Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 15 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 15 May 2021

Rhea sees Sanju on the road and gets down from the car. She asks what the hell is he doing here? She says when I asked you, you should have gone? Sanju tells that she came and laughs. His friend tells that he don’t like her. Sanju tells that she is her friend. Rhea says he is not my friend. Sanju tells that he doesn’t need her help and tells that waiter is blackmailing him. His friend asks why is he not blackmailing her. Rhea tells that he has no value to blackmail me and says if he comes behind me. Sanju tells that he will solve the problem on his own.

Sanju asks his friend to start the car and sits in car. He asks Rhea to take care. Rhea says my name shall not came. Ranbir is driving the car still and thinks she irritates a lot. Beeji calls him and asks where is he? Ranbir tells that he is on the way. Beeji says Vikram came already. Ranbir tells that Papa taught him to think of his own benefit. He tells that he had given lift to Prachi, but left her on the road as she irritated him. Beeji asks him to take a U turn and drop Prachi home. Pallavi also asks him to go back, pick her and drop her home. Ranbir says if I go back then you will not get your son and grand son. He says she is a trouble. Pallavi asks him to go. Ranbir says ok, but last time, if I am shahinsha to help people in night. Beeji asks him to go. Ranbir says if I go back to her then she will eat me by giving lecture.

Prachi thinking what did Ranbir thinks of himself and calls him mannerless. Ranbir comes there in car and laughs. He tells that they shall go to a iceparlour and have icecream. Prachi asks if he is scared to go alone. Ranbir says Maa and beeji asked him to drop her home. Prachi calls him mad. Ranbir drives the car slow. Prachi asks why he is coming behind her. Ranbir asks her to go to side and walk. She says she will shout and call people, will tell them that he is teasing her. Ranbir says Maa and Dida don’t know you. They call each other mad. He drives off. Sunil thinks to go to his village and pay the loans. He sees goons coming. The goons tell him that Sanju has sent them. Sunil asks for his money. The goons tell that they have brought hockey and rod to kill him. He says Sanju has sent us. Sunil runs. The goons run behind him and ask him to come out. They threaten him. Sanju calls his friend out of car and tells that they shall check if they have done our work or not. He calls the contractor killer and asks if the work is done. The contractor killer tells that work will be done fully, even though they have taken half payment. Sanju tells his friend that the work will be done and he will call him. He says they shall have chole and kulche.

Prachi is walking on the road and sees waiter running on the road. She thinks to ask him on whose insistence they spiked her cold drink. She sees goons on the bike following him. She comes behind him. Sunil asks them to leave him. The contractor killer gives him 10 mins and asks him to run. Sunil runs. The contractor killer throws hockey on his neck and injures him. They beat him to death. Prachi witnesses the murder and is shocked. Her photo falls down in her house. Pragya gets worried and thinks Prachi should have come back home by now. She calls Prachi. The goons hear the ring tone and see Prachi standing. Prachi runs while the goons run behind her. The goon (Mahendra) calls Sanju and thinks he will decide if he doesn’t pick the call. He thinks to kill the girl and take payment from Sanju. Prachi takes the rod and throws on them. They fall down from the bike. Prachi thinks Ranbir might be in the icecream parlour and runs again.

Mahendra says this girl is making her own death difficult. Pragya gets worried and asks Shahana if Prachi came. Shahana says no. Madhu asks her not to worry. Pragya tells that Prachi is in trouble as her pic fell down. Shahana says you felt this before also, but she was fine. Pragya then gets worried for her other daughter. Shahana says I called her sometime back and she said that she is coming back. Pragya says she should have talked to me. Shahana says she will come in 10-15 mins. Prachi continues to run and is coming to the ice parlour. She calls Ranbir and sees his car there. She thinks where is he? The goons come near her. Prachi keeps her phone on his car and runs. Ranbir comes back and collides with the goon. The goon says that the girl is running with the purse. Ranbir thinks which girl steals. The goon runs behind her and hits rod on her head. Prachi faints. They take her in taxi.

