throw the things. Vikram asks them not to beat him. Ranbir and Prachi throw the ingredients in the havan kund….Dushyant shouts and tells that the bride can’t be his niece Maya and asks her to get up. Pandit ji says if bride and groom stands up then it will be abshagun….Dushyant asks her to get up. Ranbir and Prachi stands up. Sarita behen thinks where is Prachi and Aryan. She sees him in bride’s room and comes to him. Aryan tells that he is here to watch. Sarita behen asks what? Aryan tells that he is watching Maya. Sarita behen tells that Maya is in mandap. Aryan tells that Maya is not in the mandap, but Prachi is on the mandap. Sarita behen gets happy and asks where is Maya then? Aryan shows her Maya on the sofa.

Prachi holds Ranbir’s hands…Dushyant asks didn’t you understand what I asked you to do. Ranbir comes infront of Prachi and tells that it is not her mistake, whatever is done is on my sayings. Vikram, Beeji and Pallavi come there. Vikram asks what happened? Dasharath tells that Dushyant is angry now. Beeji says he has aimed gun on your daughter? Ranbir tells that she is not Maya. Pallavi asks if the girl is not Maya then who can be. Ranbir says she…Prachi is about to lift her veil, when Dushyant calls her Maya and tells that when I tell you something then why don’t you understand and asks why she didn’t wear those bangles? Mrs. Chaubey tells that Ranbir told that it is his mistake. Ranbir tells that he thought the bangles to be old fashioned and asked her not to wear. He says I will bring the bangles. Ranbir calls her Maya and asks her to sit. Dushyant tells that he will bring the bangles and asks Dasharath to keep an eye on them. Prachi thinks positively and hopes that Dushyant gets the bangles and finds the bangles, but not Maya. Ranbir thinks if Dushyant sees her then….He tells Prachi that he is thinking negatively. Pallavi whispers to Ranbir that they have a plan to stop his marriage. Ranbir whispers not to stop it, but she doesn’t understand. Dasharath asks them to talk later after marriage. Dushyant is coming there. Sarita behen tells Aryan that Maya is alive, but if she gains consciousness then she will shout, then her Bade Papa will kill us. She says we shall tie her mouth. Aryan searches for the handkerchief and gives to Sarita behen. He reads Ranbir’s message that Dushyant is coming here to get Maya’s bangles. Sarita behen finds bangles in Maya’s hand and tries to take it out. Dushyant comes to room, talking to Chandan and asks him to bring. He comes to the dressing table and searches for the bangles. Aryan and Sarita behen hides. Sarita behen sees Maya’s face uncovered and goes to her silently and takes out her bangles. She then covers up Maya. Dushyant turns and looks at Sarita behen standing.

Aaliya tells Rhea that she has given her surprise and asks the beautician to do such make up that when Ranbir lifts her ghunghat then he can’t blink his eyes..Rhea tells that nobody will blink, tells that just like you surprised me, I will surprise Ranbir. Beautician tells that Rhea will look more beautiful after the make up. Dushyant asks what are you doing here? Sarita behen shows the bangles and tells that when you was searching it in that drawer, I was searching it here. He asks how did you know that the bangles were in that drawer. Sarita behen tells that she heard when Ranbir said and jokes that they both are old.. Dushyant says he is not old, takes the bangles and goes from there.

Pandit ji tells that marriage shall not stop. Mrs. Chaubey asks if he wants to be fine or not. Pandit ji says even you. Mrs. Chaubey says marriage can’t start until Bhai Saab brings my mother in law’s bangles. Pallavi thinks to start the fight and tells Beeji that she is very miser to keep their ancestral gold bangles at home, so that you don’t need to give your bangles to anyone. She says gold gold gold and asks if she will take gold up. Beeji asks Vikram what is she saying? Vikram says she is provoking you to make you angry, she is lying. Beeji calls him Joru ka ghulam and scolds him. Pallavi tells that everyone knows that you are greedy, miser, clever etc. beeji says what is she telling me. Sarita behen asks Shahana why are they fighting? Shahana says to break the mandap and delay the marriage. Mrs. Chaubey asks her to handle the catering. Sarita behen says they are fighting during marriage, it is not good and tells that she will explain to them. She asks them not to fight, tells that Jodi is good. Pallavi asks did you have bhang. Shahana comes to Sarita behen and asks her to come. Sarita behen asks them not to fight. Pallavi and Beeji resume their fighting. Pallavi tells that since she got married, her life has become hell. Beeji tells that she will bring new bahu for her. Vikram says I just wants Pallavi. Prachi tells Ranbir that they are fighting to delay the marriage. Ranbir says marriage will stop this way. Mrs. Chaubey asks them not to fight. Beeji tells that she wants Vikram to divorce her. Vikram reminds her that they have to break the mandap. He asks them to stop fighting else he will break his head on the wall. Beeji tells that she will break her head on the wall. Pallavi tells that she will break her head and throws the things.

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