Twist of Fate Saturday Update 14 November 2020


Twist of Fate Saturday Update 14 November 2020

Ronnie is walking down the stairs thinking that hez not able to help Di.. He sees Tanu and thinks that she’s responsible for everything. He thinks of getting her baby out of the way.. .. Saying if there is no baby then there won’t be any shaadi. He sees Mithali takking a water bottle and asks her for water. Mithali gives him the bottle and leaves.

Ronnie pours water on the stairs and thinks to himself sorry Di. I knw if I tell u this u won’t give me permission. And he goes and hides behind the stairs.. Tanu walks on the stairs and slips a little and controls herself. Tanu sees Ronnie hiding and says water is thrown purposefully. And shouts at Ronnie. And asks him weather Pragya ordered him to do this. Pragya comes there.. Tanu says See and takes bottle from Ronnie’s hand and says he threw the water on the stairs.. Pragay asks Ronnie and he says Di… Pragya shuts him off and asks him to go with her. Tanu thinks to herself that if they are targeting my baby now then I have to leave this house with Abhi. If there is no baby means it’s finished. It’s been too much.. I have to do something now.. the team is again gathered and Pragya is sooo angry.. And Pragya tells them everything. And scolds him.. Ronnie says he can’t see when she cries.. Ans tells he can do anything for her. Pragya scolds him saying what’s the baby’s fault. Ronnie asks then what’s BulBul dis fault that she lost her life. Rachu says Di wat ever Ronnie did is correct.. Pragya shouts have u gone mad our fight if for the truth not a war killing for people.. Pragya says we are not like Aliya n Tanu wanting to get rid of people.. Pragya keeps on crying saying m tired. For my happiness how many lives should I risk. Doing all this if I get happiness means I don’t want any happiness. All this is my fault. I don’t want to do all this. We have to finish it here. For Maa’s and rest of thems safety.. I have made a decision. I’ll go and tell him the truth about everything.. I don’t want any of u to stop me. I don’t care if he believes me or not. Daadi tries to reason out.. Pragya says if this goes on then this distance will be for life Daadi. And leaves from there

Purab comes running to Pragya asking her to think once. Pragya says Purab we always keep thinking but never did dare to tell him. What if we tell him and he believes us .. Then we don’t have to do all these planning every other day. Once I tell him bohot Bada bojh Utar jayegi dil se. What happens if I tell him the truth.. He won’t believe me. He will remove me from this house. He has already removed me from his heart. After that I don’t care if I live in this house or not. And how much will he hate me. .? He already hates me a Lott… If he removes me from the house I shall leave taking Maa with me.

*even Tanu will get wat she wants.. She’ll leave Maa alone.. Already in this we lost a Lott to bring the truth out Purab… So much bad happened. If we both are destined to stay apart , if I had to loose the battle let me just have a peace of mind that I told him the truth .. Wat ever happens after that m fine and leaves from there..

*Abhi is in the garden. Tanu says she’s looking for him everywhere. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya wants to kill her and her baby. Abhi looks at her.. Abhi says have u gone mad? Tanu tells him everything…
Abhi says enough.. I knw Pragya is thinking wrong about you taking Sarla Aunty. Pragya can never do that with you. Tanu says y can’t she do it.. Abhi argues saying Pragya can never take some1s life or harm any1. Tanu shouts when will u trust me Abhi?? When our baby dies then??

*Pragya comes searching for Abhi in his room and asks robin. He tells Abhi sir is in the garden. Purab, Daadi, Rachu n Ronnie discuss that Pragya is not listining.. Purab says Daadi u should go with Di .. If Di only tells him he might not believe her. But if u are with her then he might listen. And even Rachu agrees with Purab. Daadi says he will ask for proof.. I knw he will think about wat I said.. The. He will bring Tanu Infront of every1 n ask her n she’ll of course lie ..
*roniee says Di can ask time to get the proofs .. Purab agrees. Purab says if Abhi doesn’t listen to do then everything will be finished. Daadi gets hyper and says I won’t let it finish.. I ll do wat ever I haven’t done till now. I ll fight with Abhi.. But I won’t let anything happen to Pragya. N leaves from there…

*sarala says god my Pragya is going with the truth.. Please stay with her..

*Tanu keeps saying ur not understanding me.. Y don’t you tell me that u don’t have any Lagan towards me or my bachaa.. I will bear all this coz I loved u.. For ur happiness I have given up mine.. N ur thinking of others happiness.. Who will get ready to Marry a guy who loves some1 else… But still I want to marry you coz I care abt you.. Abhi looks on.. Tanu says u don’t care abt me or the baby.. I wanted to Abort the baby by u didn’t let me.. y can’t you take a decision…

*Abhi shouts he had taken a decision and its same as her. Tanu says if our decisions are same then y aren’t our feelings? Don’t u want me to bring this baby into this world.. Abhi says not like that.. Abhi says he was about to talk to Daadi to go n talk to Pragay abt the divorce.. I don’t want to get things complicated in rush. If Pragya refuses divorce then the matter will go to court. They argue..

