Twist Of Fate Monday Update 6 September 2021


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 6 September 2021

Pragya thinking why is he not saying anything and thinks some mischief is going on in her mind. Just then Abhi shouting asking to leave him. Pragya gets worried and comes out. She sees Abhi faking the attack and cries. Abhi says he will not do this again and promises her. They go inside. Abhi kisses on her cheeks and tells that she has to be strong, so that nothing happens to him. Pragya says she will not let anything happen to him. Abhi asks how, with tears in your eyes. He asks if there is someone who loves you more than me.

Pragya gets thinking. Abhi says I will lose infront of you and says if that happens then he will become her slave. He says he wants to make her win and wants himself to loser, as the loser who wins but loses in love is called the lover. He pulls her closer and they dance…..Allah wariyan plays……They smile looking at each other…Abhi kisses on her cheeks. Prachi calls Purab and asks where is Maa and Papa? Purab asks what happened? Is everything alright. Rhea says I told Prachi that Dad is with her mom and her life is in danger. Purab asks why did you say this? Vikram says Ranbir lied to her teasingly. Purab thinks I hope this was just a joke. He tells Prachi that her mom and dad are safe. Prachi says Maa is not at home and that’s why she called. Sarita behen says your maa and Papa are together. Prachi asks if Sarita behen is there. Purab puts the call on loudspeaker. Prachi tells that she is relieved now and ends the call. Purab is tensed and very much worried. Vikram asks if there is any tension. Purab tells Vikram that whatever Ranbir said it for fun, but it is truth and says Abhi and Pragya di are in a big danger.

The shooters knock on the door. Pragya and Abhi gets tensed. Shooter 1 says we shall break the door if nobody opens the door. The Inspector comes to the Commissioner and shows the shooter 1’s pic, says he has taken supari to kill Abhishek Mehra. The Commissioner asks him to go home and tells that catch the shooter, but not today. He asks him to catch the shooter tomorrow. Inspector sees Digvijay there and leaves. Digvijay tells Commissioner that his son will be released tomorrow. Commissioner says my son has done a big mistake by trusting you. Digvijay says people often do mistakes. Commissioner thinks once my son gets freed, then do what I can do with you.

Ranbir wakes up and coughs. Pallavi comes there and brings hot water bowl. She asks him to take 1 spoon of vicks with hot water. She puts vicks in the hot water, so that he can take the vapours. He feels good and thanks her. Pallavi asks him to rest.

Abhi and Pragya open the door and find uncle. Uncle says I brought butter milk for you both and asks them to drink. He says he knocked slowly so that the goons don’t get alert. Abhi asks him not to worry and says the goons might have gone far away from here. Uncle says they can return at anytime, if I knock the door three times, then think that I am on the door. Abhi and Pragya thank him.

