Twist Of Fate Monday Update 7 June 2021


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 7 June 2021

Maya and Rhea get inside the house. Maya tells her about Saloni’s demand. Rhea says you are telling me now. She says I brought your money only, not for Saloni. Prachi comes there calling Maya. Rhea hides hearing Prachi coming. A toy cycle falls down. Prachi gets alerted. Maya scolds her Servant. Prachi tells that they shall go to Police station to keep watch on Saloni’s statement. Prachi says I will drink water. She sees Rhea’s sandals. Maya tells that she will give water and gives her water. Prachi thinks her doubt is confirmed now. Maya gives her tea. Prachi thinks surely someone is with her. Maya gets Rhea’s message that she is taking money for Saloni and asks her to call her. Prachi observes her. Ranbir sees Rhea in her car on the signal. Rhea tells that she is taking car to mechanic. Ranbir offers to drop her. Rhea says she is a big girl now and can manage. Ranbir leaves.

Abhi comes to office. Vikram tells that he is changing the look of Ranbir’s cabin and asks shall I get yours done? Abhi says no. He tells that Rhea has done Aaliya’s cabin renovation. The employee standing there tells that he has renovated her room and she liked it. Abhi recalls Aaliya and Rhea’s lie and this confirms his doubt. He leaves. Maya tells Prachi that she will bring something for her to eat and goes inside. Prachi thinks she might have gone to call the person who is with her. She thinks may be the person is going to meet Saloni. She calls Ranbir to inform him. Maya calls Saloni and tells her that her friend is coming to give her money. Saloni asks who is she? Maya tells that her friend is very popular in college, but you didn’t know her. Prachi tells Ranbir that she has seen that person’s shoes and asks him to take the video. Ranbir says he is standing out and will meet Saloni. Prachi says best of luck and ends the call. Saloni opens the door. Ranbir introduces himself. Saloni says she heard so much about him. Ranbir says molestation. Saloni says she heard something good about him that he is handsome and good football player. Ranbir thanks her for help and tells that he is going to make video of the person coming to give her money. Saloni sees someone coming and makes Ranbir hides behind the door. Ranbir tries to look at Rhea.

Pragya calls Abhi while making coffee and recalls their moments. She thinks why his number is disconnecting at one ring. She thinks to talk to Purab and thinks may be he don’t want to talk to me. Ranbir tries to peep inside and thinks why she is not saying anything. Rhea asks her to come to her car to get money and says I will close the door by myself. She looks at the door and closes it. Abhi comes to Aaliya’s cabin and thinks why she gave so much cash to Rhea. This cabin is already renovated. He sees Aaliya and Rhea’s photoframe. He thinks why Aaliya gave so much to Rhea and thinks to ask Rhea. Rhea thinks she has seen my face and I have taken the big risk. She thinks to handle her. Saloni asks who are you? Rhea says what is important is what I am going to say. Saloni says I feel that I know you. Rhea says I look famous, but I am not. Saloni asks why you got my house locked.



Rhea says may be someone is hiding inside and want to record the video. She gives her money and asks her not to go to Police. Saloni asks her to wait and clicks her pic and is about to run. Rhea sees Ranbir’s car and tells that he called me and said that he is locked inside your house. She asks did you lock her? Saloni thinks if she is Ranbir’s friend then why she is giving money from Maya’s side. Rhea thinks her face is saying that he is inside. Ranbir thinks he couldn’t see her face and knocks on the door. He searches for the keys. Saloni opens the door and gets inside. She tells him that the girl is his friend. They come out. Saloni tells that she said that you called him and said that you are locked inside. Ranbir says who is that girl? Saloni says I have taken her pic and looks for her phone, but it is missing. Saloni says where is my phone. Rhea is in the car and thinks Maya is not picking the call. She thinks who might have told Ranbir to keep eye on Saloni’s house. She thinks Prachi and thinks this is a big game play. She thinks Prachi must have sent Ranbir there and is with him. She thinks it was their plan to trap us. She thinks if Prachi traps Maya then I will be trapped also. She thinks I will be exposed and hopes she don’t get exposed.