* Just then Pragya listens to Tanu shouting.. Telling our baby is in danger and that danger is Pragya.. Pragya gets shocked.. Tanu shouts at Abhi saying u trust her but not me.. Don’t show this on her coz she ll take advantage of this. She ll tell some wrong story and try to instigate u on me.. Pragya listens to all this in shock.. She tells I fear that she will come and tell you that the baby in my stomach is not urs but some1 else’s and cries.. M Pragya looks shocked.. Abhi says waht rubbish are y talking… Tanu says she will say this coz u trust her. If not her then she’ll make some1 else tell u this..

*Abhi says no one will make him stop have a relation with the baby.. I won’t believe if any1 says this.. This is my baby.. Abhi telling Tanu that he has relation with his baby even before marriage and says I will not break my relation with him and will not let anyone break this relation or will let anyone play games. Tanu says sorry and hugs him. Abhi hugs her. Pragya sees them and says she is lying and acting. Abhi asks what do you mean? Pragya says she is lying? She says Tanu is carrying someone else’s baby, and says whatever she is doing is to gain your sympathy, and that’s why she is acting to be helpless. She says Tanu have betrayed Dadi and everyone. Tanu asks Abhi to slap Pragya and tell her that the baby is his. Pragya asks Abhi to trust her. Abhi says you have crushed my trust and says she has not betrayed me, but it is you. Pragya says she has changed to bring out truth of Aaliya, Raj and Tanu. She says she didn’t have proofs against them to make him belief, that’s why she has changed to get the proofs and expose them. Abhi says your story is good, but I can’t believe you. Pragya says she is lying and trying to give your name to someone’s baby. Abhi asks her to stop, and asks if she has any proof. Pragya says I will get proof and says she will bring proof in few days. Abhi asks if she have any proof now, and asks her not to raise finger on Tanu or his baby.. He says he will leave from there with Tanu and his baby. Pragya says don’t you have any strength to bear the truth or are you accepting her illegitimate child. Abhi slaps her. Pragya gets teary eyes. It was only her dream. Abhi goes. Tanu takes a sigh of relief and smiles.

Aaliya calls someone and says she has a proposal for him. He asks her to come with Abhi. Aaliya thinks nobody knows her without Abhi, and thinks how to get a chance. She drinks wine. She thinks Abhi should give flop songs to lower his market value, but then thinks Abhi is not composing any songs. Pragya thinks about Tanu and Abhi’s conversation. She thinks Tanu is a big liar and have made a big story. She says if I tell anything against her, then I will make Tanu right. She thinks what to do now? Dadi sees Pragya crying and asks if she told the truth to Abhi. What did he say? Pragya cries. Dadi takes her from there. Rachna tells Purab that Pragya has come. Purab asks her to sit with Sarla. Ronnie sees her sad.

Dadi takes Pragya to room, and asks if she told truth to Abhi. Pragya cries badly. Purab comes and asks what did he say? Pragya says I am crying on my destiny and time, and says I went to tell him everything, but…..She says Tanu reached there before me and tells everything. She says Abhi believed on her words and tears. She says if anyone speaks against Tanu, then abhi will go against them. She says Tanu said that someone might instigate him against her and say that she is carrying someone’s baby, and also told that Ronnie tried to harm her baby on her sayings. Dadi says Tanu is very clever. Ronnie tells Pragya that we will give proofs to Abhi. Pragya asks him not to interfere. Purab says now we can understand why she has done this? Purab says Tanu have taken this step as she got afraid of the blackmailer’s call. He says we have to think wisely. Abhi thinks about Tanu’s words and thinks how can Pragya do this? He thinks time has come to do this, I am fed up now. I can’t live with this, Purab gets an idea and tells them that blackmailer said that he will give proofs to someone else. He says we will do that. Pragya asks what? Purab says if Tanu’s friend gets a call, then she will tell her, and Tanu will try to catch the blackmailer again. Dadi asks if you understood. Pragya says yes, I am ready.

Dasi packs her bags and tells Dadi that she is going to vaishno devi in 2 -3 days. She asks Dadi to come. Dadi refuses and says she is worried about Abhi as Pragya naagin is in his life. Dasi says okay, I will go and pray. Abhi comes to her room and sees the suitcase. He asks if you are going somewhere? You can’t go anywhere. Dadi says Indu is going, and not me. She asks him to sit. She says I know everything, how you are feeling now. Abhi says when I couldn’t understand what is happening with me, then who can understand. He says he is losing his identity, and making everything wrong to set it right.

He says I have won this world on my own, but I am losing because of my family, losing my confidence, couldn’t take a peaceful breath. Dadi explains to him about day and night, darkness and light. She asks him not to leave the right path. Abhi says I am alone and have decided now. He says everyone knows that I will be marrying Tanu. He says he will make a new start now, but there is a problem. He says I can’t marry Tanu until I give divorce to Pragya, so I have to divorce her. Dasi comes and hears him.

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