The goons knock on the door where Abhi and Pragya are taking shelter. Aunty opens the door. They ask did you see them here, by showing Abhi and Pragya’s pic. Aunty panics, says no and closes the door. The shooters push the door and get inside. Aunty falls down. The shooter 1 sees the mobile on charging and asks Aunty. Aunty says they brought it for their son. Shooter 1 sees Abhi’s pic as wallpaper and tries to strangulate Aunty for lying. Uncle comes there and keeps knife on Shooter 2’s neck. Purab calls Inspector and asks if he reached that village. Inspector assures that he will reach there sure and says nothing will happen to Abhishek Mehra. Purab asks for the place info. Inspector says they can’t tell him and risk his life. He ends the call and thinks he has to go and save them, even if he lose the job. He thinks to make a team who can give life for their duty. The shooter 2 tease Uncle and grabs his knife. The shooter 1 asks them to tell where is Abhi and Pragya and threaten to cut Uncle’s finger. Aunty shouts no….Abhi and Pragya hear Aunty’s scream. Inspector is on the way with the constables. Shooter 2 asks Shooter 1 to kill the old man so that his wife speaks up in fear. Shooter 1 is about to stab Uncle, when Abhi comes there and holds the knife. Abhi hitting the shooter 1. Shooter 1 says so the prey came here himself. Aunty asks Pragya to go. Pragya says don’t worry, they can’t do anything. Shooter 2 says it is enough of drama. He is about to shoot Abhi, when Pragya throws at him. Abhi hits him and then thanks Uncle. He runs out of the house. Pragya apologizes to uncle and aunty and free their hands. Aunty asks her to take care of herself and her husband. Uncle says your husband will not let anything happen to you both. Pragya takes their blessings and comes out. Abhi asks Pragya to come and throws something on the shooters. They run, while the shooters run behind them. Abhi says he is searching the car which they got in dowry. Pragya says dowry. Abhi says uncle gave us gift after marriage. Pragya pats on him. Abhi teases her and talks romantic that she has taken his heart already and now taking his life. Pragya says you are even now talking about romance. She says the shooters have come. Abhi asks her to come with them and goes towards the shooter. He asks if they are married. The shooter says no. Abhi says that’s why you can’t see our happiness and asks them to go home. Pragya says if they will accept your request. Abhi bends down and throws sand in their eyes. They couldn’t see anything. Abhi finds the car keys. Pragya says if you had got these keys then we wouldn’t have been here. They joke. She says lets go and search the keys. The shooters try to locate them. Abhi and Pragya come to the car, given by Uncle. Abhi says car is so dirty and tells that he can’t sit in the car. Pragya says we have to drive it and escape from here. Abhi says he will clean it. Pragya asks if he will decorate the car now as they are newly married. Abhi says if you was here, then I would have kissed you. He asks her to sit in car. The Shooter 1 and 2 comes there. Abhi hits Shooter 2. The Shooter 1 says he will kill him with his hand now. He drops his gun. Abhi hits Shooter 1 and he faints.

He asks him to tell the dialogue properly atleast. He sits in the car and leaves with Pragya. Shooter 2 gets up and thinks he will kill them with knife. Abhi and Pragya come to Uncle and Aunty in the car. Abhi asks them to come with them. Uncle asks him not to worry and asks them to go fast. Abhi drives the car and asks Pragya to see if the shooter is behind them. Pragya says yes. Abhi says else we have to go back and save Uncle and Aunty. He says Shooters shall not hurt Uncle and Aunty. Abhi asks Pragya if the way is right. Pragya recalls and tells that they have to cross the bridge. Abhi says why did the shooter haven’t come till now. The Shooter 2 runs in the village and collides with many people on the way. He comes infront of Abhi and Pragya’s car and tells that he knows that he is a good man and can’t see anyone dying infront of him. He points gun at the villager. Abhi drives off the car, but stops to save the man. They get down the car. He asks him to leave the man. Shooter 2 leaves the man and asks Abhi to come infront of him. The shooter 2 is about to shoot him, but gets short of bullets. He says now he will kill them by using other weapons. He takes out the knives and throws at Abhi. Pragya gives him woodlog. Abhi holds it to save himself. When the shooter 2 gets short of knives, Abhi goes near him and asks why did he come behind him and tells that it was a small accident. Pragya hits Shooter 2 on his head. Abhi asks her to behave like a bride. Pragya asks if she shall wear the veil now. Abhi asks Shooter 2 to go home and marry. Shooter 2 attacks them when they are about to leave. Abhi fights with Shooter 2 and says I had told you to go home and let me go too. He says you are not married so troubling me. He holds his collar, seeing Police coming there. Inspector gets down the jeep with the constables. They arrest the Shooter. Abhi thanks Inspector to coming there. Inspector asks them to thank Purab. Abhi says he is my brother and can do anything for me. Inspector says someone gave contract to kill Abhi. Pragya says no, he wants to kill me as I did his accident. Abhi asks why is she showing importance and says I am popular. Pragya argues with him, just as constable offers him water. Abhi says I will make you drink with my hand, when the shooter 2 throws knife at Pragya and Abhi. The knife gets the bottle cut and the water falls on her forehead, washing away her sindoor. Constable slaps Shooter 2. Abhi wipes her forehead with tissue paper.. Inspector asks them to go home. Pragya and Abhi sit in the car. She notices that her kumkum is wiped off. Abhi asks her not to worry and says he will apply again. Pragya says it is a bad sign.

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