Saloni searching her phone and gets her phone kept there. She asks him to see that girl’s pic. Ranbir says how is this possible and says all the photos are deleted from your phone. Saloni asks how is this possible and recalls Rhea holding her hand and taking her phone while acting to falling and then asking her to call Ranbir. While Saloni goes, Rhea deletes the pic. Fb ends. Saloni realizes and tells him. She says she is leaving Delhi and says she can’t help him anymore. Ranbir asks her to tell how she looks? Saloni says she was hot. Ranbir says many girls look hot. Rhea reaches Maya’s house and hears Prachi asking her if she is saying truth, as she feels Saloni is saying truth and tells that whatever she told seems right. Rhea thinks if Maya handles the situation then can get saved, thinks her plan is failed. Prachi asks why she will lie? Maya says may be she is lying for money like me. Prachi tries to record the video. Maya says everyone is not victim like me. Prachi says may be you are right and says she will leave.

Ranbir talks to Prachi and tells that the girl is too smart, she couldn’t let him see her. Prachi asks him not to worry and tells that she has recorded the video. Rhea comes to Maya’s house and says I heard whatever you said. She tells everything that Ranbir and Prachi are together. She says Ranbir didn’t tell me that he is with Prachi. She says I have to stop Prachi as she has recorded your confession. She takes Maya’s car keys and tells her that they have to stop Prachi. Prachi is in auto and switches on/off her phone because of network. Rhea asks Maya to call Prachi. Maya calls her and tells that phone is off. Rhea asks if she don’t want to talk to her. Maya calls Prachi and tells her that she has forgotten her earrings. Prachi says I have my earrings. Maya asks where is she? Prachi tells that she is crossing Rhea sees Prachi and tells that they will do Prachi’s accident with her car, so that she is kicked out from Ranbir’s life.

Abhi is on the way and thinks there is something which is not right. He thinks Rhea might not have asked me for money as she must be doing something wrong, taught by Aaliya. He calls Rhea and thinks Aaliya is creating problems. He calls Pragya and thinks why she is not picking the call. He doesn’t know that wrong number is saved as Pragya. He sees Pragya and calls her. He gets down on the road. Pragya hears him and thinks if this is his voice. He runs calling her, but Pragya sits in the cab and leaves. Abhi runs and calls her. He sits in his car to follow Pragya’s cab. Prachi asks the driver to drive fast. Rhea is behind her auto and hits the auto. Prachi’ phone and bag falls down. Abhi sees accident happening on the auto and stops his car. He comes to the car and sees Prachi. He asks are you fine? Prachi says sir…Rhea sees Abhi and runs away in the car. She tells Maya that he was her dad. Abhi asks Prachi if she is fine and gives money to auto driver for his treatment. He then ties his handkerchief on Prachi’s heart. Rhea comes back to auto covering her face, steals Prachi’s phone and deletes the video. Prachi takes her bag and looks for her phone. Rhea keeps the phone back. Prachi takes it and leaves with abhi in the car. Rhea is coming to Maya, when Ranbir sees her and asks her to come with him to buy puja stuff.

Prachi asks Abhi if he is not upset with her for giving statement against Ranbir. Abhi says Ranbir is a good guy and tells that he is not asking her or Ranbir to like each other. Prachi asks him to take her to Ranbir’s house and tells that he will tell everyone that she is with him and not Maya. She says she is trying to prove him innocent and asks him to take her to Ranbir’s house. Ranbir and Rhea are in the car. Rhea recalls seeing Abhi tying handkerchief on Prachi’s hand and gets emotional. Ranbir asks her what happened? He says I know you since childhood and asks her to tell him. Rhea says when you know me so well then why you are with Prachi, I hate her. Rhea tells that she is very afraid about him and feel that he can go away from her. Ranbir tells that nothing can happen to him and Maya can’t do anything. He says Prachi is with him and is not with Maya, she trust me and is with her so that she gets to know about her intention. He says I am telling you only and this is Prachi and my secret. Rhea says I am happy that Prachi is with you. Ranbir tells that Prachi got solid proofs against Maya and will bring it home. Rhea thinks she holds some importance in his life still and she has to do something to make Prachi go away from his life.

Vikram asks Pallavi to make tea. Meera asks her to put clove in the tea. Aaliya asks him to hire the CEO. Door bell rings. Meera opens the door and sees Prachi and Abhi. Abhi asks Prachi to come inside. Vikram asks who has come? Abhi says hi Vikram. Pallavi asks what is she doing here? Prachi says Pallavi aunty. Pallavi asks her not to dare say a word and says Abhi can forgive you, but not us. She says Vikram will not fire you from job, but we will be professional now. She says personal touch is over between us. Prachi tries to say. Aaliya says I can scold you much. Abhi stops her and asks Prachi to take a stand for herself. Aaliya asks what is the need of clarification. Abhi says she is a stupid girl and thought she can handle it alone, if she had taken my help then things would have been different now. Ranbir and Rhea come there. Ranbir asks what is happening?

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