Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 10 February 2024


Twist Of Fate Saturday Update 10 February 2024

Prachi telling Ranbir that she will search her daughter and once she finds her then she will not let him meet her. Ranbir says I will search Khushi, she is my daughter too and I will not let you meet her. He realizes what he said and says I am so sorry Prachi. The kidnapper tells the other kidnapper that the girl is sleeping peacefully as if she don’t care. The kidnapper says I made her drink medicine mixed in the water and she is unconscious. Akshay comes there. The goon asks him where is his money. Akshay thinks he has forgotten to get money. He says I am not running anywhere and will get your money. Khushi gains conscious and looks at the kidnapper and Akshay, but her vision is blurred due to her drowsy state. Khushi shouts Mamma. Akshay and the kidnapper hides. The other kidnapper gives her injection and she faints again. Akshay asks the kidnapper not to call him and keep an eye on him. He goes to the PS, and tells Inspector that he wants to meet Ranbir. Ranbir asks him where is his daughter? Akshay asks him to take all his wealth, his home, office and everything, but give my daughter back to me. He says please tell me else I will harm myself, and says I will die without Khushi. He says orphanage people made him as Khushi’s first parent and says you don’t know the past, so I will tell you. He says Prachi and Ranbir were married and then Khushi was born, and tells that she is a very lovely girl.


He tells that they used to fight a lot, that the girl was sent to orphanage due to their fights. He asks him to think what she used to feel to stay in orphanage, though she has the parents. He says I don’t know why they used to fight as I don’t have rights to know about it. Ranbir is shocked to hear him lying. Akshay says then Prachi came in my life, I met Khushi through her, when I saw her, I felt the feeling of a father and wanted to send her to London, and that’s why orphanage people made me as Khushi’s first parent. Ranbir asks why you are doing this, and tells that it seems you want to trap me. Akshay says you are accusing me, what I am accusing you. Ranbir tells him that she is his daughter, and will get his family back. Akshay says they are his family and provokes Ranbir, asking if he will kill me. Ranbir says yes, I will kill you. Akshay asks Inspector to see and tells Ranbir that it is waste to talk to him. He leaves. Ranbir realizes Akshay knows that the kidnapper as he was sure about the kidnapper’s face when his face was not clear in the CCTV footage. He thinks Akshay knows about her.

Prachi thinks of Khushi and cries. Song plays….She asks why did you do this Ranbir…with my daughter. Akshay comes there and asks didn’t you know seriously. He says you both were married and understands each other, then also you are saying this. He says Ranbir wanted you in his life back and that’s why he has kidnapped her. He says Ranbir has applied the universal rule that a mother will go where her daughter is and that’s why he has done this. She says her heart says that Ranbir can’t kidnap my daughter. Akshay says you don’t know Ranbir, but I know him and says I have seen his that avatar. He says I went inside sometime back and he said that he can kidnap Khushi to bring you back in his life, and asks her not to get weak. He acts and says I am feeling helpless that I can’t bring my daughter back, and hate myself that I can’t bring my angel back home. He says when I brought her from orphanage, we have done everything for her. He says Khushi calls him Shiv, and he has kidnapped him. She says Khushi might be shocked and asks how can a father can do this. He provokes her more and says how can anyone do this. Prachi goes inside the PS.

Akshay says I am really sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you, but you hurt me also. He says you let Ranbir do everything whatever I hate, you let Ranbir touch you, let him dance with you and tells that you have betrayed me and that’s why you have to suffer. Ranbir tells Inspector that he is innocent and he has to go from here, as he has to save his daughter. He says Akshay has kidnapped my daughter. Inspector asks Constable to shift him to other cell. The constable takes him outside. Ranbir says Akshay has kidnapped my daughter. Prachi comes there and asks how can you do this? She says you have said that you can kidnap even Khushi to get me.

The thief tells that Ranbir didn’t say this. Akshay asks him to keep his mouth shut and says your words are not trustable and this is my family matter. He asks Prachi not to listen. Ranbir asks Akshay where is that man who kidnapped Khushi and says if I leave from here, then I will ruin your life, the time I spend on searching Khushi. Akshay says she is our daughter and asks her to ask Ranbir, where is Khushi? He says atleast I can bring her back. He says if you want to stay with him then I will bear it, but I want Khushi. Prachi says I am not a toy and tells that whoever has kidnapped my daughter, I will not bear and will get him punished.

Ranbir says I will not hurt as you are mother and now you are hurt. He says look around you, don’t just doubt on me. He asks her to open her eyes and not close. Prachi goes. The thief also looks at them. Akshay smirks and goes. The thief asks Inspector to keep him in his cell and says he will handle him. The constable locks Ranbir inside. The thief says I can help you. Ranbir looks at him.

Mihika comes to Vishaka and tells that everyone is against Ranbir, but my heart says that Ranbir can’t do this. Vishaka says but Akshay feels that Ranbir has done this. Mihika says I feel that Ranbir is right. Vishaka asks her to stay with Ranbir, and tells that God Krishna asked to stay with the truth even if we have to go against the family. She says everyone is doing what they think right, and says Mahabharat is going on. She says your brother hates Ranbir and you love him, and asks him to do what she shall do, and Akshay will do what he wants. Mihika says I will get Ranbir out of jail, just because this is right, I have to go against my family for him, I will stand with him as he needs me. She asks you are with whom? She says she is with nobody, and tells that she is with Akshay as he is her son, and she is her daughter, she is with both. She says you both are right in my eyes and asks her to think wisely before doing anything. Mihika goes.

Ranbir says I don’t need any help, I am already in problem. He says it seems you come here often. The thief says I have a plan to help you. Ranbir says I didn’t do anything and have trust on law. The thief says law can’t help you, and tells that where is your daughter? He says you are worried here, and the law has arrested you. Ranbir says the law investigates everything in right way. He says they will interrogate me. The thief says you are here, and you don’t know what happens and says if the children are found then its fine else you don’t know what could happen with her. constable says Mihika came to meet you.

The kidnapper tells other kidnapper that Khushi is sleeping. The first one says he just wants money, and says she will sleep as she is given injections to sleep. He calls Akshay. Akshay sees the call. Prachi asks him to pick the call and says it might be from the PS. Akshay says it is an important call. Prachi asks him to pick the call. Akshay picks the call. The kidnapper asks him when he will give money. Akshay says wrong number and ends the call as Prachi heard the kidnapper. Prachi says Rana name came on the mobile. Akshay lies that it was office call, but he said wrong number. Ranbir asks Mihika to go and says nothing can be done. Mihika says let me try. Pallavi asks why did you come here, and says she knows her fake concern. Ranbir says don’t vent out your anger on her, she didn’t do anything. Pallavi asks why, you are here due to her family.

Pallavi reminds Ranbir that he came here last time also because of Akshay. She says last time I had forgiven him, but her brother doesn’t leave you. Dida asks why did you come here? Mihika says she came to free Ranbir, and tells that she knows that he is innocent. Dida asks why you are telling us, rather than telling your brother. Ranbir says don’t tell her anything, it is not her mistake. He says I am already stressed, don’t trouble me and leave me alone. He tells Mihika that she can’t do this, Akshay and Ranbir can take back the complaint, but they will not do it. He says I can’t do anything and has to stay here for 3 days. Pallavi says I can’t leave you alone. Ranbir says if you want to do something then go from here. Mihika asks Pallavi to come. The thief asks Ranbir, what is her daughter’s age.