Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 17 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 17 April 2021

Purab thinking he had gone to talk to Disha, but fought with her. He thinks he don’t want to behave like that with her and calls her, but ends the call. Disha sees his call and calls him, but ends the call. Purab thinks what to tell her and calls her again. He says I called you mistakenly. Disha thinks I thought you want to talk to me, but you called me mistakenly. She says I always thought you wrong, if you will not talk to me either. Rishi tells Prachi that he thinks that he shall leave the room. Prachi says Shahana is after that room and asks him not to take tension, says she is mad. Rishi says I will shift in your room. Prachi says there is no problem, that is your house, stay in that room. Ranbir hears them and thinks Rishi wants to shift in Prachi’s room, thinks why she is talking to him nicely. He comes to Rishi and says I have much work for you so you will stay here all night. He tells Prachi that he has much work for her also and asks her to meet him in his cabin. He is about to go, when Prachi tells Rishi that he might be taking out his anger on us for a girl who broke his heart. Ranbir hears her and says nobody breaks his heart, but he breaks girls’s heart. He asks her to come to his cabin if she is done gossiping. Prachi says ok and gets up.

Meera comes to Abhi’s room. Abhi zips his jacket and asks her to pull the curtains. She asks did you give permission to Rhea for party. He says yes. Meera says there is a space problem for the party. Abhi says they can have party here. Meera says ok. He says I feel that I have fever and will get a chance to rest. Meera asks him to rest and says you are a boss. Abhi says Vikram will not leave him. Meera says let me check and touches his forehead. Abhi holds her hand and asks her to check on his neck. Meera leaves from his room without saying anything. Abhi thinks to tell Vikram that he is not coming to office today. Meera comes out of room and keeps hand on her heart. Abhi thinks what happened to her.

Ranbir asks Prachi why she was talking to bad looking guy Rishi. Prachi asks him to wear specs and says he is good looking. Ranbir says you need specs and asks her to tell what she likes about him. Prachi says he is decent and understanding. Ranbir laughs and says I forgot that you are genius. Prachi says I forgot that I am talking to Ranbir Kohli. Ranbir says did you see his clothes, it was so tacky. Prachi asks what is your problem with his clothes, he wears better clothes than you, don’t wear red shoes like you in office. Ranbir is surprised and says you are taking his much side. Prachi says you are going much against him. Ranbir says he is a blo*dy intern and I am the boss. Prachi says I work for your father. Ranbir says don’t talk to me with an attitude. Prachi says I am not dying to talk to you and says they shall not talk. Ranbir says fine. Prachi says we will talk only about work. Ranbir asks her to bring 4 cups of coffee. Prachi says she will not do personal work. Ranbir asks her to set rules for Rishi also. Prachi asks why are you after Rishi, he is a good guy. Ranbir says if he was good then he wouldn’t have said that he will shift in your room. He says you gives me many lecture, but didn’t say anything when he said that. He says he can write 101 lecture of hers in a book.

He asks if a young guy stays in a young girl’s room. Prachi asks him to shut up and says I don’t want to give any explanation. She says don’t know how I do work with you. Ranbir says I heard that. Prachi says I said that to make you hear. Ranbir says I can fire you. Prachi says I will tell your father that I will not work with you. Ranbir says you want to leave the job for that guy. Prachi goes. Ranbir gets jealous and upset.

Meera comes to Abhi and asks shall I call the doctor. Abhi asks her to call doctor and says everyone will get serious if doctor comes and checks me. He says he will message Vikram and tell that he can’t come. He messages Vikram that he is having fever. Vikram replies that he will be on the bed beside his bed and that he is also having fever. He then messages him to eat a medicine and don’t message Anuradha like a cry baby. Abhi reads the message and lies down on the bed.

Rohit/Sanju enquires in Prachi’s college showing her pic. The students tell him that they don’t know her. Rohit’s friend tells him that he has to go back, but Rohit asks will you leave me? His friend says he will go after taking his bhabhi. Rohit says this is the same college, but don’t know how they didn’t see the beautiful girl.

Prachi tells Ranbir that the papers are ready for tomorrow. Ranbir gives her chit in which it is written that he is leaving and is done for the day. Prachi goes behind him and collides with him. He asks her to help to pick the papers and tells that he is leaving. Prachi thinks don’t know how his father handles him. Meera comes and checks Abhi’s fever. Benaam rishta song plays…Abhi wakes up and finds her sitting on the floor near the bed. He asks what happened? She tells that when he turned, she fell down. Abhi asks if she was stealing? She says no. Abhi says seems like you are unwell and asks her to take rest. Meera goes.

Sarita behen helps Prachi with the invitation card. She tells that she is helping Prachi, but the latter is finding problems in her choice. She says the invite shall be in Gujrati. Pragya says yes. Prachi looks at her. Pragya asks her to show the cards. Prachi is going to make tea. Pragya tells that they shall select blue and yellow card. Prachi asks why? A fb is shown, Abhi talks on phone and asks for blue and yellow combination for the invite. Pragya says it is odd. Abhi says every color says something and that who stays in the invitation card. Pragya asks what blue color says? Abhi says blue says that it is freedom of change and yellow is optimism and happiness, and says what could be the best than this. Pragya says I don’t know your thinking is so wide. Abhi makes a call and says I asked her, its final. Pragya asks what do you mean? Abhi says I talked to your mom and my sasumaa and took her suggestion. Pragya says you like her. Abhi says she gave me an important part of my life and gets romantic. Fb ends.