Ranbir starts his car and sees mud on the car door. He gets down and finds her watch. He calls her and finds her phone on the car. He takes it and thinks why does she do this. He comes to Prachi’s house and calls her. Pragya asks if she is not with him. Ranbir says no and tells that he came to complain to her about Prachi and tells that she had put the muddy water on my car. He shows her phone. Pragya asks when did you see? Ranbir tells that he had offered her to come to icecream parlour, but she refused and got down the car. Pragya says you shouldn’t have dropped her on road. Ranbir says when I went to take her back, she refused and told that she will shout and call people. Pragya says she shouldn’t have done this. She tells that Prachi haven’t come. Ranbir gets worried and says this means…Pragya says she is in trouble,

the goon telling Mahendra that he did a good acting and said that the girl is running away with purse. Mahendra comes to Prachi with his goon and tells that they have to kill her. His goon says who gave us contract to kill her. Mahendra says Sanju will give us and asks him to give phone to him. He calls Sanju. Sanju tells that he is ready with 10 lakhs Rs and asks him to say if Sunil is killed. Mahendra says something wrong happened as the girl saw him killing sunil and asks him to pay for the girl’s murder too. Sanju refuses and says I have nothing to do with this girl. Goon comes and tells Mahendra that Sunil’s dead body is hidden by them. Mahendra asks Sanju to give him money else if Sunil’s body is found then Police can trace him checking last call. Sanju agrees to give money. Mahendra asks him to come with 17.5 lakhs rs. Sanju says it is not 15 Rs. Mahendra says he is giving discount on second murder. Sanju thinks how he is bearing him. Mahendra asks his goon to give him knife.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Sanju is back. Aaliya asks who is he? Rhea tells that she wants to use him to make Prachi go from their life. Aaliya asks her to tell everything. Rhea tells that Sanju told that waiter called Sanju and blackmailing him to give money. Aaliya asks her not to get worried and tells that Sanju will give money to waiter and will take Prachi from there anyhow. She says he will get angry after giving money to waiter and will take Prachi with him. Rhea asks how do you know? Aaliya says those people are such. Abhi comes home and sees them hugging each other.

Mahendra is about to slit her throat. His goon stops him and says she is unconscious, if you kill her when she is sleeping then your soul will curse you. He talks about his manhood and asks him to let her wake up first. Mahendra says ok and clicks pic to send Sanju so that he don’t feel that he is cheating him. He says he will take another pic after killing her.

Abhi tells Aaliya that Aryan is also her son also and tells that whatever she did is wrong. He says Purab is now staying in hotel. He tells Rhea that she shall follow her own instinct and shall not let other’s thinking overcome her thoughts. Rhea says yes and tells that she don’t want to talk to him. Abhi says even I don’t want to talk to you and will not come to cheer you. He tells that Aaliya had done the accident intentionally. He asks her not to show the world that whatever she thinks is right etc. Aaliya is upset.

Pragya tells Ranbir that Prachi is in trouble. Ranbir says she must have gone to a friend’s house. Pragya tells that she doesn’t go without telling her. She asks Ranbir to come with her to Police station. Shahana insists to come with her. Ranbir says I have much place in car. Pragya says that’s why my daughter fights with you and asks her to take care of Sarita behen and call her if Prachi comes back. She goes.

Aaliya comes to Abhi and tells that she came to talk to him. Abhi says you came here to talk as you don’t want to talk infront of Rhea. He tells that you have done Disha’s accident intentionally. Aaliya says how you can go against me and asks what wrong did I do? Abhi says you have blackmailed Purab taking Aryan’s name and you are saying that you didn’t do anything. He says don’t spoil Rhea further else I will insult you infront of her. He says I met Purab and he will not come home for 2 days. He says people come home to get peace, but he…Aaliya says you care about Purab and Disha and not me. Abhi thinks Rhea doesn’t like Prachi as Aaliya don’t like her.

Mahendra’s goon sharpens the knife. His goon tells that he likes the girl. Mahendra asks them not to be emotional and throws water on Prachi. Prachi gains consciousness and recalls seeing Sunil’s murder. She says she didn’t see anything. Mahendra says we are helpless and have to do this work for money. Prachi says you are like my elder brother and asks him to leave her. She says if something happens to her then how her mum will survive and tells that she wants to search her father and unite him with her mother. Mahendra gets emotional and asks her not to cry. The goon tells Prachi that Mahendra got emotional as he doesn’t have a mother. Mahendra calls Sanju and asks if he is bringing the money. Sanju says he is doing the arrangements and tells that he will come. He asks did you kill the girl. Mahendra says no and tells that the girl is innocent and his heart is melting seeing her. Sanju reminds him that he is contract killer and says if she goes to Police, then and asks him to kill her. Mahendra asks did you see her pic and tells that if she dies then her mum will be lonely. She is from a good family. Sanju asks him not to talk like woman and kill her. Mahendra says I thought there is humanity in your heart and asks him to bring money in 2 hours else he will come there. Sanju ends the call and thinks who is this girl. He downloads her pic and is shocked to see Prachi.

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