Sarita behen asks Pragya to tell her logic. Pragya tells the same thing about freedom, optimism and happiness with blue and yellow colors. She tells Prachi that her Nani used to say that every color says something. Abhi comes near the window and says you might be meeting her daily. Allah Wariyan plays as Pragya is shown.

Purab checking Abhi’s fever and tells her that he has no fever. Abhi says I shall have fever. Purab asks why, do you want holiday from school. Abhi says it is so good, one can rest. Purab asks why didn’t you tell me that you have fever. Abhi says I don’t want you to sleep with me. Mitali and Meera bring the coffee. Abhi says bhabhi is best and tells that this is the best thing of fever. He drinks coffee and asks Meera about her coffee. Meera says she will drink later. Abhi spills the coffee and gets up to wipe it from tissue. Meera looks at him. Abhi tells Purab that Vikram messaged that he will also shift with me to the hospital. Mitali sees Meera looking at Abhi and thinks she couldn’t stop herself from falling in love with Abhi and thinks everything will be ruined. She prays to god. Prachi and Shahana talk about Ranbir. Aryan asks Ranbir to get ready and tell what is in his heart. Ranbir says I will talk to Dad and asks him to fire Prachi. Shahana asks Prachi to talk to Ranbir and asks what upsets him. Ranbir tells Aryan that he don’t like Prachi. Aryan says she is the only sensible girl around him and that’s why your dad hired her. He says whatever she said was for your betterment and company’s betterment. Ranbir says she tells that I look bad, irritating and kaamchor. Aryan smiles and says I am just shocked and says she is giving you so many names with love. Ranbir says she thinks that Rishi is better than me and his clothes are good. Aryan says you are jealous of Ranbir. Ranbir says I don’t get jealous of anyone. Aryan smiles.

Priyanka sees Rishi going inside Sarita behen’s house and rings the bell thinking I shall know about him. Sarita behen opens the door. Rohit and his friend are in the hotel. He tells that he has just 1000 left and gets an idea to earn money. Priyanka tells Sarita behen that she was feeling guilty and that’s why came to apologize to her. Pragya asks her to come inside. Sarita behen says you had already apologized to me. Pragya asks her to come inside.

Disha is waiting for someone in Purab’s office. Purab sees her and thinks what she is doing here. He calls Receptionist and asks her to send Disha to his cabin. Receptionist says he came to meet Mr. Mehra. Purab asks her to send her to Abhi’s cabin.

Priyanka tells that she enquired about them and came here. Priya says so sweet and asks Sarita behen to end the matter. Rishi comes out calling his nani asking her if she saw his book. He sees Priyanka. Priyanka says you are here. Pragya asks do you know each other. Priyanka says we studied in the same college and working together as intern in the same company. Pragya asks Sarita behen to forgive Priyanka. Sarita behen says ok and forgives her. Priyanka thanks her and says that day you was so understanding. Sarita behen says she called him buddi etc that day. Pragya asks for tea or coffee. Rishi says she don’t drink anything. Priyanka says she drinks home tea. Pragya goes to make tea. Priyanka asks if he stays here. Sarita behen hears and says yes.

Disha waits for Abhi in his cabin. Purab comes there and says he wants to talk to her. Disha tells that if he wants to talk about that day. Purab says I wants to confess that I didn’t mean to hurt you and don’t want to interfere in your matters. Disha says it is good. He says I never cheated you. Disha recalls about the past and asks what is this confession. She says if you didn’t cheat me then why Aaliya is standing on my place. She says ok, it was all my mistake and I had a misunderstanding then why did you remarried and not single like me. She says seems like you was waiting for me to go and marry Aaliya. She says it was your intentional decision to marry Aaliya. She says did you see jiju, he was separated from di, but he hasn’t moved on and still loves her. She says for a girl, more pain was to see her husband with someone else. She asks why did you call me.

Rishi asks Priyanka to stop following him. Priyanka says it is coincidence that we met here. She tells that she has no feelings for him and their past will not be repeated. She says you didn’t leave me, but I left you. He asks her to go. She says bye.

Vikram talks to someone and says he don’t leave any work. Pallavi comes there. Abhi comes there and says I am angry with you. Vikram greets him and asks why? Pallavi says even me. Abhi asks where did you vanish? He says I will have enmity with you. Vikram says he goes out for shanti. Abhi asks Pallavi to hear and says he is searching Shanti. Pallavi asks who is Shanti. Abhi says he is having young kids and he said he is searching Shanti. Vikram says I said Mann ki Shanti and not Tann ki Shanti. He says you will get my divorce done. He throws pillows at Abhi. Meera slips and falls. Abhi holds her. Vikram and Pallavi looks at them. Meera stares at him. Abhi asks her to get up else he will drop her. Meera says sorry and goes. Vikram looks closely at Abhi and says I am seeing what you couldn’t see.

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